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First impressions matter most when looking for ways to sell a home fast.

If you don’t capture buyers’ interest with a powerful first impression, they’ll quickly move on to the next listing.

With every listing, you must lead with your best foot forward, promoting the property using all the marketing tools at your disposal.

In this article, we’ll show you how to put those tools to use to create successful property listings that will sell a home fast.

Let’s start by sharing the top 12 tips for selling a home fast.

Top 12 Tips for How to Sell a Home Fast

A well-crafted real estate listing can make all the difference in the speed of the sale, and a successful listing will use the best real estate marketing tools available. 

So, here are 12 tips for how to create a successful listing that will sell a house fast.

1. Have a Marketing Plan

how to sell a home fast

Real estate sales professionals often post listings without a sales strategy or marketing plan in mind. 

Without a plan, a sales agent’s efforts can quickly look scattered or haphazard. Don’t be one of those agents – have a marketing plan for each of your listings. 

A solid marketing plan should include the following:

  • Pricing strategy – what’s the sweet spot in terms of price?
  • A communications strategy – what tools and platforms will you use to reach your ideal audience?

Next, identify your target audience as part of your plan – who will most likely buy your listing?

For example, when you consider the property, what sort of buyers would it most appeal to:

  • Buyers looking to downsize?
  • First-time home buyers?
  • Potential buyers within a given financial range?
  • Individuals who might find specific neighborhood amenities attractive?

Having the right marketing plan and knowing your audience should help you sell a house fast!

2. Lead With the Best Photos Possible 

how to sell a home fast
Real Estate Photo Editing by PhotoUp

First impressions matter. Buyers rely heavily on the internet, scrolling through hundreds of listing photos in search of their dream home. 

Your listing gets only one chance to grab a potential buyer’s attention. 

Therefore, it’s vital to have the absolute best listing photos. Why? Because it’s the single most important way to attract buyers. Take a look at these following statistics:

  • 97% of home buyers conduct their home search online and use real estate photos to help them narrow down which homes to see in person
  • 87% of homebuyers found images to be among the most valuable features of listing websites when looking for a new home
  • Listings featuring professional photos see a 1,200% increase in social media shares
  • 68% of potential buyers say that great images made them want to visit the home
  • And homes with high-quality photographs sell 32% faster than those without quality images

Ensure your listing photos are picture-perfect with professionally edited images. And read this article to learn more about how to choose the best real estate photo editing service.

3. Use Drone Photography to Sell a Home Faster

Dramatic photos stand out among the thousands of listing images buyers view.

And drones are the perfect way to capture dramatic aerial images and videos that will stand out and get noticed. 

Aerial photography has become a top-rated real estate marketing tool over the past few years, which buyers and sellers expect their sales agents to use. For example, consider these statistics:

  • 70% of agents report that videos, virtual staging, and drone photography are more important since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • 83% of sellers and buyers want a real estate agent who uses drone photography

Drone photography not only captures dramatic photos of the property but can also provide clients with a view of the neighborhood and surrounding area.

4. Make the Primary Listing Photo Count

You’re likely familiar with the saying, ”Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Yet, when searching for a home, that’s precisely what many buyers do.

The primary listing photo is like a book’s cover and must be eye-catching and alluring. 

Remember, your primary listing photo is what buyers see first. And it will be the thumbnail image on sites such as Zillow and other search result pages. 

Most real estate photographers feature the front door and surrounding exterior since it anchors the home and immediately grab the buyer’s attention. Additionally, romantic and captivating Twilight images are also popular additions to use.

So, make sure your primary photo is outstanding because it will significantly impact your listing’s clickthrough rate.

5. Use Virtual Staging to Showcase the Property’s Potential

Virtual staging uses advanced photo editing techniques to enhance a room or space by digitally updating its decor with furniture and design accessories.

Using quality photos of the property, virtual staging can do any of the following enhancements:

  • Place furnishings and artwork in empty rooms 
  • Remove objects, declutter, and depersonalize any space or room
  • Make color changes, updates, and even repairs
  • Turn a plain backyard into a resort using landscaping enhancement, adding patios and outdoor furniture, and more! 

The statistics show that virtual stating is a highly effective real estate marketing tool:

  • Staged homes sell 75% faster than those that are not
  • 83% of staged properties sell at the asking price or above

Want to see what virtual staging looks like? Then take a look at this article — What Is Virtual Staging in Real Estate? (Examples Included).

6. Feature Floor Plans 

Floor Plan by PhotoUp
Floor Plan by PhotoUp

Floor plans are a highly popular real estate marketing tool that helps home buyers understand a property’s size and scale.

They typically include measurements of each room, including door openings, wall lengths, and more. This helps potential buyers understand the space and whether their furniture fits. 

Buyers appreciate floor plans and have come to expect them as part of every listing, as these statistics indicate:

  • 64% of buyers expect to see floor plans on every listing
  • And 51% of buyers say that floor plans helped them decide whether to go see a home or not

Therefore, if you want to make buyers happy, use floor plans as part of every listing.

It's Never Been Easier To

Promote Your Listings

Photos. Floor Plans. Virtual Staging. Home Tours. Listing Websites.

7. Leverage Interactive Virtual Tours

virtual house tour is an excellent way for buyers to walk through a property on their computer, tablet, or phone.

This realistic online experience is the next thing to being there in person, as the following numbers demonstrate:

  • 54% of buyers won’t even consider seeing a house if it doesn’t include a virtual tour 
  • Real estate listings with a virtual home tour get 87% more views
  • And listings with virtual tours closed 31% quicker than those not featuring a tour

Also, you’ll be surprised to see how easy it is to create a virtual tour and how affordable it is.

Therefore, all the advantages of virtual tours make them an excellent choice when trying to sell a home fast.

8. Don’t Forget a Walk-Through Video Tour

real estate walk-through video tour guides the buyer through the entire property and usually features narration and music.

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), home walkthrough videos increase search results by 157%.

Not yet convinced? Then take a look at the following statistics: 

  • Video ads are 2X more likely to create an emotional response on the part of buyers
  • 31% of marketers add videos to improve SEO
  • Social media videos generate 1200% more shares compared with images and text combined 
  • Real estate listings that feature a video receive 403% more inquiries than listings without one
  • Zillow’s data shows that a listing featuring a video walkthrough sells on average 14% faster than listings without one

And video tours offer the following benefits:

  • The real estate photographer or agent directs the video tour so it highlights the home’s best features
  • These videos are easy to use – simply hit play
  • Since the video is shot from eye level, the buyer feels like they are actually on a tour of the property

So, a walk-through video is a valuable tool to sell a home faster.

Check out the following article for more details on how easy it is to make a video – how to shoot a real estate video.

9. Create a Single Property Website

single property website is a real estate website with a unique URL focusing on just one property. 

Single Property Website by PhotoUp
Single Property Website by PhotoUp

The site is used to prevent distractions from other listings and usually features an abundance of listing photos, videos, a virtual tour, floor plans, and additional detailed information about the property. 

In addition to photos, tours, and floor plans, a single listing website can also include the following:

  • A prominently displayed CTA to “Schedule a Showing” 
  • Plenty of information on the neighborhood and area amenities
  • Mortgage calculators and financing tools
  • Easy social media integration and sharing
  • Custom branding and agent contact info
  • And downloadable digital property flyers

A single property website has the following advantages:

  • The ability to showcase one listing at a time in detail and without distraction
  • The property address can be featured in the site’s URL making it easier to find the property in search results
  • They feature lead-capture technology to easily collect more potential buyers

A recent survey indicated that single property websites see 55% more traffic than other listing sites.

10. Share the Listing on Social Media

how to sell a home fast

Use social media to reach the broadest audience possible easily and usually for free.

Marketing your listings on social media provides many benefits, including the following:

  • It’s easy for buyers to share photos and links of the listing with friends and family
  • You and your real estate business will get seen by more potential clients

So, using social media is an excellent way to sell a home faster.

11. Start Using AI to Help Sell Homes Fast

how to sell a home fast

Artificial intelligence (AI) uses powerful technology and software to create intelligent computer programs capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence.

Savvy real estate sales professionals have already started leveraging this technology. 

What can AI do in terms of real estate sales? All of the following:

  • Help to price a property more accurately 
  • Masterfully edit photos and virtual staging
  • Produce flawless virtual tours
  • Help target the right buyers

In fact, AI can even help write compelling listing descriptions, which brings us to our next tip.

12. Persuasive Listing Copy Sells Homes Fast

how to sell a home fast

According to NAR, buyers report that the property description in a listing is the second most important feature.

Words help sell houses, so you want your words to be compelling and persuasive.  An effective listing description should include the following:

  • An inviting description of the best features of the property
  • The essential information about the property, such as the number of rooms and location
  • Information about any updates or improvements recently done
  • A clear call to action to schedule a showing 

Can’t find the right words for your description? Try one of the many AI tools now available. 

Okay, now that you know the powerful real estate marketing tools that can help you sell a home faster, you might wonder, do I really need to bother with such things?

We’re glad you asked. So, let’s explore that question further. 

Is It Necessary to Use All of Those Marketing Tools?

Single Property Website by PhotoUp - how to sell a home fast
Single Property Website by PhotoUp

With homes selling so quickly and easily lately, many agents think all they need to do is post the listing on the MLS, stick a sign in the yard, and let the market do the rest. 

Tempting as this approach might sound, it’s still a bad idea.

Why? Consider just these 2 reasons why high-quality marketing is still crucial in a strong sellers’ market:

  • Showcasing the features of a home using photos, virtual tours, videos, virtual staging, and other tools helps the listing not only sell fast but usually also over the asking price
  • Using high-quality marketing just doesn’t help sell houses — it also helps sell you as an agent. Employing every one of the marketing tools we’ve discussed is an investment in your real estate business

The public can easily tell who is a high-powered, successful agent and who is a mediocre real estate salesperson. And they do this by looking at the quality of agents’ marketing efforts.  

Intelligent agents think long-term. Your marketing is not simply about selling the house. It’s also a  way to promote you and the level of service you offer. 

Therefore, do not just post the home on the MLS and hope for the best. Invest in yourself and your business, and always use professional, quality marketing images and materials. 

It's Never Been Easier To

Promote Your Listings

Photos. Floor Plans. Virtual Staging. Home Tours. Listing Websites.

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We hope you benefited from this article on how to create a successful property listing that will sell a home fast. Also, before you go, you may want to check out the following related resources:

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