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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I choose PhotoUp?

At PhotoUp we are committed to helping you grow a healthy real estate photography business through our innovative impact sourcing model. We are committed to saving you time by helping you shoot more, edit less, and spend more time doing what you love!

As a real estate photographer, you have the choice to work with our entire team of experienced real estate photo editors that are available to you 24 hours a day, 6 days a week OR, you can work directly with one of our team members as your full time photo editor. Dedicated Editors work for you 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Best of all, when you join the team at PhotoUp you are not just helping yourself but giving back in a meaningful way by helping those in the developing world grow and accomplish their dreams through our employee development programs and community impact projects.

Who can use PhotoUp?

PhotoUp currently specializes in providing real estate photo editing services to professional real estate photographers around the world. We also provide real estate marketing services and virtual assistants to real estate professionals (agents and realtors).

I’d love to use PhotoUp to edit my real estate photos — how exactly does it work?

We’re excited that you’re here at PhotoUp! Your first step will be to create an account by clicking “Sign Up” on the website. From there you will be able to begin uploading images directly to our editing team or utilizing any of our real estate photo editing and marketing services.

A member of our US sales team will contact you and start the process of setting up your account and discovering which of our editing options is best for you and your business.

After uploading your first few batches, our smart assignment algorithm will begin assigning your batches to your top rated editors, creating you a virtual team of editors that know and understand your desired look and editing style.

You can also choose to work directly with any of our editors as your own personal Dedicated Editor.

Images are guaranteed to be delivered within 24 hours (or sooner!) and you will get an email telling you where you can review and download your photos. The PhotoUp platform will allow you to review your images and leave comments, ask for free revisions, download your final edits, and even deliver images directly to your clients.

Do I need any special software to use PhotoUp?

Absolutely not!

When we created PhotoUp, we crafted a high quality, low cost service that is EASY to use. No additional software is needed to utilize PhotoUp’s real estate photo editing service – Just a standard internet connection!

Note, we do recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox as your browser of choice. If you’re reading this, then you’re ready to start using PhotoUp! Get started here.

How do you assign my images to editors?

In order to ensure you always get the best possible edits, we offer two different assignment options:

  1. Distributed Photo Editing - PhotoUp will assign your real estate images to the best editor available each and every time you upload. Our smart assignment algorithm takes your feedback from previous batches and creates a virtual team of editors that have received positive ratings for you in the past.
  2. Dedicated Photo Editing - Hire an editor directly from our team of experienced photo editors and have them 100% dedicated to your account. Photographers with Dedicated Editors receive batches that are “Good” or “Amazing” 98.6% of the time, have 3X less revisions, and get to communicate directly with their editors on a daily basis.

Click here to get more information about our Dedicated Editor program for real estate photographers.

How do I get started with a Dedicated Editor?

To start the process of finding your own Dedicated Editor, you will first need to create an account.

After creating an account, you can upload a Dedicated Editor test batch (click here to watch a tutorial video). These images will be sent to three experienced editors on our team that are ready to become your Dedicated Editor.

After receiving your test images, you’ll be able to set up interviews with the editor(s) before moving into a one month Dedicated Editor Trial. This allows you to work directly with an editor for one full month before deciding if you’d like to work with them on an extended contract.

How does online storage work?

As part of your monthly membership you will receive an amount of free online storage in our BackUp Center. BackUp Center allows you to keep all your real estate photos in one secure and convenient cloud-based location.

Every time you exceed your storage limit the Backup Center will automatically add additional storage to your account so you never have to worry about losing your images. You will only be billed for storage that exceeds your free monthly limit. You will be able to manage your BackUp Center settings from your PhotoUp dashboard once logged in.

How does the Plan and Credit system work?

You can use PhotoUp on a Pay As You Go account, or by subscribing to one of our monthly plans. PhotoUp’s monthly plans come included with service credits that can be used towards real estate photo editing, video editing, and virtual staging. Monthly plans also give you access to discounted Forever Credits and our real estate marketing tools like property websites, virtual tours, custom websites, house portraits, virtual assistants, and more!

How quickly can I start using PhotoUp?

We’re ready and waiting! Create a free account and begin uploading photos or using our other real estate marketing tools immediately. Your free account will come preloaded with 10 free credits! Click here to get started.

Why are your real estate photo editors in the Philippines?

Our roots with the Philippines run deep. Our founders have spent years living and working with the Filipino people since 2012. With a creative labor force that speaks English and is tech savvy, the Philippines is becoming a prime location for many companies. Furthermore, operationally it allows us to provide a cost-effective solution to our clients while offering us access to communities in need of development through social impact initiatives.

What is the difference between Monthly Credits, Forever Credits, and On Demand Credits?

Monthly Credits - These are credits that come with your monthly plan. Your allotment of Monthly Credits renews at the beginning of each month and are used first, before your Forever Credits. Monthly Credits do not roll over to the next month.

Forever Credits - These credits are only available to users with a monthly plan and can be purchased any time during the month. Forever Credits never expire as long as you remain on a monthly plan and range in price from $1.30-$1.10 depending on how many credits you purchase. Forever Credits can be set up to automatically renew once a user runs out of credits.

On Demand Credits - These credits can be purchased any time during the month and will be paid for upon usage. On Demand credits cost $1.60 per credit.

How much does PhotoUp’s real estate photo editing cost?

PhotoUp has three different pricing options:

  1. On Demand - Pay only for what you use. On Demand Credits start at $1.60/credit.
  2. Monthly Plans - Receive a monthly allotment of credits (Monthly Credits) and gain access to Forever Credits, as low as $1.10/credit.
  3. Dedicated Editing - Pay a flat monthly fee which allows you access to one editor that is 100% dedicated to your account. Dedicated Editors work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. *Dedicated Editors are able to reduce editing costs down to $0.50-$1.00 per image for some photographers.

The number of credits per image is based on your shooting/editing style. For example, HDR edits cost 1.25 credits per final image and Flambient edits cost 1.5 credits per final image.

For more information on our pricing, click here: https://www.photoup.net/pricing

When will I be billed?

PhotoUp’s monthly plans are billed once a month based on the day that you first signed up for your monthly plan.

Forever Credits (only available to users with a monthly plan) can be purchased any time during the month. Forever Credits can be set up to automatically renew once a user runs out of credits.

On Demand Credits can be purchased any time during the month and will be paid for upon usage.

Clients with Dedicated Editors are able to split their bill into 2 equal installments per month. Clients with Dedicated Editors can also opt into Flex Billing which allows them to fluctuate monthly payment amounts based on seasonality.

For more information on PhotoUp billing, please email sales@photoup.net

What are your methods of payment?

PhotoUp accepts all major international debit or credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and JCB. All credit card payments will incur a 3% credit card processing fee. You can also link your bank account to PhotoUp for ACH payments. Setting up ACH payments removes all credit card processing fees.

What happens if I want to upgrade my account?

Upgrading your account is easy – you can upgrade your plan yourself by clicking “Modify Plan” under your Account settings. All changes to your plan will take effect immediately.

If you exceed your plans Monthly and Forever Credits, you can purchase additional Forever Credits at any time. Or, only pay for the credits you need by purchasing On Demand credits as you submit your next order.

Can I rollover my unused credits?

All unused Forever Credits that are purchased while on a monthly plan will rollover forever (hence the name!), as long as you remain on any monthly subscription plan.

Monthly Credits are renewed at the beginning of each month, but unused Monthly Credits will not roll over month to month.

If you would like to downgrade from a monthly plan to an On Demand account, you will lose 100% of your unused Forever Credits.

Do you offer any discounts or high volume pricing?

If you expect to exceed our Large Team plan (4,800 credits for $4,799/month), please reach out to sales@photoup.net for more information on enterprise pricing.

Who will be editing my photos?

In order to ensure you always get the best possible real estate photo edits, we offer two different options:

  1. Distributed Photo Editing - PhotoUp will assign your real estate images to the best editor available each and every time you upload. Our smart assignment algorithm takes your feedback from previous batches and creates a virtual team of editors that have received positive ratings for you in the past.
  2. Dedicated Photo Editing - Hire an editor directly from our team of experienced photo editors and have them 100% dedicated to your account. Photographers with Dedicated Editors receive batches that are “Good” or “Amazing” 99% of the time, have 3X less revisions, and get to communicate directly with their editors on a daily basis.
Where are your editors located?

A majority of our editors work out of our PhotoUp headquarters in Cebu, Philippines and other members of our editing team are currently working remotely both in The Philippines and around the world.

How can I give feedback about my photos?

PhotoUp’s state of the art feedback system allows you to rate each set of images that you receive from your editing team. These ratings will be used to help build, manage, and grow/shrink your editing team over the course of your time with PhotoUp.

You are also able to give feedback on each individual image or the entire batch through text comments, spot notes on images, and/or audio feedback.

If you have additional feedback on your images, feel free to use that chat feature in your account or email support@photoup.net

How many photos can I upload at one time?

One of the best things about PhotoUp’s monthly plans is that they are flexible enough to meet your needs. Upload as many/few images as you like and receive your completed real estate photos within 24 hours (or sooner!).

Although we can accept orders of any size, we typically recommend uploading no more than 50 final images per order.

How much does an object removal cost?

This is a comprehensive list of specific objects and the cost to remove them from your images.

  • Realtor sign removal +1 credit.
  • Flash Reflection in a Window +2 credits.
  • Photographer in Mirror +1 to +3 credits.
  • Camera in a Mirror +1 to +2 credits.
  • Car removal +3 to +4 credits.
  • Small objects such as water bottles, pens or glasses on counters or desks +1 credit.
  • Multiple small object removals +1 to +4 credits - typically +1 credit per item.
  • Removing pictures from walls +1 to +2 credits.
  • Removing Pet Food items +1 credits.
  • Removing Pets +2 credits.
  • Removing kennels and carrying cases +3 credits.
  • Removing a handful of leaves +1 credit.
  • Removing more than 10 leaves +3 to +4 credits

*Note, these are simply an estimate of the cost. The actual cost will be determined based on the size and complexity of the object that needs to be removed from the image.

What happens when my photos are delivered later than my quoted time?

At PhotoUp we pride ourselves on returning your edited photos back to you on-time. All batches are time stamped when the order has completed uploading and you’ll receive an official ETA on your order via email.

However, in certain circumstances, batches might be returned late depending on the complexity of edits or queue volume. In order to be fair to our clients, credits will be added back to your PhotoUp account in the following manner any time an order is delivered past the quoted delivery time:

  • All PhotoUp clients will receive a 1% refund for every 15 minutes that a batch is delivered after 24 hours.
  • All Rush fees will be refunded if a Rush batch is delivered after the estimated deadline.

These credit reimbursements will show up under your Billing History tab in your My Account page under "Adjusted Credits". There you will find a link to the batch and the amount of time that the order was late.

Can I customize how an individual photo is edited?

Yes! All your images will be edited following the general instructions found on your customized style profile, which we will set up once your account is activated.

If you wish to vary from this profile on any particular batch or image you can do so by adding one of our special editing add-ons at the time of upload or simply add a note to the individual image or entire set of images during the upload process.

Make sure to be as specific as possible about your request(s). Your style profile will also be continually evolving as you provide feedback and collaborate with our quality team on improving your edits.

What real estate photo editing techniques are included with 1 credit?

What is included in a Standard Edit (free of charge)

  • Sky replacements on exterior photos
  • Cord removals
  • Photographer/flash pop removals
  • Dust spot removals
  • Realtor sign removal
  • Adding fire to the fireplace
  • Adding an image on a tv screen
  • All basic color and exposure corrections

Premium Editing Options (additional charge):

  • Advanced Window Masking = +0.5 credit
  • Day to Dusk Edit = +5 credits
  • Lawn Patching = +1 credit
  • Lawn Creation = +4 creditsl
  • Flash shadow removal (on single images) = +1 credit
  • Advanced and Premium object removals (cars, backyard items, fridge cleaning, etc. = +3 to +5 credits (depending on timing)
  • Blue skies on interior images (expect masking/blending images) = +1 credit
  • Brightening and whitening ceilings and walls = +1 credit

Click here for images and descriptions of our premium editing options: https://www.photoup.net/editing/real-estate-photo-editing/add-ons

Is there a limit to the number of photos I can upload per day?

There is no limit to the number of photos you can upload per day! We recommend the following type of account for certain volumes:

How do I receive my edits back?

When your edits are done you will receive an email from PhotoUp with a link to where you can review and download your edits. On that page you will view your completed edits and be able to download them in both full and web resolution. At that time, you can also choose to send photos for virtual staging or use the completed photos in a single property website or real estate flyer.

How do I rate my photos?

PhotoUp's industry leading feedback system allows you to rate and make comments on each set of images you upload.

After you receive the notification that your edits are complete, you will be directed to a page where you can view the edits and provide feedback before you download your images.

  • Looks Amazing! - "Amazing editing! I’d like this editor to edit for me more.

  • Looks Good - "Good editing. This editor can continue to edit for me."

  • Not Good - "Editing is not good. Some details could be better. Assign this editor to my account a little less."

  • Looks Terrible - "Terrible editing. This editor should edit for me less."

You're able to leave specific feedback on each individual image by selecting an area of the image to highlight what piece of the image you're referring to in your revision note. You're also able to leave written or verbal feedback on each and every image that you send back for revisions.

If you have any questions or would like to give additional feedback you can always reach us at support@photoup.net

How do I request revisions?

All clients are able to request unlimited free revisions for up to 4 days after photos have been delivered. Please make sure to rate your batch accordingly and send appropriate feedback when requesting revisions.

Please watch the video below which shows you how to correctly send revisions back to your team through the PhotoUp system:


Should you have any questions about how to request revisions, please contact support@photoup.net.

How much does PhotoUp virtual staging cost?

Virtual Staging images cost 25 credits per final image and include 5 pieces of furniture (or one furniture set). Furniture sets and individual pieces can be selected from PhotoUp's Virtual Staging Catalog.

Additional furniture sets can be added to any room for an additional 10 credits.

All virtual staging orders come with free 48 hour delivery. 24 hour delivery is available for an additional 5 credits per image.

What is the turnaround time on PhotoUp virtual staging?

Virtual Staging images are delivered back within 24-48 hours, depending on the turnaround time you select.

All virtual staging orders come with free 48 hour delivery. 24 hour delivery is available for an additional 5 credits per image.

Can I view PhotoUp’s virtual staging library?

You can view PhotoUp's Virtual Staging Library here:


Do you need a white labeled virtual staging catalog to share with your clients? Ask sales@photoup.net

Can I send back revisions on PhotoUp’s virtual staging orders?

Clients will first receive a “proofing image” and must approve the image before the final rendering is created. Clients are able to send back up to 2 free rounds of revisions on virtual staging images during the proofing stage.

Additional revisions or revisions sent back after the proofing stage will be charged at 10 credits per revision.

How are virtual staging images delivered?

All virtual staging images will be delivered in standard resolution (4,000 px on the long side). High-resolution images can be rendered by request for an additional 2 credits per image.

I’m not a real estate photographer but would love to outsource my editing to you, can I?

Although real estate photo editing remains our core competency, we also offer editing services for:

If you would like to learn more about our other editing services, please reach out to sales@photoup.net.

I’ve never heard of ‘impact sourcing’ before — what does it mean?

Impact sourcing is where business process outsourcing is used to positively impact the lives of people in developing nations around the world. In today's globalized world, each choice we make will have an effect on someone else. We believe that by connecting creative talent with creative demand through an innovative model can be an effective way we can provide positive business and social impact on a global scale.

I love that your company aims to have an impact on developing nations, such as the Philippines. Tell me more about who you hire over there.

We look for team members that show a willingness to invest in themselves through fostering their own creativity, continuing their education, collaborating internationally, and serving their communities.

I’m not a photographer, but I love what your company is doing. Is there any way for me to be involved?

If you believe in what we're doing and would like to walk with us on this journey, feel free to share our story via Facebook, Instagram, or our blog.

We look forward to connecting with you!

How is PhotoUp different from other types of outsourcing?

At PhotoUp, we aim to put People Profit, Planet and Purpose on equal footing.

PhotoUp is a social enterprise working to positively affect the lives of People and communities in developing nations around the world. We believe in transparency and inviting our clients into learning about our Purpose, while taking care of our Planet and running a Profitable company, all at the same time.

Is PhotoUp a charity or a business?

PhotoUp is a social enterprise, which means that we use business solutions to reach certain social impact and financial goals. While traditional businesses value their success for their shareholders in terms of Return on Investment (ROI), social enterprises use ROI and Social Return on Investment (SROI). In other words, our shareholders ask, "How much positive impact can my investment provide while bringing me a financial return over time."

PhotoUp has the heart of charity with the freedom and efficiency of a business. We are excited to join a unique group of businesses committed to this type of work.

Does PhotoUp hire photo editors in other parts of the world?

Due to the impact of COVID-19, we had to expand our editing team outside of the Philippines. Although this caused many challenges, the benefits of this expansion have been incredible in bringing more editors into the PhotoUp community and providing even more positive impact around the world.

If you are interested in becoming a PhotoUp editor, please email hr@photoup.net

Have more question? Visit our support board for even more answers. Support Board

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