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If you want to attract homebuyers and sell your home, you need to go where they are: online. Obvious, right, duh! More importantly, you also need to ensure you have the best-looking property on the digital block to capture buyers’ attention. 

That’s where digital curb appeal comes into the picture! (*pun intended)

In this post, we’ll share how you can use digital curb appeal to help sell your home faster and for top dollar using 6 proven and effective ways. 

Before we get started, let’s first explain what we mean by digital curb appeal.

What Is Digital Curb Appeal?

Digital curb appeal is the first impression a potential homebuyer will have of a property when browsing for homes online. 

In today’s digital age, 97% of homebuyers start their search for a new home on the internet. That’s why it’s crucial for sellers to have great digital curb appeal to make their property stand out.

Digital curb appeal will be the deciding factor whether the home searcher will keep browsing and skip your listing or stop and want to see more.

High-quality photographs, virtual tours, virtual staging, floor plans, and single property websites are all great ways to enhance digital curb appeal and help sell a home faster and for top dollar.

Let’s take a closer look…

How to Use Digital Curb Appeal to Help Sell Your Home

There are several ways sellers and agents can use digital curb appeal to help sell a home faster and for top dollar. Here are 6 powerful and effective ways:

1. Impressive Real Estate Photography

Did you know that the majority of home listings stumble right out of the gate? Your real estate photography has to be of top-notch quality to grab buyers’ attention.

In other words, the first step in creating digital curb appeal is to have high-quality, impressive photographs of the property.

Still not convinced? Listings with professional photos earn a 1,200% increase in social media shares. Imagine how many potential buyers you can reach when tapping into that!

Your best option is to use a professional photographer who knows how to showcase the property in its best possible light. More specifically, your real estate photos should be well-lit, have a wide angle, and be free of any clutter to stand a chance online.

If you still need to enhance your images (which is recommended), real estate photo editing companies like PhotoUp can do wonders, such as removing cord clutter, for sale signs, cars or trash cans in the driveway, enhancing lawns, and even performing twilight photo editing.

2. Aerial Photography

Recent studies show that houses with aerial photographs and video sell 68% faster than those without visuals.

Drone or aerial photography can provide a unique and visually striking perspective of the property, which isn’t possible with traditional ground-level photography. 

Aerial photography provides a good overview of the layout and size of the property. As well as its surrounding area and any nearby landmarks or features. This can be especially useful for properties with large outdoor spaces, such as farms, ranches, or beachfront properties.

The bottom line is that aerial photography is a cool way of showcasing a property, providing potential buyers or renters with a unique and comprehensive birds-eye view of the home and its surroundings.

3. Virtual Home Tours 

360º virtual house tours are back! And they are way cooler than they used to be.

Since their premature debut in the 90s, the internet has become ubiquitous, 360 cameras are immensely easier and higher quality, and software companies have user-friendly interfaces.

We love virtual tours not only for the digital curb appeal but also because it provides our sellers with the benefit of only showing their home to serious buyers. This helps reduce the inconvenience of pop-in home showings to unqualified buyers.

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4. Virtual Staging

Vacant homes sell for an average of $11,306 less and spend 6 more days on market compared to staged and virtually staged homes.

That being the case, you need to make sure you don’t post photos of a vacant home since people will have a hard time imagining how to use the space. 

Fortunately, you can use virtual staging to create an inviting home and help buyers see the home’s full potential. This powerful marketing tool is fast and easy to order online, but costs can add up. 

The good news is you don’t have to virtually stage every room. The most important rooms to stage are your living room, master bedroom, and dining room.

It’s important to note that not all virtual staging companies are equal. PhotoUp has relationships with the best virtual staging providers to ensure your digital furniture sets are modern and entirely photo-realistic.

5. Floor Plans

Another way to use digital curb appeal to help sell your home for top dollar is to create a floor plan of the property. A floor plan gives potential buyers a clear understanding of the layout of the home and how the space is utilized.

In fact, a recent survey from Zillow showed over 80% of buyers found floor plans helpful in helping them qualify a potential future home. 

While in isolation a floor plan isn’t all that exciting, when leveraged with virtual tours and property websites, a floor plan becomes a powerful marketing tool.

This takes us to our last tool to help boost the digital curb appeal of your listing, which is single property websites.

6. Single Property Websites

A more recent spin-off virtual tours are single property websites, and we love them! There’s no better way to boost your digital curb appeal than funneling buyers to a captive one-page website with all your home’s marketing and media information.

PhotoUp Single Property Website Themes
PhotoUp Single Property Website Themes

Property websites provide a focused window into all the benefits of your home, helping deepen buyer interest.

Not only do they tie in all your media like an unlimited number of photos, videos, floor plans, and virtual tours in one location, but they also highlight your home details, neighborhood amenities, and school ratings, and even help buyers estimate their mortgage costs for your home.

A must-have if you want your listing to stand out from the competition!

Lastly, remember to share your listing on social media and online listing sites like Zillow and Redfin to get even more eyeballs on your property, and it’ll be sold before you know it.

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We hope this blog post helped you realize the value of using digital curb appeal to help you sell your home faster and for top dollar. Before you go, you may also want to check out the following resources:

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