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Do you want to know how to get more leads using single listing websites?

Single property websites can drive 55% more traffic to your listing. They are the ultimate marketing tool to get more quality leads and help sell a property faster and for more money. 

So, in this post, we’ll show 6 ways to get more leads using single listing websites. But before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s take a closer look at what a single property website is.  

What Is a Single Listing Website?

Example of a single listing website

A single listing website, or single property website, is a landing page that showcases a specific property. 

Real estate agents can use these websites to market property listings online and, at the same time, avoid the competition of third-party websites and the MLS.

Best of all, it’s dedicated to the promotion of an individual property exclusively, meaning that it allows you to add all the details and features you need to truly showcase your listing. 

And when used properly, single property websites will help sell your property listings faster and for over the asking price. 

On top of that, they are excellent for capturing more leads and getting more eyes on your listing.

Alright, let’s dive in!

6 Ways to Get More Leads Using Single Listing Websites

Single listing websites can help you build a loyal audience and plant the seeds for future deals. 

Here are 6 ways they can help you get more leads and sell your property faster, for more money: 

1. Lead Generation Forms

Single listing websites allow you to capture leads with built-in lead generation forms that collect contact information of prospective home buyers.

The great news is that once you have their email address, you can continue sending them offers until they see a property they like and want to close on. 

In addition, website visitors can also request email updates of new listings that match their criteria, schedule a viewing, or ask for additional information.

2. Build Brand Awareness

Single property websites are excellent for building brand awareness. For instance, you can add your company logo, photograph, and contact information to strengthen your brand.

If visitors see that you are a professional realtor or agent with a solid brand and reputation, they will likely keep following you and the listings you promote. 

Besides, your property websites will link to one another, which will increase referral traffic to your other listings, as well as your company website.

Remember to make your contact details visible on the site so that visitors can reach out to you for more information about the listing.

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3. Exclusive and Detailed Listing 

Single listing websites help to position your real estate agency in the luxury bracket. 

Even better, buyers can’t view homes listed by other agents, which means that they will solely focus on your listing! 

And the superior quality of the listing, plus the extra marketing material included, allows you to set a higher asking price, which will give you a higher ROI.

Also, potential buyers are generally more attracted to exclusive properties since they generate a feeling of luxury. 

In fact, people are more likely to click on a property listing with a dedicated URL showcasing a detailed listing with extra features like 390 virtual tours, floor plans, virtual staging video tours, and more.

Plus, you can add information about the neighborhood, aerial shots, and valuations of other properties in the area. 

That said, a single property website lets you add anything that helps your listings to stand out!

4. Social Media Integration

Another excellent feature of property websites is their seamless social media integration. 

They integrate with all popular social media platforms, making it quick and easy to share your new listings on social media.

That way, you can create and share dynamic posts to target your specific type of buyer. 

It also increases the referral traffic to your listing website and provides you with an additional platform where people can find your property listing and contact information. 

5. Improved SEO Rankings 

With a single property website, you get access to features to help optimize your website for search engines to boost rankings. 

Each property listing comes with a unique URL, which adds extra strength to your overall SEO. And after the property is sold, you have the option of retiring that URL or keeping it in your portfolio to showcase your work.

In other words, creating a single listing website provides an air of exclusivity, which helps it stand out in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).  

6. Matching Flyers to Maximize Marketing

Matching property flyer by PhotoUp

When signing up with PhotoUp, you get a professional property flyer to match your website.

Each single listing website comes with a matching real estate flyer that you can download as a PDF and print or share on your digital networks. 

The property flyers are professionally designed and available instantly to give you an extra marketing tool when selling your property. 

Should You Invest in Single Listing Websites?

Yes, it’s worth every penny to invest in single listing websites.

Not only do they help increase the number of leads, but they also improve the quality of leads that are interested in your property. 

Only the most serious home buyers will take a deeper plunge into your website and request more information. And the ones that do are more likely ready to make an actual buying decision.

Best of all, the cost of building a single property website on a platform like PhotoUp is super affordable.

Believe it or not, you can get started for as little as $9 per month

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with PhotoUp today, and build stunning, luxurious single property websites that’ll help you sell your listings faster and for more money. 

We hope this post helped you understand how to get more leads using single listing websites. Before you go, you may also want to check out the following resources: