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Are you a photographer looking for the best real estate photo editing service?

As a real estate photographer, you understand that the quality of your photos directly impacts your business for good or bad. Every image needs to be stunning and impressive. 

However, the challenge for many photographers is finding the right real estate photo editing service to provide perfect images that stand out. 

To help simplify your search, we want to share why PhotoUp should be your #1 option for real estate photo editing. 

So, let’s get started by considering how important high-quality photo editing is for your business. 

The Importance of a Real Estate Photo Editing Service

Real estate photo editing is essential for any successful real estate photography and sales business.

Today’s buyers have grown used to seeing only professional real estate photography, and they will only visit properties with appealing images. 

In fact, 83% of buyers said pictures were the number one factor when deciding which homes to visit.

First impressions matter, and stunning photos help sell homes, as these recent statistics show:

  • 87% of homebuyers found images to be among the most useful features of listing websites when looking for new homes
  • Viewers spend 60% of the time checking images, and only 20% read the listing description

And that’s not all. Consider these additional statistics:

  • 61.3% of brokers claim that high-quality photography is ‘essential’ when selling homes
  • About 32% of homes with professional photographs sell faster than those without such photos 
  • And listings featuring outstanding images receive 47% higher asking prices per square foot

Okay, now that you understand why high-quality images matter, let’s explain why PhotoUp is your best choice for real estate photo editing.

The Best Photo Editing Service for Real Estate – PhotoUp!

Based in the US, PhotoUp is a real estate photo editing and virtual staging services company. 

PhotoUp employs a global team of highly skilled photo editors, guaranteeing the highest-quality results.

Our comprehensive real estate photo editing services include:

  • Exposure and lighting correction
  • HDR – blending
  • Line straightening and perspective fixes
  • Flambient photo editing
  • Sky replacement, dawn and dusk effects, and lawn greening
  • Object removal
  • Virtual repairs and decluttering
  • And much, much more

Best yet, PhotoUp’s pricing is affordable, with most photo editing services costing $1.50 to $9.00 per image

Next, let us share a few other reasons you should consider working with us.

1. Capacity & Experience

real estate photo editing service

PhotoUp launched in 2011 with a team of four editors. Today, PhotoUp employs hundreds of highly skilled photo editors worldwide, using the latest cutting-edge software, including AI technologies. 

This means we can do any photo editing job – big or small, simple or complex, one-off or ongoing. 

Additionally, our capacity and experience provide fast turnaround times, with photo editing jobs completed within 24 hours or less. 

PhotoUp provides competitive enterprise solutions, and we accept bulk and custom orders.

2. A US-Based Sales & Support Team

PhotoUp Virtual Assistant Services

While our photo editing team is global, our sales and customer support staff are located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and are available 24 hours a day, six days a week.

This ensures easy-to-access customer service and fast, world-class problem-solving and issue resolution. 

In a recent interview, PhotoUp CEO Kristian Pettyjohn said this when asked about one of the strongest advantages of working with us:

“The biggest thing is US phone support plus 24/6 chat support directly from our operations floor in the Philippines. You call, we answer. It’s so important to me that we offer instant support to all our photographers.”

Kristian Pettyjohn, CEO of PhotoUp

Don't Try One, Try Three

Freelance Photo Editors

Try editing from 3 professional photo editors. Screened and ready-to-hire.

3. Cutting-Edge Editing Software

PhotoUp has strategically invested in advanced photo editing technology, resulting in an impressive array of the best software available. 

We’ve begun integrating the best AI tools as well. 

Again, here’s CEO Kristian Pettyjohn addressing PhotoUp’s capacity and investment in technology:

“Big areas that set PhotoUp apart from our competitors are USA support, a focus on building software, not just services, and most recently, the introduction of staffing, that is, having photographers work directly with their real estate photo editors.”

Kristian Pettyjohn, CEO of PhotoUp

The result of this investment is more than just excellent service. You also get stunning, alluring real estate photos of the highest quality every time.

We also make managing your photo editing, editor feedback, photo delivery, and archiving needs easy.

Real Estate Photographer Websites by PhotoUp
Real Estate Photographer Websites by PhotoUp

In addition, we also offer custom photographer websites to help promote your real estate photography business and work. 

PhotoUp Real Estate Photo Editing Uploader Demo

For even more details, check out this photo editing video tutorial to see how easy it is to work with PhotoUp:

4.  PhotoUp and Community Service

PhotoUp and Community Service

Lastly, PhotoUp seeks to be a positive influence on our clients, employees, stakeholders, and the communities they serve. 

As a result, the company supports a variety of community service and social impact projects, including:

  • Local environmental sustainability
  • Access to healthcare services Employee education opportunities and funding
  • Promoting gender equality
  • And local community economic development initiatives

Learn more about PhotoUp’s impressive sustainability and community investment commitments. 

Now, PhotoUp is not just a photo editing outsourcing service. We offer dedicated photo editors as well. 

High-Quality & Consistent

Real Estate Photo Editing

Hire a dedicated editor with performance metrics from $7/hour.

Work With a PhotoUp Dedicated Real Estate Photo Editor

Partnering with a dedicated real estate photo editor means using the same photo editor or a team of photo editors across all your images and accounts. 

When asked about PhotoUp’s premier service, CEO Pettyjohn offered this insight:

“For a full-time professional real estate photographer, the answer is clear cut: hire a dedicated photo editor. You drop your cost per edit significantly and get the highest quality editing possible, plus they can help generate additional business in the slower season.”

Kristian Pettyjohn, CEO of PhotoUp

With that said, let PhotoUp help connect you with the right dedicated editor just for you.

The process is easy and takes only 2 quick steps: 

  1. Email our sales team at and let us know you’re interested in testing a dedicated editor!
  2. Upload a Dedicated Editor Trial Batch and send a set of images to 3 different dedicated editor applicants. 

Dedicated Editor Trial Batch

For more information, you can check out the trial demo here:

PhotoUp works closely with you during the free trial until you’re satisfied with the results.

After reviewing the images, you can set up an interview with the best editor(s) and then move into a one-month trial.

Read more on how you can save even more money and time by finding a dedicated photo editor to deliver the absolute best results.

Make PhotoUp Your Real Estate Marketing Service!

Real estate photography services go beyond simply photo editing. And PhotoUp offers a full range of services to help grow your real estate photography business.

Once again, here’s PhotoUp’s CEO commenting on our other service offerings:

“Our most popular additional service is real estate virtual staging. We’ve spent nearly five years becoming one of the top providers for VS in the country. We also offer 2D and 3D floor plan renders and real estate video editing. We also offer amazing single-property websites, which are growing in popularity as we continue to add more requested features.”

Kristian Pettyjohn, CEO of PhotoUp

Make PhotoUp your one-stop source for all your real estate marketing needs, including the services mentioned above, and more:

Go ahead and do yourself a favor.

Sign up for a free PhotoUp account and get started now!

Today’s post offered reasons why PhotoUp should be your #1 real estate photo editing service. If you enjoyed reading this post, you may also want to check out the following resources:

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