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Are you wondering what a dedicated photo editing service can do for you? Then, you should continue reading this article!

A dedicated editor will ensure quality, consistency, and speed. With a dedicated editor on your team, you can focus on other high-impact tasks that will help you grow your photography business.

In this post, we’ll share what a dedicated photo editing service is and 6 benefits of having a dedicated editor on your team. 

If you feel editing might not be necessary, think again! So let’s start by taking a look at why you need to edit your real estate photography.

Do I Really Need to Edit My Real Estate Photography?

Yes! To obtain top-notch real estate photos, they need to be enhanced in post-processing. This requires the proper use of various photo-editing techniques and tools, which a photo editor has expertise in.

Photo editing is an essential and necessary aspect of a successful real estate photography business. No matter how skilled of a photographer you are and how much you plan your shoot and settings, your images won’t come out picture-perfect (*pun intended).

Consider this…

About 32% of homes with high-quality photographs sell faster than those without visuals. They also receive 47% higher asking prices per square foot. 

It is, therefore, crucial that you provide agents with outstanding real estate photography to help them sell more listings for a higher price. 

That way, you’ll get more satisfied customers. Happy customers will spread the word about your photography business and most likely come back for more.

And we know what that means…increased revenue and more income!

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What Is a Dedicated Photo Editing Service?

What is a dedicated photo editing service?

Dedicated photo editing means that you hire a photo editor or a team of photo editors who are dedicated solely to your account. 

With a dedicated photo editor, you can achieve a more consistent and personalized editing style since you develop a closer relationship with the editor.

You’ll also get direct communication via chat, email, or the messaging platform of your choice to make the collaboration seamless. 

For example, your dedicated photo editor can help you with:

  • Photo culling
  • Photo editing in Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Photo management and organization

Now that you know what dedicated photo editing is, let’s take a look at the advantages of using a dedicated editor next.

6 Benefits of Using a Dedicated Photo Editor

While a lot of real estate photographers edit their own photos, there are many distinct advantages of having a dedicated editor on your team. 

Here are 6 of the main benefits of using a dedicated editor.

1. Get the Results You Want

Are you worried that a general photo editing team won’t be able to deliver your photos exactly the way you want them? 

With a thorough explanation and a complete checklist of your editing preferences, your dedicated editor can define the exact editing parameters that you want. 

The editor will learn your style and can then apply the same settings to other images or future batches.

The results, therefore, will be exactly the way you want them every time. This ensures maximum consistency and speed.

2. Save Time and Shoot More Properties

Real estate photographer

Even if it’s just basic enhancement, editing real estate photos can take a lot of time. 

And in cases you need to do a sky replacement, window masking, or object removal, you can double or triple that time.

However, by having a professional editor on your team that takes care of all of that, you can spend more time out in the field shooting more properties and building lasting relationships with clients. 

It also allows you to spend more time with your family and loved ones, which reduces stress and improves the work-life balance. 

3. Faster Turnaround Time

Photo editing service

Many photographers get stuck in their work and are unable to offer a quick turnaround. 

That’s because while you may be able to shoot a certain number of properties each day, you usually can’t edit more photos faster.

A dedicated photo editing service allows you to take a lot more photos of properties and still deliver all images to your clients on time the next day. 

Besides, being able to work on more projects allows you to grow your businesses and increase revenue.

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4. Boost Image Quality

Because professional photo editors are experts in using photo-editing software, they know tricks that can make your photos look spectacular.

A dedicated editor works all day with various editing tools such as Photoshop and Lightroom and knows all the special features and techniques that can boost image quality.

Even though you are using the same tool, you may not always be aware of certain functionality compared to someone who uses the program for several hours every day. 

With that knowledge, they can definitely improve your photos in the best, quickest, and most efficient way. 

5. Get Objective and Fresh Suggestions

PhotoUp's dedicated photo editors

As a real estate photographer, you are essentially a visual artist. Just like anyone who has a knack for the creative, you are naturally biased in your work. 

But a dedicated photo editor who you learn to trust can help you see through that bias with a fresh, objective outlook. 

They can suggest innovative ways that you may not have thought of to improve your photos, efficiency, turnaround times, and more.

6. Grow Your Photography Business

Grow your photography business with a dedicated editor

When you get the post-processing taken off your plate, you can spend more time actually shooting real estate photos and dealing with clients. 

As a result, you have a bigger chance of closing more deals and working on more projects. And this means more income for your business!

To recap, hiring a dedicated editor will give you an edge over your competitors, help you maximize your output, provide quality results, and save you precious time.

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With PhotoUp’s dedicated photo editing service, you can automate your workflow and save hours on editing. It allows you to spend your time shooting more properties instead of getting stuck in the post-processing. 

By using an editor who you can get to know and who will get to know your brand on a deep level, you can ensure consistent work and stunning photography. 

How to Get Started With a Dedicated Editor?

Dedicated photo editing service

You can start with a test order from three potential editors. And then complete a trial period with your favorite editor before choosing your term.

Additionally, you can hire dedicated photo editors on simple three-month rolling contracts for less than $10 per hour. 

You’ll know exactly how many hours you have your editor for each week and can scale up to more hours if needed.

Hiring a PhotoUp Dedicated Editor

For more details, you can check out our hiring a PhotoUp dedicated editor video:

It’s really that easy to get started with a dedicated editor!

So, what are you waiting for?!

Start your free dedicated editor trial today, and save hours on editing while ensuring high-quality real estate photography! 

You won’t regret it!

We hope this blog post helped you see the benefits of using a dedicated photo editing service to help you scale your business and produce top-notch photos.

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