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Real estate photographers and sales agents frequently work with freelance photo editors for high-quality listing photos.

But what many photographers and agents don’t know are the many advantages of working with a dedicated photo editor.

A freelance photo editor and a dedicated photo editor may offer similar services, but there are significant differences between the two worth considering.

In this article, we will explore the differences between a freelance photo editor and a dedicated photo editor.

Freelance Photo Editor Vs a Dedicated Editor

freelance photo editor

Professional photo editing has become a mainstay in real estate marketing because of the importance amazing photos play in sales. Simply stated, the quality of the images can make or break a deal. 

When selecting a photo editing service, photographers and sales agents may choose between a freelance photo editor or a dedicated editor

But what’s the difference? We’re glad you asked!

A freelance photo editor operates independently or works for one of the larger photo editing companies without maintaining a set of regular clients. 

Here are some other common features of freelance photo editors:

  • They work with various clients, often simultaneously
  • Often, they can be selective in the projects they accept
  • Freelance editors usually possess a diverse range of skills and work across different industries
  • Overall, many freelancers offer flexibility and can be hired on short notice, making them suitable for one-time or sporadic editing needs

In contrast, a dedicated photo editor works exclusively for a specific set of clients.  

Some common features of dedicated photo editors include the following:

  • They take time to learn their client’s style, branding, preferences, and marketing needs
  • Because of this, they produce consistent style and quality in all their photo editing work
  • Typically, they manage the entire photo editing workflow, and organize stored photos and accounts
  • In addition to easy availability, they save their ongoing clients time as there is no need for repeated briefings or explanations

Now that you understand the main differences between a freelance photo editor and a dedicated editor let’s look at the advantages that a dedicated editor offers real estate sales professionals.

The Advantages of a Dedicated Photo Editor

For real estate marketing, in particular, there are several substantial advantages of working with a dedicated photo editor rather than a freelance editor. 

Let’s take a look at these advantages in some detail. 

1. Better Image Quality 

A dedicated photo editor works full-time utilizing various editing tools like Photoshop and Lightroom. Because of this, they possess comprehensive expertise in the techniques that can enhance the quality of images.

freelance photo editor

Therefore, take into account the following advantages:

  • Professional photo editors utilize cutting-edge technology and software
  • Their primary focus is on producing the client’s desired quality and style of images
  • Additionally, with their expertise and proficiency, they can enhance your photos in the most optimal, efficient, and affordable manner

The significance of high-quality photos in real estate sales cannot be emphasized enough:

  • 32% of homes featuring high-quality photographs sell at a faster pace compared to those with lower-quality images
  • Properties marketed with top-notch images command 47% higher asking prices per square foot

So, as you can see, employing a skilled and dedicated photo editor will elevate the quality of your photos and deliver fast results that will impress your clients.

2. Consistent Look & Feel

By enlisting the services of a dedicated photo editor who learns your distinct photo editing style, you can attain the highest degree of consistency and quality in your listing photos and marketing materials.

For example, consider the significance of consistency in marketing:

  • Existing and prospective clients become acquainted with and value your distinctive photography style
  • Such consistency in branding and marketing nurtures confidence in your work and abilities
  • It also enables you to stand out among the multitude of real estate sales professionals

A dedicated photo editor will develop a detailed understanding of your brand and exact needs, something a freelance editor can’t do. So, by using a dedicated photo editor you guarantee consistent output and breathtaking photography.

High-Quality & Consistent

Real Estate Photo Editing

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3. A Dedicated Real Estate Photo Editor Saves You Time

Hiring a dedicated photo editor also can save you valuable time. Even basic photo editing tasks can take many hours. 

And often, you’ll need more than just basic retouching of the photos. Real estate photos often require the following editing services such as:

Further, as you probably know, such tasks can double or triple the required editing time.

Given the dedicated editor’s skills and knowledge, they can improve your photos in the best, quickest, and most efficient manner.

This leaves you more time to find new clients and expand your real estate business. 

All right, there’s still one more advantage of working with a dedicated photo editor rather than a freelance editor – it saves you money.

4. A Dedicated Real Estate Photo Editor Saves You Money

A Dedicated Real Estate Photo Editor Saves You Money

Working with a dedicated photo editor offers cost savings compared to undertaking the editing process yourself. Why? Primarily because time equates to money:

  • First, using a dedicated editor allows you to direct your efforts toward serving each client and acquiring new ones 
  • Second, dedicated photo editing services are reasonably priced

Consider the following example: 

Generally, a dedicated editor delivers over 1,800 edits per month, resulting in a final cost of only $0.72 per edit. We have even witnessed rates as low as $0.50 per edit. 

Just reflect on the significant time savings and the enhanced image quality this entails!

Hiring a dedicated real estate photo editor proves to be a worthwhile investment. How? By contributing to the growth of your business and attracting more clients.

If you’d like to learn more about the above advantages, take a look at this article, How to Save Time and Money With a Dedicated Photo Editor.

Now that you understand the value of working with a dedicated photo editor, rather than a freelance editor, let’s discuss how you can find your own dedicated photo editor.

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Real Estate Photo Editing

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Trust PhotoUp for the Best Dedicated Photo Editors!

freelance photo editor

PhotoUp can help you get started with a dedicated photo editor in an easy and straightforward process that involves just two simple steps:

  • First, send an email to the sales team at expressing your interest in trying out a dedicated editor
  • Then, second, upload a Dedicated Editor Trial allowing you to send a set of photos to three different dedicated editor candidates whom you can evaluate

Throughout the free trial period, PhotoUp will work closely with you to ensure your satisfaction with the results and service.

Once you have reviewed the edited images, you can arrange an interview with the most suitable editor(s) and proceed with a no-risk, one-month trial.

It’s really that easy!

Dedicated Editor Trial Batch

For more information, you can check out the trial demo here: 

And we all know that there’s more to real estate marketing than just photo editing.  PhotoUp offers a full range of services that can meet all of your real estate marketing needs, including:

Here’s a before & after example of PhotoUp’s virtual staging service:

It helps you transform a vacant room into an inviting home in minutes. Pretty cool!

So, why wait? 

Sign up for a free PhotoUp account and get started today!

We hope that today’s post helped you understand the difference between a freelance photo editor and a dedicated editor.

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