For real estate photographers, agents, and Realtors aiming to showcase properties in their best light, choosing the right photo editing service is crucial. In 2024, the market is brimming with options, each offering unique services and pricing. 

To help you make the best decision, we’ve compiled a list of the top 9 real estate photography photo editing services, taking a closer look at what they offer, their turnaround time, and pricing structures.

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Top 9 Real Estate Photography Photo Editing Services

real estate photography photo editing

Here is our list of the leading 9 real estate photo editing firms for 2024. This list is organized based on their ratings and includes concise overviews detailing their services, pricing, and processing times.

Let’s start with a quick overview of our contenders:

  1. PhotoUp
  2. BoxBrownie 
  3. Phixer 
  4. BeatColor 
  5. Flatworld Solutions 
  6. Smart Photo Editors 
  7. EPE-REAL  
  8. FixThePhoto 
  9. PhotoAndVideoEdits 

1. PhotoUp

PhotoUp, headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan with offices in Cebu, the Philippines, is a real estate photo editing and marketing company with over a decade of experience in the industry.

real estate photography photo editing

PhotoUp stands out for its comprehensive suite of editing and marketing services, including:

What’s unique about PhotoUp is that they also offer Dedicated Editing. According to PhotoUp’s CEO, Kristian Pettyjohn, it has many benefits especially when it comes to image quality and consistency:

“A dedicated real estate photo editor is 100% focused on a photographer’s business. Naturally, this leads to much higher quality results than distributed editing ever could.” 

Kristian Pettyjohn, CEO of PhotoUp

Additionally, they have a short turnaround time of 12 to 24 hours and offer rush options at an additional cost.

The company is ideal for real estate professionals looking to elevate their property images and grow their businesses without breaking the bank. 

Pricing: Customizable plans cater to varying needs and budgets, with a credit system and different plans, allowing users to pay for what they need. Their basic editing starts at $1.10 per image.

2. BoxBrownie

BoxBrownie, hailing from Australia, provides top-tier visual marketing solutions for a wide range of sectors, with a special focus on real estate. They stand out as one of the leading firms in their field.

real estate photography photo editing

Known for its straightforward, no-subscription-required service, BoxBrownie offers everything from image enhancement to virtual staging and floor plan redraws.

Here are some of the services offered by BoxBrownie:

  • Image enhancement
  • Virtual staging 
  • Sky replacement photo editing
  • Object removal 
  • 360 virtual tours 
  • 2D and 3D floor plans
  • Virtual renovation 
  • Development site plans 

Furthermore, their turnaround time is one day for edited images and two days for virtual staging and more complex photo editing work.

Unlike PhotoUp, BoxBrownie doesn’t offer any rush options or refunds if you’re not satisfied with your edited images. 

Pricing: Pay-per-picture pricing model ensures you only pay for the services you use, making it a flexible option for real estate professionals with varying volumes of work. Their basic editing starts at $1.60 per image.

3. Phixer

Phixer stands out as another major player in the realm of real estate marketing and photo editing services.

real estate photography photo editing
Phixer homepage

With its global presence marked by offices in Seattle, along with India and Cebu in the Philippines, the company offers extensive solutions to its clientele.

Specializing in real estate photo editing, Phixer delivers high-quality enhancements, including:

  • Sky replacements
  • Lighting adjustments
  • Detailed touch-ups
  • Video editing
  • Virtual twilight
  • And virtual staging

Additionally, the company also offers a Phixer app (a DIY application designed for real estate agents). Most of Phixer’s efforts, therefore, are aimed at having real estate sales professionals use the app. 

Their turnaround is from 12 to 24 hours depending on the type of edit.

Pricing: Phixer’s services are offered on a Pay-As-You-Go system but we can’t find any exact pricing info on their website.

4. Beatcolor

Established in 2016, BeatColor is a dedicated team of real estate photo editing experts based in Vietnam. 

real estate photography photo editing

Initially starting with a modest team of four editors, the company has experienced significant growth and now boasts over 100 skilled professionals. 

Beatcolor brings properties to life with its editing techniques, offering services such as:

  • Color correction
  • Object removal
  • Retouching
  • Line and perspective corrections
  • Virtual dusk and virtual staging

In addition, the company offers a turnaround time of 24 hours with a 100% Quality Guarantee.

Pricing: Most of Beatcolor’s services cost between $2 to $12 per photo. 

5. Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions stands as a leading online platform, delivering a comprehensive range of services in IT, Business Consulting, and Outsourcing. 

real estate photography photo editing

Established in 2002 and officially incorporated in 2004, their mission revolves around leveraging advanced technology to empower businesses. 

With a global presence, Flatworld Solutions provides a wide array of photo editing services, including:

  • HDR photo blending
  • Panorama stitching
  • And color correction

In addition to photo editing, some of the other services offered on their website include:

  • Mortgage & insurance services
  • Call center support
  • Software development
  • Data entry outsourcing
  • And several others

Unfortunately, we can’t find any information about their turnaround time.

Pricing: Locating the pricing details on their site can be somewhat challenging, but it appears that their rates for editing still images in real estate begin at 50 cents (USD).

At first look, this might seem economical; however, it’s important to note that Flatworld Solutions imposes a minimum order requirement of $150.

6. Smart Photo Editors

Smart Photo Editors, a worldwide enterprise, specializes in photo editing with its primary operations located in India, catering to various photography genres. 

Smart Photo Editors homepage

Since 2004, the company has been refining real estate photographs, emphasizing essential, conventional enhancements akin to those provided by competitors in the industry.

Catering to real estate professionals worldwide, Smart Photo Editors offers editing services, including: 

  • Exposure correction
  • Line and angle correction
  • HDR blending
  • Floor plans
  • And virtual furniture staging

Unfortunately, we can’t find anything about the company’s turnaround time for these services on the website.

Pricing: Smart Photo Editors’ services tend toward photo-editing basics and this is reflected in their pricing, with most photos costing between $0.15 to $15 per image. 

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7. EPE-Real

EPE-REAL, established in 2016 and based in Vietnam, is a distinguished real estate photo editing firm. 

EPE-REAL homepage

With a team of over fifty skilled editors, the company provides a comprehensive range of services tailored for professional real estate photographers.

EPE-Real specializes in enhancing real estate photos to their maximum potential, offering services like:

  • Sky replacement
  • Perspective correction
  • Day to dusk conversion
  • Floor plans
  • And virtual staging

Also, the company claims to offer one of the fastest turnaround times of 12-18 hours (if they live up to that).

Pricing: EPE-Real’s pricing starts at $0.40 per image for basic editing and moves up to $25 per image for virtual staging.

8. FixThePhoto

Since its establishment in 2003, FixThePhoto has grown into becoming a leading online photo editing service.

Fixthephoto homepage

This company collaborates with a vast network of photo editors globally, leveraging their expertise to cater to a diverse clientele.

With a focus on quality and detail, FixThePhoto offers professional real estate photo editing, including advanced retouching and HDR blending.

Here are some of their other services:

  • Object removal
  • Sky replacement
  • Line straightening
  • Color changes 
  • HDR compositing and blending

Moreover, the company offers a 48-hour service time for most real estate photo editing. Rush services are available but for an additional cost.

Pricing: FixThePhoto’s standard real estate image editing is $1.50 per photo, including single-shot HDR photos. However, other services are labeled “High-End” photo editing and the price quickly jumps to $12.00 per image.

9. PhotoAndVideoEdits

Lastly, PhotoAndVideoEdits, headquartered in the United States, has been serving as a premier online editing company for real estate photography and videography since 2005. 

Photo and Video Edits homepage

The company primarily collaborates with English-speaking real estate photographers and sales experts across several key markets, including the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, as detailed on their official website.

This service is dedicated to real estate visual content, offering editing for photos and videos, including color grading and aerial photo editing.

PhotoAndVideoEdits’ services include:

  • Video post-production services 
  • Line straightening
  • Sky replacement and lawn greening
  • Object removal
  • Color and exposure enhancements
  • And window masking

Additionally, the company promises a 24-hour turnaround. While this seems all good, their ordering process is very long because of an unclear website and it also took a long time for them to answer emails.

Pricing: Credit-based system lets clients purchase credits in advance and use them as needed, offering both flexibility and value. Their credits start at $1.50 per image. However, the minimum credit purchase is 200 credits.

And there you have the top 9 real estate photography photo editing services!

To recap, choosing the right photo editing service can significantly impact the presentation and appeal of real estate listings. 

Whether you’re a photographer looking to partner with an editing team or a real estate agent aiming to present your listings in the best possible light, there’s a service out there to meet your needs. 

Consider the services offered, turnaround times, and pricing structure to find the perfect match for your real estate photography photo editing requirements in 2024.

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