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Are you looking for a service that can help you edit your real estate photos?

Make sure to check out our Smart Photo Editors real estate photo editing review before you make any decisions about which photo editing service to use. 

In this review, we take an in-depth look at the real estate photo editing services offered by Smart Photo Editors and their pricing, ordering process, quality and examples, revisions, support, and additional services.

Let’s get started with a comparison table between Smart Photo Editors and PhotoUp’s real estate photo editing services:

Overall Rating

Overall Rating
3.3 4.8
Provider Smart Photo Editors PhotoUp
Current Ranking 7th of 25 1st of 25
Best For n/a overall
Cost per Image $0.80 per image $1.00-$1.50 per image
Turnaround Time 18 hours 12-24 hours
Overall Quality quite good excellent
Consistency all notes followed all notes followed
Cost of Single Shot/HDR $0.80 per image $1.00-$1.50 per image
Rush Delivery 12 hour rush +$0.5 credits/image yes, 12 hours rush= 50% extra
Cost per Revision free revisions free revisions
Volume Discount yes varies
Order Form Interface okay, a bit dated/basic good & easy to learn
Turnaround Time 18 hours 12-24 hours
Weekend Service limited yes
Upload Speed fast & smooth fast & smooth
Payment Accepted debit/credit debit/credit, ACH
Photo Editing yes yes
Video Editing no yes
Virtual Staging no yes
Floor Plans yes yes
Virtual Assistants no yes
Systems and Extras
White labeled sub-Photographer Accounts no yes
Photo Delivery yes yes
Property Websites no yes
Home Flyers no yes
Photo Backup no yes
Online Scheduling no yes
Virtual Tours yes yes
Support FAQ no yes
Email yes yes
Chat yes yes
USA Phone no yes
Response Time 1-24 hours 5 min
Other Services
  • photo editing
  • floor plan
  • virtual tours
  • panorama photo stitching
  • floor plan conversions
  • hdr blending corrections
  • editing of drone images
  • sky replacement
  • photo editing
  • virtual staging
  • video editing
  • single property websites
  • house portraits
  • virtual assistants
  • custom websites
  • virtual tours
Smart Photo Editors


  • Ranked 7th of 25
  • best for: n/a
  • $0.80 per image per Image
  • 18 hours turnaround time


  • overall quality: quite good
  • consistency: all notes followed


  • $0.80 per image per Image
  • rush delivery: 12 hour rush +$0.5 credits/image
  • free revisions
  • volume discount: yes


  • 18 hours turnaround time
  • Weekend Service
  • upload speed: fast & smooth
  • payment accepted: debit/credit


  • Photo Editing
  • Video Editing
  • Virtual Staging
  • Floor Plans
  • Virtual Assistants

System and Extras

  • White Labeled Sub-photographer Accounts
  • Photo Delivery
  • Property Websites
  • Home Flyers
  • Photo Backup
  • Online Scheduling
  • Virtual Tours




  • Ranked 1st of 25
  • best for: overall
  • $1.00-$1.50 per image
  • 12-24 hours turnaround time


  • overall quality: excellent
  • consistency: all notes followed


  • $1.00-$1.50 per image
  • rush delivery: yes, 12 hours rush= 50% extra
  • free revisions
  • volume discount: varies


  • 12-24 hours turnaround time
  • Weekend Service
  • upload speed: fast & smooth
  • payment accepted: debit/credit, ACH


  • Photo Editing
  • Video Editing
  • Virtual Staging
  • Floor Plans
  • Virtual Assistants

System and Extras

  • White Labeled Sub-photographer Accounts
  • Photo Delivery
  • Property Websites
  • Home Flyers
  • Photo Backup
  • Online Scheduling
  • Virtual Tours


  • FAQ
  • Email
  • Chat
  • Chat
  • USA Phone
  • response time: 5 min

Smart Photo Editors (SPE) Overview

Smart Photo Editors (SPE) is an international photo editing company from India that offers services across a wide range of sectors, including fashion, antique photo restoration, cars, and much more.

Real estate is just one of their areas of interest. For example, their teams of skilled Adobe experts work primarily with photographers around the world to enhance their images and deliver an affordable post-production service. 


Already at pricing, things started to get complicated, and my misgivings began.

On the positive side, Smart Photo Editors’ pricing model is quite flexible, depending on the volume of work you need and how quickly you need delivery to take place.

Their basic package includes:

  • HDR blending with Oleno software 
  • Shadows and highlights adjustments 
  • Levels and contrast/brightness adjustments 

To give you an idea, when working on real estate imagery, their pricing seems to start at $0.50 for stills, $0.80 for HDR images, and $1.50 for panoramic images. 

But on the negative side, it’s really hard to figure out what you’re going to pay, and it takes a long time to get a quote on what you’re doing.

They have told me multiple items that they will send pricing options once the “Free Trial” is over, and it’s been a couple of days now.

The fact is, at this point, I can’t tell you what the definitive cost of their services is, and I’ve run out of patience to wait and find out. To me, this is quite peculiar.

Update: The pricing finally arrived via email, after four days of using the service!

The same workflows are offered for manual blending – Moderate at $1.40, and for Manual Blending – Complex at $1.75.

It’s true that this information did answer a few questions, but it also led to a few more.

For example, what determines whether a blend is simple, moderate, or complex? And is this cost for everyone or for me specifically?

I may be stating the obvious, but this feels needlessly complicated and off-putting to me.

Ordering From SPE

SPE has a unique approach to serving new clients, which I found quite interesting. Let’s take a closer look at the ordering process and uploading images.

1. Creating an Account

To create an account and get started, it seems you always have to start by filling in your details in the “Start Free Trial” box. 

Smart Photo Editor Creating an account

And that input took you to a “Thank You” screen.

Smart Photo Editor account completion

A few moments later, a personalized e-mail arrived where a consultant asked a few questions about your expectations.

This was the key line in the email: “I would be more than happy to do a Complimentary Trial Test for you to ensure that we are on the same page meeting your expectation in Quality and Turnaround Time before we share the cost.”

Smart Photo Editor complimentary trial test

I replied to the mail explaining my needs and then uploaded my images using WeTransfer.   

2. Uploading Images

WeTransfer is a tried and tested reliable platform. When I opened it up, I detailed what I would like done in the comments, and clicked “Upload.”

That went well.  

Smart Photo Editor uploading image

In the next step, you were sent a verification code to your email, and after confirming your email, the uploading proceeded. 

Smart Photo Editor uploading image

It took about 5 minutes to upload my 300Mb worth of images, probably because my internet connection wasn’t great.

But I was happy to wait, and it all worked smoothly.

Smart Photo Editor - file transfering

To their credit, the team at SPE was very responsive and engaged once I had uploaded my images.

They responded via email, quickly acknowledging they had received the images, and letting me know they were getting to work on them. 

Then, after a wait of only 5 or 6 hours, I received an email that contained a Dropbox link telling me that my test images were ready for viewing.

Smart Photo Editor -

I was impressed by the speed!

With that being said, let’s take a look at the quality of the results next. 

High-Quality & Consistent

Real Estate Photo Editing

Hire a dedicated editor with performance metrics from $7/hour.

Photo Editing Examples

SPE understood the brief clearly and responded well to direction. The images were delivered fast, and there were no hiccups. 

Here are the before and after images: 

SPE brought a lot of life and warmth to this room with the roaring fire.

In addition, the outside world looked vibrant and gave a nice balance to the photo.

I would have pushed the contrast for more “drama,” but they did a good job here. 

The focus of the brief was to remove the towel hanging in the bathroom, and they did a good job with that.

But the window was too blown out. And overall, it felt too bright and over-exposed for my taste. 

Good job, SPE!

They blended the bracketed images well and gave a nice, summery afternoon feeling to the exterior of the house.

Additionally, the removal of the swing was clean. 

The dappled light and the sky looked natural in this slightly closer framing of the house.

But overall, the photo felt a bit flat and two-dimensional.


I wanted to test how well SPE handled requests for changes to their work, so I emailed the team back with a request to remove the vehicle on the left of the window in one of their images.

Smart Photo Editors Revision
Before: Vehicles Outside

I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy edit, so I was eager to see how well they would respond to that.

It took a few days and a couple of emails for SPE to come back to me on the revision, but when they did, they did it well.

The file arrived in the same Dropbox folder and had replaced the previous version.

Revised Image: Vehicles Removed

As you can see, the extraction was well done, although they did remove both vehicles instead of the one. But I was satisfied with the work.

Image Quality

Overall, SPE did a satisfactory job with the sky replacement and object removal, while the window masking was average. 

If you’re not too worried about workflow and want to use SPE, you’ll find your images are processed satisfactorily.

In my opinion, not as good as PhotoUp’s real estate photo editing services, but not too bad.

Are you enjoying this Smart Photo Editors real estate photo editing review so far? I hope so!

Let’s carry on by looking at SPE’s support and additional services.

Have You Ever Thought To

Outsource Photo Editing?

Try it today with 10 free edits from three professional photo editors.


SPE was very responsive to every query that I had.

They sent through four or five emails and kept me informed every step of the way. And they were eager to please, which is a good trait in a service provider. 

Additional Services

One of the most important aspects of a photo editing service is how well their services interact with each other.

SPE offers additional services, such as:

  • Virtual tours
  • Panorama photo stitching
  • Floor plan conversions
  • HDR blending corrections
  • Editing of drone images
  • Sky replacement

But primarily, they work hard on editing your photos, delivering them, and leaving the rest of the real estate marketing up to you.

Pros and Cons of SPE

To give you a quick overview, here are the pros and cons of SPE:

Fast initial deliverySlow revision process
Good product quality No workable CMS
Easy uploads via WeTransferReliance on email
Friendly serviceConfusion around pricing

Verdict: Is Smart Photo Editors’ Real Estate Photo Editing Services Worth Using?

The verdict of my Smart Photo Editors real estate photo editing review is that SPE has assembled a good team of artists and their editing is solid.

So, no complaints there.

But the website is very text-heavy and there is no CRM for you to plug into. Instead, you need to rely on email and Dropbox, which has its challenges, but I’m sure it would work out. 

However, the strange opacity and inability to tell me how much the service would cost was very frustrating and off-putting. It honestly felt like they were trying to hide something, and eventually, I gave up waiting. 

Besides, there’s an over-reliance on email communication, and different people seem to get back to you at different times. I actually stopped waiting on a few answers to my questions.

On the positive side, they are a solid option with a track record and the team seems very pleasant to work with. But, for my money, I would choose a dedicated real estate marketing company that’s upfront about costs, with a CRM you can centralize operations around. 

And that’s it!

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