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Are you thinking about redecorating your home but don’t know where to start or what styles to use?

Virtual staging is an effective and affordable tool to help homeowners visualize any decor style or renovation before spending money on the changes.

Interior designers and real estate sales professionals use the technology to save time and money while creatively redecorating and remodeling.

So, in this article, we’ll show you how to redecorate your home with virtual staging.

Redecorating Your Home With Virtual Staging

You’re tired of your current home decor and furnishings. You’ve been saving money for redecorating and remodeling projects. But you’re not sure of where or how to start.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could try out different furniture, colors, and artwork without committing to buying them first?

Well, you can use virtual staging to sample and see how various styles of furnishing and decor would work in any room or space without buying a single item. 

For example, you can use this editing technology to help with the following:

  • See how different sofas would look in your living
  • Compare various colors of paint for your bedroom
  • Experiment with various decor style themes and options
  • Check to see whether a round or square table would look better in your dining room

This amazing technology lets you see how any change, addition, or update would look before spending money on the project.

Also, most providers offer extensive design libraries featuring different interior styles, room types, and decor accessories. 

This powerful technology can even be used to perform digital repairsdecluttering projects, and even upgrades to landscaping.

Consider these other possible uses of the technology:

  • Sample different flooring options and materials
  • Compare various kitchen cabinet colors and looks
  • Or see if a stand-alone, tile shower could work in a bathroom

Therefore, now you understand why interior designers love this technology – the possibilities are endless!

Using Virtual Staging to Help Sell a Home

It’s not just the interior design industry – virtual staging has proven also to be a disruptor in the real estate sales industry.

Real estate sales professionals are using this technology to achieve the critical objective of selling a home quickly at top dollar.

Additionally, this marketing aid has shown itself to be highly effective in real estate sales, as these recent statistics show:

  • Staged homes sell 75% faster than those that are not
  • 83% of staged properties sell at the asking price or above

Therefore, real estate sales professionals use this marketing tool for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Improved visual and curb appeal. High-quality listing photos motivate more buyers to consider the property
  • Removing personal items to help buyers envision themselves living in the home
  • Showing buyers a property’s potential. It can be hard to visualize a warm and inviting home looking at empty or cluttered rooms

For even more information, check out this article on using virtual staging to sell a listing fast.

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3 Key Benefits of Virtual Staging

Virtual staging has become popular because it is an efficient and effective tool for interior designers and real estate sales professionals. 

Whether you are using the technology to redecorate or to sell a home, here are 3 key benefits of using the digital form of staging:

1. Virtual Staging Is Cost-Effective

Southwestern Virtual Staging by PhotoUp
Southwestern Virtual Staging by PhotoUp

Redecorating a home or staging it to get it ready to sell can be costly. 

Hiring a designer, renting furniture and decor, and paying for repairs is expensive. Add in the costs of contractors and materials, and the price quickly reaches tens of thousands of dollars. 

This marketing tool can quickly and cost-effectively produce a stunning appearance for a home for sale.

And it’s an affordable way to sample design and decorating ideas before spending money. 

2. It Enhances Creative Freedom 

Industrial Virtual Staging by PhotoUp
Industrial Virtual Staging by PhotoUp

Digital staging is highly flexible. For example, most providers have vast portfolios of furnishings and style options featuring popular decorating items. You can showcase a home according to the latest design trend or even several.

And it also allows you to creatively sample paint colors, furniture, flooring, and cabinets and see how remodeling ideas would look before starting the work.

So, now you understand that virtual staging is a tool that unleashes anyone’s best creative ideas.

3. It’s Easier and More Convenient

Modern Virtual Staging by PhotoUp
Modern Virtual Staging by PhotoUp

Think of all the time you’ll save sampling styles, colors, and furnishings without having to run around town visiting endless stores and interior design showrooms. 

And there’s the additional benefit of not having to spend hours with pushy and opinionated interior designers trying to sell you on their decorating ideas.

The benefits of this technology for home sellers are also impressive. 

For example, using digital staging means less disruption caused by work crews and contractors and reduces the number of unnecessary showings by buyers who can’t visualize the property.

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Work With PhotoUp for the Best Virtual Staging

PhotoUp’s virtual staging service is easy to use and affordable, and includes the following:

  • Photo-realistic staging of any room or space
  • Remodeling and repairs
  • Decluttering and depersonalizing of rooms
  • Sky replacements and twilight effects
  • And more!

They offer an extensive furniture library with 11 design styles and 100s of accessories.

And PhotoUp makes it super easy to get started:

1) Sign up for a free PhotoUp account and upload your photos
2) Select from our library of design styles and furnishings
3) We send you proofs to approve within 24 to 48 hours

PhotoUp Virtual Staging Demo

Check out this short demo to learn about the quick and easy ordering and uploading process:

And PhotoUp offers other real estate marketing services, including:

So, improve your marketing efforts now.

Sign up for a free PhotoUp account and let us help you sell your listings faster and for higher prices.

We hope this blog post helped you realize the value of using digital staging to redecorate your home as a more cost and time-effective solution. You might also want to check out the following related resources:

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