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Did you know that vacant homes sell for an average of $11,306 less and spend 6 more days on market compared to staged and virtually staged homes?

Virtual staging is a cost-effective way to boost real estate sales by making a property more visually appealing to potential buyers. By using virtual staging, agents or sellers can showcase a property at its full potential, even if it is currently empty or in need of some TLC.

In this post, we’ll share how virtual staging can help boost real estate sales and how to use it effectively to market your listing.

Virtual Staging Technology

Virtual staging is a process in which digital images of empty or poorly furnished rooms are enhanced with computer-generated furniture and decor to give potential buyers a better sense of how the space could look and feel once it is furnished and decorated. 

Professional CAD designers add digital furniture to vacant, outdated, or cluttered photographs of rooms and make them look like taken straight from an interior magazine. 

Additionally, this technology can be used to do digital repairs, decluttering, redecorations, performing virtual landscaping, and more.

How Can Virtual Staging Help Boost Real Estate Sales?

One of the main benefits of virtual staging is that it allows potential buyers to see what a space could look like with digital furniture and decor.

This can be especially helpful for people who have a difficult time seeing the full potential of a property. Especially if the property is currently empty or poorly furnished.

Virtual staging then helps buyers to visualize the space in a more attractive and functional way. And hopefully, also establish an emotional connection to the home and attend a physical showing. 

Here are 4 ways virtual staging can help boost real estate sales:

1. Helps Buyers Envision Themselves Living in the Home 

By adding digital furniture and decor to empty rooms, virtual staging helps potential buyers see how the space could be used and how it could look once it is fully furnished. 

It can instantly make a vacant property look homey and inviting!

This can make it easier for buyers to envision themselves living in the space and make it more appealing to them. They can easily imagine how they would decorate it with their own furniture and decor.

2. Makes the Home More Attractive

Virtual staging helps to make the property more attractive. Digitally decorating the space with fresh and modern interiors can make the property look more inviting to potential buyers. 

For example, a room that’s cluttered and full of personal belongings can be off-putting to people who don’t share your taste. Every room should look clean, fresh, and spacious and leave room for buyers to imagine themselves in the space.

This increases the likelihood that they will be interested in seeing the property in person and potentially making an offer.

3. Helps Your Listing Stand Out

Virtual staging can help to differentiate your listing and help it stand out from the competition. 

In a highly competitive real estate market, the digital version of staging can help a property stand out from the competition by showcasing its potential in a unique and visually appealing way.

Virtually staged images look amazing and can captivate buyers’ attention when they scroll down the MLS or Zillow listings to look for properties. 

4. Saves Time and Money

Virtual staging can be a very cost-effective way to stage a property for sale, as it allows homeowners and agents to avoid the time and expense of physically staging the property with real furniture and decor.

On average, traditional home staging can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, with many companies charging a fee based on the square footage of the property. 

Some staging companies may also charge additional fees for services such as design consultation, furniture rental, and installation.

In contrast to traditional home staging, virtual staging can reduce the cost of staging by up to 97%. Plus, it only takes 24 to 48 hours to get your real estate images virtually staged. 

Imagine how much time and money you can save!

Overall, virtual staging can be a useful tool for boosting real estate sales by helping potential buyers visualize the space more easily, making the property more attractive, and differentiating it from the competition.

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Virtual Staging Service

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How to Use Virtual Staging Effectively

To use virtual staging effectively, agents or sellers should start by selecting high-quality images of the property. 

These images should be clear and well-lit, and should showcase the property’s best features. It’s always best to work with a professional real estate photographer to ensure top-notch images.

Depending on your target market, it’s recommended to choose furniture and accessories that complement the property’s style and layout. 

For example, if the property has a modern aesthetic, the virtual staging should include contemporary furniture and accessories. If the property has a more traditional feel, the virtual staging should include classic pieces.

Fortunately, this is easy to do with a professional virtual staging service like PhotoUp which offers 11 different interior design styles, 18 room types, and 21 accessory types from their professional library:

In addition to using virtual staging to showcase a property’s potential, it’s also great for highlighting specific features. 

For example, it can be used to show how a spacious living room could accommodate a large dining table, or how a backyard could be transformed into a cozy outdoor living space with an inviting pool and patio area.

Wouldn’t you want to take a cooling dip in this pool or sip on a glass of wine on that patio furniture? You get the point!

Market Your Staged Images

Once the virtual staging is complete (often in less than 48 hours), the agent or seller can, for example, create a single property website to showcase the images.

Not only do single property websites look professional but they also allow you to add an unlimited number of images, videos, or virtual tours, as well as detailed property information.

Another effective way of marketing your listing is to create beautiful property flyers using your virtually staged images. You can even get a flyer that matches your single property website.

Remember to also promote your images on social media and other online platforms for maximum exposure. 

Putting your listing in front of your target audience with the help of digital platforms and captivating real estate photography will help you sell it faster.

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Virtual Staging Service

Interiors. Landscapes. Commercial. Virtually transform any space.

Boost Real Estate Sales With PhotoUp’s Virtual Staging!

With over a decade in the industry and hundreds of expert real estate photo editors in the U.S. and the Philippines, PhotoUp can help you boost real estate sales. 

PhotoUp’s virtual staging service can help buyers get an idea of what a home can look like with fresh and modern interiors, assisting them to make a quicker buying decision. 

The visualization and imagination virtual staging offers are extremely powerful! 

Some buyers may even place an offer sight unseen or pay a premium price for the property when being able to see the home’s full potential. 

That said, our virtual staging services include:

  • Virtual staging of vacant or furnished rooms
  • Digital decluttering, repairs, and redecoration
  • Color changes for walls, ceilings, and flooring
  • And virtual landscaping

Unlike some other services, our virtual staging service is super easy to use.

PhotoUp’s user-friendly software allows you to upload your images, choose furniture sets, add instructions, and then access your high-resolution images in just a day or two. 

PhotoUp Virtual Staging Demo

To see how easy it is to get started, check out our short virtual staging demo:

It’s really that easy!

Your virtually staged images may be the thing that separates your listing from your competition.

Sign up for a free PhotoUp account today, and let our professional CAD designers create stunning real estate images to help your listing stand out from the competition for a quicker sale!

We hope this blog post helped you see how virtual staging can help boost real estate sales. If you enjoyed this post, make sure to check out the following resources as well:

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