Are you looking into how to market yourself as a real estate photographer? 

As you probably know, the competition in the real estate photography industry can be fierce. You need to find ways to stand out from the crowd, and marketing yourself is key. 

In this post, we’ll share 14 powerful tips on how to market yourself as a real estate photographer and get more clients. 

Let’s dive in!

How to Market Yourself as a Real Estate Photographer (14 Tips)

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level, these 14 tips can help you reach the right clients and build your brand.

1. Know Your Target Audience

As a real estate photographer, understanding your target audience is crucial for staying competitive in today’s market. Before diving into your marketing plan, take a moment to identify who you are marketing to.

Here are some key questions to consider when pinpointing your ideal audience:

  • Who are the potential clients in your immediate geographical area?
  • Do you offer unique services that can attract specific niche markets?
  • What types of properties have you gained the most experience working with?
  • Are there particular neighborhoods where your photography skills and knowledge surpass others?

By truly understanding your target audience, you can tailor your marketing efforts more effectively. Reflect on what sets your skills and experience apart from the competition, and capitalize on those strengths. 

2. Develop a Strong Online Portfolio

how to market yourself as a real estate photographer
PhotoUp Real Estate Photographer Website

The first step in marketing yourself as a real estate photographer is to create a strong online portfolio. In other words, a strong portfolio is key to landing clients in the real estate industry. 

This makes it necessary to invest in quality equipment, study your craft, and showcase your best work in an easily accessible online portfolio.

Your portfolio should give potential clients a sense of your style. Include a variety of interior and exterior shots, and use high-quality images that are easy to browse.

3. Optimize Your Website 

PhotoUp Real Estate Photographer Website
PhotoUp Real Estate Photographer Website

Your website/online portfolio is like a virtual storefront that represents your brand, so ensure that it reflects your style and showcases your talents. 

Additionally, for users to visit and stay on your website it must load fast, be user-friendly, and be mobile-optimized. 

The sad news is that if your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load and isn’t optimized for mobile, users will backtrace and look for the next local real estate photographer website to visit. 

Also, make sure to leverage on-page SEO and add engaging Meta Tags to each blog post. This is vital to getting discovered by potential clients and ranking higher on Google search results.

Don’t forget to use lead capture forms and calls to action on your site that guide visitors to contact you.

4. Use Social Media to Your Advantage

how to market yourself as a real estate photographer

Social media can be a powerful tool for marketing your real estate photography business. 

Create profiles on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, and use them to share your work and connect with potential clients. 

Be sure to use relevant hashtags and engage with other users in your target market. 

Also, ensure that your business branding is consistent, visually appealing, and communicates your expertise and professionalism.

5. Attend Real Estate Events

Real Estate Events

Attend real estate industry events, meetups, and conferences to meet potential clients and build relationships with real estate agents, brokers, stagers, and other industry-related professionals. 

Collaborating with other industry professionals like interior designers can also help expand your client base. 

Remember to bring plenty of business cards and be ready to introduce yourself to potential clients.

6. Be Proactive and Take Advantage of Referrals

You’ll never know if you don’t ask, so be proactive and reach out to potential clients by cold-calling, sending emails, or direct messaging on social media.

Additionally, referrals can be a powerful marketing tool in the real estate industry. Make sure your existing clients are happy with your work, and ask them to refer you to other agents and brokers. 

You could even offer a referral discount or other incentive to encourage people to spread the word about your services.

7. Offer Supplementary Services

Offering extra services such as virtual staging, floor plans, or aerial photography can help attract clients and boost your earning potential.

In addition, virtual house tours and walk-through videos have also become increasingly popular in real estate. 

Offering these services can help you stand out from the competition and attract more clients. 

Invest in the necessary equipment and software to provide high-quality virtual tours and images or partner up with a real estate marketing service like PhotoUp to help you create stunning 3D imaging.

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8. Create a Blog

Blogging can help you establish yourself as an authority in the real estate photography industry. 

Create a blog on your website and share tips, industry news, and examples of your work. You should also share your blog posts on all your social media channels to get more traffic to your website and boost SEO. 

This can help you build your brand and attract potential clients who are interested in your expertise.

9. Leverage Email Marketing

One of the most powerful tools to market yourself as a real estate photographer is email newsletters. Why are email newsletters so valuable? 

Well, besides showcasing your latest projects, they also provide an opportunity for you to share valuable advice as an industry expert. 

With the right blend of personal approach and professional insights, your subscribers will be hooked every time they read through their inboxes, and hopefully, some of them will become your new clients.

No matter how often you send out your newsletters, be it twice a month or weekly, always make sure to offer fresh insights that readers will find valuable.

Additionally, make it easy for them to book your services by providing a clear call-to-action.

10. Attend Open Houses

how to market yourself as a real estate photographer

The National Association of Realtors reports that an average of 74% of agents’ business comes through their sphere of influence. So, try to establish a personal connection with agents through social media, email marketing, and spontaneous visits to their offices.

Furthermore, attending open houses can be a great way to showcase your work and connect with potential clients. Contact local real estate agents and Realtors and offer to take photos of their listings for open houses. 

It’s always good to bring coffee or offer agents free lunch to get an opportunity to establish a connection and present who you are as a real estate photographer.

This can help you build relationships with agents and brokers who can recommend you to other clients.

11. Partner With Other Professionals

Partnering with other professionals in the real estate industry can help you reach more clients and build your brand. 

For example, you could team up with a real estate agent or staging company and offer joint services. This can help you expand your network and reach new clients.

12. Use Paid Advertisement

One effective way to boost traffic to your online portfolio and attract more clients is investing in Google Adwords or Facebook ads. 

By understanding your target audience and tailoring your advertisements to their specific interests, you can forge meaningful connections with potential clients and showcase the value of your services.

These practices have proven to be highly effective in attracting clients in the real estate photography industry.

13. Attend Photography Workshops and Classes

how to market yourself as a real estate photographer

Continuing education is key to success in any industry, and real estate photography is no exception. 

Attend photography workshops and classes to improve your skills and stay up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques. 

This can help you provide even better services to your clients and set yourself apart from the competition.

14. Get Help From a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

As a real estate photographer, you know that marketing plays a crucial role in the growth of any real estate venture. But let’s face it, it takes a significant investment of time and effort.

Here’s a pro tip for you: consider enlisting the support of a photographer virtual assistant to market yourself as a real estate photographer. 

Not only will this ensure a consistent and prominent presence for your business in the local community, but it will also keep you top-of-mind with potential clients.

A virtual assistant can efficiently handle a diverse range of marketing tasks, such as:

  • Managing targeted ads campaigns to expand your reach
  • Handling email communications and sending personalized notecards to nurture relationships
  • Crafting engaging blog posts and content for social media
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of your marketing strategies to ensure desired results
  • And much more.

Remember, effective marketing is the cornerstone of lead generation, and a well-suited virtual assistant can play a pivotal role in this domain.

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