Are you looking for the best virtual home staging companies of 2024 to start leveraging the power of visualization in your real estate marketing?

We have listed our selection of 8 best virtual home staging companies and compared their virtual staging services, product quality, turnaround time, additional services, and pricing. 

Our goal is to give you all the facts you’ll need to make an informed decision on what provider to choose for your virtual staging needs.  

Top 8 Virtual Home Staging Companies

Here is our selection of the 8 best virtual staging companies:

1. PhotoUp

PhotoUp: Best virtual home staging company

To get started, our top pick of virtual home staging companies is PhotoUp

PhotoUp is a fast-growing online real estate marketing company. It’s a global company with headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a dedicated workforce in the Philippines, and team members all over the world. 

The company has emerged as one of the most exciting and cutting-edge virtual staging providers of the last few years. They offer a high-quality product at a low price point of $20 per image.

PhotoUp has made great strides in streamlining its services with a user-friendly website, excellent service, and a quick turnaround of 12-24 hours. 

In contrast to many of the other virtual home staging companies, they offer an extensive furniture library with 11 different design styles and over 1,000s accessories to help real estate photographers, agents, and Realtors cater to any niche or market. 

PhotoUp is a full-service online real estate marketing business with additional services such as:

Price: PhotoUp’s virtual staging starts at $20 with a 12-48 hour (or less) turnaround time.

2. Virtually Staging Properties  

Virtually Staging Properties homepage

Virtual Staging Properties is a specialist virtual staging company, based in Atlanta Georgia. 

They only offer virtual staging and the company’s goal is to provide the widest range of home decor options available to suit any taste. 

They offer a quality virtual staging service and have an extensive furniture library to choose from. The only negative is that the furniture catalog is in pdf format, which makes the selection process manual and somewhat difficult. 

Also, the delivery time of your digitally staged images is longer than other providers with a turnaround time of 48-72 hours.

Price: Virtual Staging Properties starts at $39 per image.

3. Rooomy

Rooomy homepage

Rooomy is a Dutch-based company offering virtual staging and online real estate marketing services. The company’s mission is to “help you better visualize your space through the power of 3D, augmented, virtual reality, and mixed reality.”

Rooomy offers an interesting virtual staging service that’s mostly suited to one-time purchases. That’s because you can’t create an actual account with them for easy reordering. 

Besides, their prices are significantly higher than many other services, starting at $49 per image. 

Despite the high price point, their virtual staging is average and has a long turnaround of 2-3 days. This may be a result of the company’s main focus on interior design.

In addition to virtual staging, Roomy also offers: 

  • 3D & AR Apps
  • Matterport 3D Flythroughs
  • Design Studio App

Price: Rooomy’s virtual staging starts at $49 per image with a 2-3 days turnaround.   

Fast & Affordable

Virtual Staging Service

Interiors. Landscapes. Commercial. Virtually transform any space.

4. VSH Media

VSH Media homepage

VSH Media offers the most affordable virtual staging service of all providers. 

The company was founded by real estate broker Marc Avila from Chicago eight years ago. And caters to the residential and commercial real estate business with a variety of offerings.

Generally, VSH Media offers a good quality product at a low price point but has longer delivery times. 

Just like the other virtual home staging companies listed this far, they don’t offer any furniture library either. They only allow you to choose a style and then you have to leave it in the hands of the designers.

Additional services offered by VSH Media:

  • 360 Degree VS
  • Exterior Render – Front Elevation
  • Real Estate Flyers
  • Property Websites

Price: VSH Media virtual staging starts at $15.25 per image with a 30-hour turnaround time.

5. Phixer 

Phixer homepage

Phixer is a real estate photo editing and virtual staging company, based in Seattle with offices in India and the Philippines. 

They utilize AI-powered software in form of a mobile app to increase efficiency for their clients. 

Overall, Phixer’s virtual staging service is artistic and of high quality, but you do need a decent budget if you want to be able to control the final product. 

They charge a revision cost of $10 per image, which makes it more expensive than other providers that offer free revisions.

Except for virtual staging, Phixer also offers:

  • Photo Editing
  • Video Editing
  • Photoshop Edits
  • Phixer App

Price: Phixer’s virtual staging starts at $30 per image with a 12-48-hour turnaround time.

6. Stuccco

Stuccco hompage

Stuccco is a well-known brand in the world of real estate marketing. Their focus on interior design for homeowners has provided a great background for virtual staging, which they do well.

Even though Stuccco is still pretty new to virtual staging and added this service in 2019, they offer an extensive furniture library to choose from and quick delivery.

The only cons with Stuccco are that their website is somewhat difficult to use and navigate and they are also priced slightly higher than some of the other virtual staging services. Still more affordable than Phixer and our next provider, Rooomy, though. 

Price: Stuccco’s virtual staging starts at $29.00 per image with a turnaround time of 12-24 hours.

Fast & Affordable

Virtual Staging Service

Interiors. Landscapes. Commercial. Virtually transform any space.

7. BoxBrownie

BoxBrownie homepage

Like Phixer, BoxBrownie is another big player in the real estate photography world with its base in Australia. 

They offer photo editing services across multiple industries, such as residential real estate, commercial real estate, automotive, renders, and online retail.

On a good note, BoxBrownie offers a quality product at a low price point but lacks a furniture library to choose room styles and furniture. This removes some control over the final product.  

Additionally, their wide product range also makes them less specialized in virtual staging.

That said, here are some other services BoxBrownie offers: 

  • Photo editing
  • Renders Virtual Renovations
  • Floor plans
  • 360 degree virtual tours
  • Copywriting

Price: BoxBrownie virtual staging starts at $24 per image with a 12-24 hour turnaround time.

8. (VS24) former VS24 homepage

Despite being an upcomer to virtual staging, or former VS24 offers a smart and simple product to digitally stage your real estate photography.

With a simple interface, their site and ordering process is user-friendly and straightforward. They also offer a fast turnaround of 24 hours at a relatively low price point of $24 per image.

The only downside is that, like Phixer and BoxBrownie, VirtualStaging doesn’t have a furniture library to choose your own furniture from and some furniture appears unrealistic.

VirtualStaging also offers the following services:

  • Furniture Removal
  • Floor Change
  • Image Enhancement
  • Wall & Furniture Adjustment
  • Twilight
  • 360° VS

Price: VirtualStaging’s digital staging starts at $24 per image.

Conclusion: Best Virtual Home Staging Companies of 2024

We hope this blog post gave you an idea of the best virtual home staging companies in 2024 and will help you make an informed decision on what provider to choose.

Since you’re already here, why not try PhotoUp’s virtual staging service?

Photoup Virtual Staging Uploader Tutorial

Check out how easy it is to get started using PhotoUp’s software in our short virtual staging image uploader video tutorial:

As easy as 1-2-3!

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