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Are you looking into virtual staging companies and want to find the best virtual staging service? This post covers an in-depth Stuccco virtual staging review, where I’ve looked into their sign-up and ordering process, furniture library, virtual staging quality, and support.

Stuccco is a well-known brand with a professional digital presence in the world of virtual staging and real estate marketing. Their focus on interior design has provided a great background for virtual staging, and they do it well.

However, a question mark is whether their pricing structure could put them out of the range of many real estate photographers and agents. 

So, let’s find out!

But before we get into the nitty-gritty, here’s a comparison table of our Stuccco virtual staging review and PhotoUp’s virtual staging services.

Overall Rating
4.1 4.8
2022 Ranking 4 of 10 1 of 10
Cost per Image $29.00 per image $25.00 per image
Turnaround Time 12-24 hours 12-48 hours
Online Library yes yes
Interior Design Style Count 6 or more design styles 9 or more design styles
Room Type Count 12 or more room types 12 or more room types
Cost per Image $29.00 per image $25.00 per image
Cost of Revision $15.00 per revision free revisions
Volume Discount no yes
Turnaround Time 12-24 hours 12-48 hours
Weekend Service yes yes
Interface yes and easy to learn yes and easy to learn
Realism Fair Very Realistic
Placement Okay Natural
Set Design Good Amazing
Email yes yes
Chat yes yes
USA Phone yes yes
Response Time 10 minutes 5 minutes
Overall Rating
  • 2022 ranking: 4th of 10
  • $29.00 per image
  • 12-24 hours turnaround time
  • 2022 ranking: 1st of 10
  • $25.00 per image
  • 12-48 hours turnaround time
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Furniture Library
  • online library: yes
  • 6 or more design styles of interior design
  • 12 or more room types
  • online library: yes
  • 9 or more design styles of interior design
  • 12 or more room types
  • $29.00 per image
  • $15.00 per revision
  • volume discount: no
  • $25.00 per image
  • free revisions
  • volume discount: yes
  • 12-24 hours turnaround time
  • weekend service: yes
  • interface: yes and easy to learn
  • 12-48 hours turnaround time
  • weekend service: yes
  • interface: yes and easy to learn
  • realism: Fair
  • placement: Okay
  • set design: Good
  • realism: Very Realistic
  • placement: Natural
  • set design: Amazing
  • email: yes
  • chat: yes
  • USA phone: yes
  • response time: 10 minutes
  • email: yes
  • chat: yes
  • USA phone: yes
  • response time: 5 minutes

Stuccco Virtual Staging Overview

To begin, Stuccco is an online virtual staging and interior design business from Louisville, Kentucky. The company was founded in 2015 and publicly launched in 2016.

Their primary business is to serve homeowners with sophisticated interior design options that are competing with traditional interior designers to be more affordable and efficient.

And in 2019, they added their virtual staging service for real estate professionals to their suite of offerings. 

Virtual Staging Examples

When checking some examples of virtual staging by Stuccco, the artistic execution of the staging was well done.

Proportions were good, renders were sharp, and the furniture sets matched nicely.

However, their work didn’t inspire me.

There was nothing beyond the ordinary that stood out to me. But overall, their virtual staging was decent.

On a more positive note, I asked for extra indoor plants in the living room, which they implemented.

Although, I was hoping for a little more color and personal touches. But to their defense, I should have gone with a different style choice than “comfortable contemporary.”

Anyway, here are some before and after examples from Stuccco: 

Ordering From Stuccco

The signup flow and order process works well. 

Stucco asks a few questions along the way, such as whether you are a Homeowner or a Home Professional (photographer or agent) and whether you want Virtual Staging or Online Interior Design.

Overall, the ordering process with Stucco was smooth, and I was able to complete a whole order (4 images) in about ten minutes. 

1. Choose Order Type

Choose order type in Stucco

2. Dashboard

Designer dashboard in Stucco

After completing the signup process, I found the dashboard a little confusing.

For instance, there’s a forced welcome video that annoyed me. Since I didn’t want to spend time watching it, I had to go through the whole Settings menu until I found the section where I could upload my unstaged photos.

No doubt it gets more intuitive the more you use the site, but my first impression was that it was slightly confusing. 

3. Ordering Virtual Staging

Stuccco virtual staging review: add photos page

In contrast to the confusing dashboard, the process of adding photos is simple once you land in the right place.

And it’s nice to see that when uploading a set of images, they appear all together on one page, which provides a good overview.

In addition, each photo has its own drop-down menu to identify the room style you want to use. And then at the end, you choose a design style for the complete set and fill in a few details before you proceed to payments. 

4. Select a Plan

Stucco's virtual staging plans

For your first order, you’re asked to select a payment plan before proceeding to the Payment Info page. 

5. Checkout

Stucco's checkout page

The entire ordering process took about ten minutes and was smooth once you got through the initial onboarding.

On the website, Stuccco promotes the delivery of virtual staging 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and they did deliver on that promise. I received notification that my order was complete only after 8 hours, which was gratifying. 

Like mentioned, Stuccco guarantees 24-hour delivery of your photos. But if you want them staged faster, you can also pay an additional fee of $10 per picture to get the delivery time down to 12 hours.

Furniture Library

The room and furniture styles that Stuccco is offering are presented neatly on their homepage. And you can click on any of the 9 styles to open a slider with examples of rooms in that style. 

While it’s easy to navigate, the uniform look and color schemes used in every single style make it hard to distinguish between them after a while.

Besides, you’re not able to select any individual furniture items, which was disappointing.

Unlike PhotoUp, Stuccco doesn’t offer bespoke, unique furniture sets for the viewer to choose from. PhotoUp even allows you to collaborate with virtual staging artists when you make your furniture selections.

Generally, the furniture looks and feels modern, yet a little generic. The renders are sharp and clean, at least.

But if Stuccco would make the styles stand out from one another using different home types, color palettes, and photography, their furniture library would get a boost.

At the end of the day, all of their styles tend to look slightly bland and uniform. 

Virtual Staging Quality

To my disappointment, viewing and downloading the final staged photos was surprisingly tricky.

I struggled to log back into the Stuccco dashboard and couldn’t find the right menu option or where to click to view and download the finished images.

But when I finally got to the page where I could download the final images, the layout looked good. My point is that other users of their site probably struggle to locate their images as well.

Fortunately, the final virtual staging images were pleasing, except for the bedroom that was generic and disappointing, lacking in flair and personality. The living room, on the other hand, was well thought out.

The bedroom could be enhanced with an accent color, for example, a bold rug to really lift the room. 

In retrospect, a “comfortable contemporary” style was perhaps not the right choice for this specific house since there wasn’t enough vibrancy in the pictures once the virtual furniture was placed.


Stuccco’s service was solid and reliable once getting hold of a support representative.

My main issue was that I first couldn’t find where to get in touch with a designer to ask for revisions. I had to search through the menu options for a good while, before reaching out via chat.

Once again, I’m sure there are easier ways, but I couldn’t find them.

In other words, the UX (user experience) of the site left me wanting something a little simpler and more intuitive.

Pros and Cons of Stuccco


  • Quick delivery
  • Decent quality of product
  • Extensive furniture library


  • Annoying welcome video
  • Non user-friendly website
  • No unique furniture sets
  • Pale color scheme
  • High pricing

Verdict: Is Stuccco Virtual Staging Worth It?

My final verdict of this Stuccco virtual staging review is that Stuccco offers a well-run service.

The results I received were more than adequate, but not outstanding.

The delivery was timely, but I can see that overall costs will increase quickly as there are many extra charges listed that may be necessary as you add additional services. 

By comparison, PhotoUp has a more bespoke and modern system for its offerings, and realtors can be more involved in creating the design of the rooms.

Best of all, PhotoUp’s virtual staging is cheaper per photograph and offers more services as part of a basic package, saving you money over time.

And there you have it!

I hope you enjoyed reading my in-depth Stuccco virtual staging review.

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