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Are you trying to find the best virtual staging service? This post covers an in-depth BoxBrownie virtual staging review, where I’ve looked into their workflow process, furniture library, virtual staging quality, and support.

BoxBrownie is an impressive player in the real estate photography world. They’re an Australian company that has built a large, well-oiled machine. They offer quality services across multiple industries beyond residential real estate and into areas like automotive and online retail services.

With that said, let’s take a look at how do they rate when measured against the number one virtual staging service, PhotoUp:

Overall Rating
4.0 4.8
2022 Ranking 5 of 10 1 of 10
Cost per Image $24.00 per image $25.00 per image
Turnaround Time 12-24 hours 12-48 hours
Online Library no yes
Interior Design Style Count 9 or more design styles 9 or more design styles
Room Type Count 12 or more room types 12 or more room types
Cost per Image $24.00 per image $25.00 per image
Cost of Revision free revisions free revisions
Volume Discount no yes
Turnaround Time 12-24 hours 12-48 hours
Weekend Service no yes
Interface yes and easy to learn yes and easy to learn
Realism Quite Good Very Realistic
Placement Natural Natural
Set Design Okay Amazing
Email yes yes
Chat yes yes
USA Phone yes yes
Response Time 8 minutes 5 minutes
Overall Rating
  • 2022 ranking: 5th of 10
  • $24.00 per image
  • 12-24 hours turnaround time
  • 2022 ranking: 1st of 10
  • $25.00 per image
  • 12-48 hours turnaround time
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Furniture Library
  • online library: no
  • 9 or more design styles of interior design
  • 12 or more room types
  • online library: yes
  • 9 or more design styles of interior design
  • 12 or more room types
  • $24.00 per image
  • free revisions
  • volume discount: no
  • $25.00 per image
  • free revisions
  • volume discount: yes
  • 12-24 hours turnaround time
  • weekend service: no
  • interface: yes and easy to learn
  • 12-48 hours turnaround time
  • weekend service: yes
  • interface: yes and easy to learn
  • realism: Quite Good
  • placement: Natural
  • set design: Okay
  • realism: Very Realistic
  • placement: Natural
  • set design: Amazing
  • email: yes
  • chat: yes
  • USA phone: yes
  • response time: 8 minutes
  • email: yes
  • chat: yes
  • USA phone: yes
  • response time: 5 minutes

Now, let’s dive into my BoxBrownie virtual staging review!

BoxBrownie Virtual Staging Overview 

Based out of the Sunshine Coast in Australia, BoxBrownie has been a true internet success story.

For starters, co-founder Mel Myers is known as Australia’s youngest university student. Not only that, but he also built a very successful photo editing company that runs a high volume, low margin business and is driven by a highly automated technology stack.

Additionally, BoxBrownie offers a wide variety of services, ranging from real estate photo editing to 3D renders. They even offer copywriting for residential and commercial real estate, but virtual staging does stand out as their primary service.

Virtual Staging Examples

The virtual staging services that BoxBrownie offered were delivered quickly and were of a high standard.

Besides, they interpreted my notes very well, and the Scandinavian style furniture that they used was well placed and looked realistic.

Take a look at the before and after examples below: 

The lamp and bedside table in the bedroom looked nice. And the kitchen/living space was the most realistic of the set.

However, the living room felt slightly cramped, and they could have used the space better.

Ordering From BoxBrownie

The ordering process with BoxBrownie is a slick, well-oiled machine.

Signing up is quick and painless. It only takes seconds until you start interacting with the system, uploading your images, and selecting furniture.

They guide you through the steps, keeping all the major decisions around room types and style on one page. And they provide space for you to leave any specific directions to the designers. 

In addition, the payment gateway was also smooth and offered no major surprises. There’s a helpful dashboard at the end of the process that lets you easily monitor the status of your order. 

BoxBrownie’s Virtual Staging Workflow

1. Start a “New Job” and Select a Service

Ordering from BoxBrownie

2. Choose Image Enhancement Type

Choosing image enhancement type in BoxBrownie

3. Create Job Title, Upload Photos, and Select Furniture Style

BoxBrownie virtual staging review: upload photos

4. Add Preferences (Room Name, Item Removal, Furniture Style, Etc.)

BoxBrownie virtual staging review: add preferences

5. Checkout

BoxBrownie's checkout page

6. Review and Download

Review and download virtual staging in BoxBrownie

Furniture Library

To my disappointment, BoxBrownie doesn’t offer a furniture library to consumers, but they use tasteful and colorful pieces to liven up the interior.

For instance, you can find a selection of room types in a drop-down menu, and the styles are well-laid out to easily make your selection.

Virtual Staging Quality

The quality of the furniture was good.

The size of the files made downloads easy, especially for overloaded laptops. And there were no tricky zip files to navigate along the way, which was a bonus. 

That said, there’s no doubt that BoxBrownie offers a quality virtual staging service. 

Except for the quality of the furniture, the renders were also clean. Clearly, there was a good interior design eye behind the placement of furniture.

Also, the way they organized the various pieces in each of the rooms was satisfactory. 


I decided to test out the chat function to see how responsive Boxbrownie’s support was.

Turns out, it was surprisingly efficient.

When you reach out via chat, a real person is assigned to you, answers your support request, and waits to hear if you have any additional questions.

Overall, the support representatives were knowledgeable and efficient.

In all honesty, it was one of the best features of the BoxBrownie process.

Pros and Cons of BoxBrownie

To give you a better overview, here are some pros and cons of BoxBrownie’s virtual staging:


  • Quality product
  • Efficient order process
  • Low price point
  • Responsive support


  • No furniture library
  • Not specialized in real estate photography

Verdict: Is BoxBrownie Virtual Staging Worth It?

My final verdict of this BoxBrownie virtual staging review is that BoxBrownie is a high-quality virtual staging service.

At the end of the day, you can see why the Company is of the most respected brands when it comes to virtual staging.

Alongside PhotoUp, they deliver high-quality products and make it easy for the consumer to navigate their website. 

But with the wide array of industries they service, it’s tough to pin them down as a business focused on the real estate industry or real estate photographers specifically.

With the cost of one virtual staging image starting at $24, there was little to complain about in terms of price.

However, I found the absence of a furniture library a bit disappointing.

All things considered, the responsive support and extra attention to detail that PhotoUp offers were more to my liking.

And that’s all for today!

I hope you enjoyed reading my in-depth BoxBrownie virtual staging review.

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