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Are you trying to find the best virtual staging service? This post covers an in-depth Rooomy virtual staging review, where I’ve looked into their ordering process, furniture library, virtual staging quality, and revisions.

Rooomy offers interesting virtual staging services well suited to one-time purchases. Their prices are significantly higher than many other services, but the service is slick and user-friendly. 

Keep reading to find out more about using Rooomy, including our quick and useful table that compares their service to PhotoUp’s virtual staging

Overall Rating
3.1 4.8
2022 Ranking 8 of 10 1 of 10
Cost per Image $49.00 per image $25.00 per image
Turnaround Time 2-3 days 12-48 hours
Online Library no yes
Interior Design Style Count 6 or more design styles 9 or more design styles
Room Type Count 12 or more room types 12 or more room types
Cost per Image $49.00 per image $25.00 per image
Cost of Revision $20.00 per revision free revisions
Volume Discount no yes
Turnaround Time 2-3 days 12-48 hours
Weekend Service yes yes
Interface yes and easy to learn yes and easy to learn
Realism Unnatural Very Realistic
Placement Fair Natural
Set Design Good Amazing
Email yes yes
Chat yes yes
USA Phone yes yes
Response Time 7 minutes 5 minutes
Overall Rating
  • 2022 ranking: 8th of 10
  • $49.00 per image
  • 2-3 days turnaround time
  • 2022 ranking: 1st of 10
  • $25.00 per image
  • 12-48 hours turnaround time
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Furniture Library
  • online library: no
  • 6 or more design styles of interior design
  • 12 or more room types
  • online library: yes
  • 9 or more design styles of interior design
  • 12 or more room types
  • $49.00 per image
  • $20.00 per revision
  • volume discount: no
  • $25.00 per image
  • free revisions
  • volume discount: yes
  • 2-3 days turnaround time
  • weekend service: yes
  • interface: yes and easy to learn
  • 12-48 hours turnaround time
  • weekend service: yes
  • interface: yes and easy to learn
  • realism: Unnatural
  • placement: Fair
  • set design: Good
  • realism: Very Realistic
  • placement: Natural
  • set design: Amazing
  • email: yes
  • chat: yes
  • USA phone: yes
  • response time: 7 minutes
  • email: yes
  • chat: yes
  • USA phone: yes
  • response time: 5 minutes

Alright, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of my Rooomy virtual staging review!

Rooomy Virtual Staging Overview

To begin, Rooomy is a Dutch-based company offering virtual staging and online real estate marketing services.

Their mission is to ‘help you better visualize your space through the power of 3D, augmented, virtual reality and mixed reality’.

They offer virtual tools for real estate professionals looking to improve their marketing images and attract buyers to their high-end properties. 

Working from their base in Amsterdam, Rooomy offers virtual staging and an interior design app that users can download and use to design their perfect room.

Virtual Staging Examples

In this review, I uploaded an example of a living room and asked Rooomy to virtually stage it using a mid-century modern style.

To my satisfaction, the sign-up process was quick and easy.

And even though they stated it would take 2-3 working days to get results, they delivered a treated image only after 12 hours.

Additionally, my staged images arrived in a friendly email containing a link to a shared google folder.

Here you can see the before and after images:

Ordering From Rooomy

Much to my liking, ordering from Rooomy turned out to be a simple and straightforward process.

You don’t have to sign up at all to put in an order. However, the downside is that there are no options to do bulk uploading or process a large number of pictures all at once.

Therefore, each image has to be uploaded and paid for individually, which can make the process a bit longer when staging multiple rooms.

1. Order Form

Rooomy virtual staging review: ordering virtual staging

The order form has a bespoke, one-off feel to it. And you can select your options from simple drop-down menus, upload your image, and then move onto the checkout page. 

2. Check Out

Rooomy virtual staging review: ordering virtual staging

In the next step, you are redirected to the checkout page, where you review your order and complete your purchase.

The process is straightforward: Fill in your billing details, click on the “continue to payment” button, and your order has been placed!  

That’s all there is to it.

Overall, the ordering process is quick but lacks many visual details that would make selecting styles and furniture more intuitive.

Revision Requests

When the images were delivered via email in the morning, I responded and asked for a revision. As it appears, all revisions must be requested via email, which made the revision process pretty simple.

I asked for one revision in the living room to fix the chair in the foreground since it felt distorted.

The revision came through the same afternoon, and the entire revision process was slick and well handled, in my opinion.

To give you a better overview, here’s the living room image before and after my revision request:

Virtual staging by Rooomy
Virtual staging by Rooomy

Furniture Library 

Strangely enough, it appears that Rooomy doesn’t have a furniture library for virtual staging.

They have a good selection of items for the interior design app, but not for their virtual staging service, which was disappointing.

But they do offer 8 different styles for the staging, including a farmhouse, Scandinavian, traditional, and transitional (not sure what the last option refers to though).

In addition, the ‘Room Function’ category where you choose what kind of room you’re decorating is quite comprehensive.

There are around 30 different selections, including specific options like teenage bedroom, balcony, and media room. 

But with all this, it’s odd that you can’t look at specific pieces of furniture beforehand.

And you don’t have the option to create an account, which is a downside for returning customers that have to fill in all information over and over.

In addition, when I sent a query asking about their virtual furniture library, I got sent a username to log in to their support site (not the main site).

Even more strange was that the next day, I received an email saying:  “Thank you for reaching out. In order to be competitive, we generally do not open up our library to users. Which items, in particular, are you looking for?

You would think that you’d get even more competitive when showcasing a furniture library?!

Virtual Staging Quality

The finished product was delivered via email, including the final rendered files in a Google Drive folder.

Unexpectedly for the price, the quality of the images was a bit disappointing. And the placement of the furniture was not ideal.

For starters, half the room by the door was left empty. Second, a few additional accessories such as curtains, wall art, or some plants would have warmed up the room. 

More so, I thought the furniture was too digital for my taste. It didn’t look like a real room to me. I also asked for a revision to fix the chair in the foreground, which felt distorted. 

Besides, I appreciate when virtual staging companies provide different image formats, such as JPEG, TIFF, or RAW for download, as your final use may be different (for instance, print vs online marketing).

In contrast to, for example, PhotoUp, Rooomy only offers JPEG image formats. Although it was a 9MB file and perfectly fine, extra options would have been a nice touch. 

But when I asked for changes, they implemented them and did a much better job, which was pleasing. 

Pros and Cons of Rooomy

To give you a better overview, here are some pros and cons of Rooomy’s virtual staging:


  • Quick turnaround
  • Efficient revisions


  • Non-realistic staging
  • High price level
  • No furniture library
  • Not optimal for returning customers
  • More focused on interior design
  • Not suitable for large orders

Verdict: Is Rooomy Virtual Staging Worth It?

The final verdict of my Rooomy virtual staging review is that they provide an average product.

However, on a good note, the turnaround was quicker than expected for a virtual staging service.

A major downside is that the price is significantly higher than other virtual staging providers, like PhotoUp.

Also, it seems that their focus is more on their interior design app than providing online virtual staging services.

But overall, the design they offered after the revision was satisfactory.

And there you have it!

I hope you found my Rooomy virtual staging review useful. If you did, you should definitely check out the following resources as well: