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Virtual staging for real estate listings is growing increasingly popular. Why is this real estate marketing tool becoming mainstream?

It’s because savvy sellers and their agents understand that virtual staging helps sell listings quickly and for excellent prices. 

So, in this post, we’re going to look at 5 powerful ways to use virtual staging for real estate listings. 

But first, let’s talk about what is virtual staging for real estate listings.

What Is Virtual Staging for Real Estate Sales?

Virtual staging uses technology and photo editing software to alter existing decor and furnishings or add new decor and furnishings to a room or space. 

This technology can make any property look absolutely stunning as if every room was out of a glossy decor and style magazine.  

Virtual staging is also highly effective in real estate sales: 

Better still, it’s less expensive than traditional staging. You can virtually stage an entire home for the price of traditionally staging a single room. Usually, virtual staging costs 97% less than traditional home staging. 

Here are some samples of virtual staging — what is virtual staging in real estate (examples included).

One more comment to note. Some agents worry that virtual staging might be seen as dishonest or as an effort to try to fool buyers. This is simply not the case.

Most agents are transparent about their use of virtual staging. They feature the before and after photos and make it clear in the listing that virtual staging has been used in all or some of the photos.

Besides, buyers actually appreciate virtual staging since it helps them better get a feel of a room or space. 

Virtual staging isn’t a trick — it’s a powerful tool to make every real estate listing look fantastic. If you want to learn more, check out our blog post is virtual staging legal?

All right, next, let’s show you 5 powerful ways to use virtual staging for selling real estate listings. 

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5 Ways to Use Virtual Staging for Real Estate Listings

Now, let’s learn how to leverage virtual staging to more easily sell homes. 

1. Make a Vacant Home Look Amazing

Is your listing vacant because the sellers have already moved out? Vacant listings can sometimes take longer to sell and they don’t always get the highest offers. 

Virtual staging is perfect for such situations:

  • Add furniture and even artwork to each room
  • Make a cold and empty space come alive with decor
  • Fill the kitchen with stainless steel appliances and trendy lighting
  • Change carpeting, and flooring, and even do bathroom remodeling 

There are so many options when it comes to virtual staging. And all of the above helps buyers to visualize themselves in the home and to see a room’s best potential use. 

2. Virtual Remodeling and Repairs

Often agents are trying to sell homes with outdated decor and furnishings and even areas needing repairs. 

It can take weeks or longer to change the decor and make repairs and many times the costs of the make-over are prohibitive. 

Again, here is where virtual staging can come to the rescue:

  • Swap out old furniture with new and appealing options
  • Change the colors of walls and floors easily
  • Repair walls or flooring 
  • Add landscaping or green a brown or spotty lawn 

Using this technology you can quickly update entire rooms, make repairs, or simply freshen up a home’s style. 

3. Showcase Any Room’s Best Features and Uses

Show potential buyers the best uses and features of any room or space. For example, virtual staging for real estate listings can help with the following:

  • Place the perfect shaped dining table and chairs in the dining room
  • Add a desk to create a work area
  • Have stylish beds and nightstands in each of the bedrooms
  • Also, show a living room’s seating potential with a new sofa and chairs

With virtual staging, you get any room or space to look exactly as you (or the buyer) want it to look. 

4. Present Alternative Decorating Ideas

Sellers don’t always decorate or arrange furniture in such a way as to make a home look large, inviting, and beautiful. 

Often there is mismatched furniture, colors that clash, or too large or too many pieces of furniture.

Once again, virtual staging can save the day — it allows you to easily:

  • Eliminate mismatched items or furniture
  • Declutter a space where there’s simply too much “stuff”
  • Create a better flow in a room by rearranging furniture

So, with virtual staging for real estate listings, you no longer need to be limited by a seller’s poor design choices.

5. Unify a Home’s Decor

Similar to the above issues, sometimes homeowners will decorate one room in a certain style, say Modern, while having another room decorated in Victorian-style furnishing. 

Modern Style Virtual Staging
Victorian/Luxury Style Virtual Staging

The lack of decor unity can be jolting and off-putting to potential buyers. Virtual staging lets you unify the decor in every room, allowing you to choose from any of the following decor and style themes:

And for even more ideas, learn the top 6 home staging tips for selling your home.

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We hope you enjoyed reading this article on 5 ways virtual staging for real estate listings is powerful. Before you go, you might also want to check out these other resources:

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