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Are you looking into the best single property websites of 2023 to help market your listing and sell it at record speed? Then, you have come to the right place!

Single property websites have taken the real estate industry by storm. Not only can they drive 55% more traffic to your listing, but they also help highlight the best features of a home without distractions from other agents or listings. 

Single property websites are the ultimate marketing tool to get more quality leads and help sell a property faster and for more money. 

In this post, we’ll share our list of the top 7 single property websites of 2023. We’ll also cover whether they are worth the investment and how to easily get started building your first property website.

Alright, let’s dive in!

Top 7 Single Property Websites of 2023

Let’s start with a summary of the 7 best single property websites in 2023:

  1. PhotoUp
  2. CribFlyer
  3. Rela
  4. Modobay
  5. Listings Unlimited
  6. Single Property Sites
  7. Luxury Presence

With that brief introduction, let’s now take a closer look at each of the contenders and see which single property website is the best.

1. PhotoUp Single Property Websites

To begin, PhotoUp offers one of the best-looking and most user-friendly single listing sites in the industry with agent branding and intelligent lead capture forms. 

This might be due to the fact that they have a long track record of expertise in the areas of:

The PhotoUp team has created an incredibly user-friendly and powerful property website builder that is both easy-to-use and robust. It also comes with powerful SEO functionality like a unique URL and meta tags to boost rankings in search engines.

Not to forget, these websites have built-in lead capture forms and clear CTA buttons with “Request Viewing” to help Realtors, agents, and sellers capture more hot leads and viewings directly from the site. 

Website Features

To give you an easy overview, PhotoUp’s property websites come with features such as:

  • 6 exceptional website templates that are easily customizable with your branding, logo, business colors, and other contact information
  • Skillful integration of hi-res photos, slider functionality, and videos to make the property look its absolute best
  • Plenty of space to present a property’s amenities and special features, as well as information on the neighborhood and local schools
  • Customized URLs make it easy to find your listing online and share it with others
  • The ability to add features buyers love, like floor plans, 3D tours, and downloadable flyers
  • Lead capture technology and easy social media linking
  • Strong CTA buttons to “Request Viewing”
  • Google Maps integration to help potential buyers easily navigate the property
  • Also, full web hosting services for six months are included
  • And more!

Additionally, here are examples of template designs/themes you have access to with PhotoUp single property websites:

PhotoUp Single Property Website Themes
PhotoUp Single Property Website Themes

Pricing: At signup, PhotoUp offers 10 free credits that you can use to create a single property website for free or apply to any other service. Plus, you’ll also get a matching property flyer for free. 

Real Estate Flyers by PhotoUp
Real Estate Flyers by PhotoUp

In addition, their Starter plan comes with 5 active single property websites for $29 per month and their Pro plan includes 50 active property sites for $79 per month, with 6 months of free hosting.

Customer Support

PhotoUp offers phone, email, and live chat, support, as part of all of their plans. Their chat and email support are available 24 hours/day, Monday through Saturday.

With that said, their core sales/support team is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You can contact them directly at (888) 330-7559.

2. CribFlyer


CribFlyer has a well-designed website and lots of interesting features for users to explore when building a site. 

Moreover, we found it to be responsive and visually pleasing, with a strong focus on brokers who need a large number of sites built quickly.

Even though their website builder is good for large agencies looking for a high volume of sites, it doesn’t pay as much attention to detail as some of the smaller, more niche services.

Pricing: Prices on CribFlyer start at $7 per month for a property website and are reduced slightly as you add more properties to the website. For example, $25 monthly for sites featuring 5 properties.

3. Rela

Rela Homepage

Rela offers nice-looking single property websites that will work perfectly for high-end listings and to impress potential homebuyers. 

Rela’s websites offer features like:

  • An easy-to-use site builder
  • CRM
  • Integrated Facebooks ads
  • Lead capture forms
  • Capabilities to add 3D tours, lead routing, videos, and images 
  • They also offer a feature to connect Zoom, Facebook Live, or Google Hangouts for virtual open houses

While we love the beautiful layouts available on Rela sites, they cost quite a bit more than PhotoUp, Listing Unlimited, or Cribflyer. They also charge you $14.99 extra for each custom domain, and if you exceed 25 active listings, we aren’t sure what the price would be.

Pricing: Rela charges $24 to $99 per month depending on how many active listings you have.  

Capture More Business With

Single Property Websites

6 professionally designed listing websites you can launch in 5 minutes.

4. Modobay


Modobay provides real estate photographers, agents, and Realtors with the necessary tools to make a single property website easily come alive. 

Featuring website templates and custom branding options along with automatic optimization for various device screens and search engines, you’ll have no trouble adding stunning visuals such as photos or virtual tours – all in an effort to showcase your listing at its best.

Modobay’s property websites include features such as:

  • VR content
  • High-res photos
  • Website templates
  • Mobile-ready and SEO-friendly pages
  • Lastly, custom branding and custom domain

Pricing: The company offers a free version with limited features and the paid plans start at $8 per month and move up to $24 per month.

5. Listings Unlimited

Listings Unlimited Single Property Websites

Listings Unlimited has many interesting features for brokers and Realtors, although the layout of its website feels out of date. 

Specifically, they’re geared towards brokers with a strong social media presence – most of the services emphasize lead capture and sharing. 

And that’s great if that’s where your focus lies. However, you need to set aside a lot of time towards running your social networks.

Most agents or Realtors prefer to be out on the field meeting clients or prospective home buyers instead.

Price: Listings Unlimited offers a free two-week trial period followed by a monthly fee of $24.95 that includes 25 properties and lots of sharing and marketing tools to accompany the websites.

6. Single Property Sites

Single Property Sites Single Property Websites

Single Property Sites is another decent service, although it lacks the attention to detail that some of the others offer. 

Typically, it seems favored by homeowners who are selling without the use of a listing agent. Or brokers who focus either on rental listings or holiday homes. 

Also, the fact that the website is dominated by text doesn’t make it as user-friendly as the other website services. But except for that, it’s perfectly functional.

Pricing: Monthly fees start at $12 per month per active listing, with the unit cost going down with every active website that you add to your bundle.

7. Luxury Presence

Luxury Presence Single Property Websites

Another platform ideal for luxury property listings is Luxury Presence. This platform comes with MLS syncing, where listing information is pulled directly from your MLS feed and populates to your site automatically.

They offer features such as:

  • Cutting-edge website templates 
  • Built-in analytics reports
  • SEO features
  • Also, the ability to integrate virtual tours, high-definition videos, and high-resolution imagery for every property
  • And responsive website design

Pricing: There is no pricing available on the website. You have to fill in a form and request a demo.

What Exactly Are Single Property Websites?

Single property websites are landing pages that showcase a listing on one unique page and URL. They offer an engaging, creative way to showcase a listing like never before. 

From beautiful photography and video walkthroughs to virtual house tours or other special features that would otherwise not fit on the MLS or Zillow. 

In other words, these custom web pages ensure homebuyers gain all of the necessary information about your unique property quickly and accurately. 

With access to top single property website builders, you can transform any charming older home or luxury property into something extraordinary and exclusive for potential buyers!

Why Create a Property Website?

In this digitalized era, it’s becoming harder and harder to stand out online. 

In order to do so, listings need to have their own URL, customized website, SEO features, and a tasteful selection of additional content where prospective buyers can explore the property and evaluate the offering.

Additionally, giving a listing its own website and customized URL conveys a sense of luxury and elegance and a feeling that this is an exclusive property worth investing in. 

Overall, single property websites offer flexibility and a layer of glamor that regular listings simply can’t match.

Whether it’s a virtual house tour, sophisticated floor plans, or drone shots of the surrounding neighborhood, a single property listing website provides a layer of class and desirability to any listing.

That said, this takes us to the next question of whether it’s worth the extra investment of building single listing sites.

Capture More Business With

Single Property Websites

6 professionally designed listing websites you can launch in 5 minutes.

Should You Invest in Single Property Websites?

East Theme Single Property Website by PhotoUp
East Theme Single Property Website by PhotoUp

Yes! it’s worth every penny to invest in single listing websites.

Not only do they help increase the number of leads, but they also improve the quality of leads that are interested in your property. 

Furthermore, only the most serious home buyers will take a deeper plunge into your website and request more information. And the ones that do are more likely ready to make an actual buying decision.

But how should you go about creating the perfect website for each of your properties? I’m glad you asked!

The good news is that there are a number of services out there offering tools for building property websites quickly and successfully, and PhotoUp is our #1 recommendation for property website platforms.

Let’s show you how easy and quick it is to get started building your first website with PhotoUp.

Start Using the Best Property Websites on the Market!

Aurora Theme Single Property Website by PhotoUp
Aurora Theme Single Property Website by PhotoUp

At the end of the day, what agents and Realtors really want is a simple, quick way to create a website that matches the look and feel of their listing. 

Not only are PhotoUp’s property websites eye-catching, easy to navigate, and affordable, but they also come with built-in lead capture forms to help agents, brokers, or home sellers capture more leads

Also, they allow you to flex your creative muscles without getting bogged down on the details of graphic or web design.

The experts at PhotoUp understand the unique nature of your business. And the fact that they are a one-stop shop for all your real estate marketing needs makes them the best choice to market your business.

PhotoUp also offers the following services:

Believe it or not, you can get started building your property website for as little as $9 per month

PhotoUp Single Property Websites Demo

To see how easily and quickly you can build and launch your website, have a look at our video demo:

As simple as that!

So, sign up with PhotoUp today, and quickly create a professional online presence that’ll help you sell your listings faster and for higher prices.  

We hope this post helped you get closer to the best single property websites and choose the best one for your individual needs. Before you go, you may also want to check out the following related resources:

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