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Do you want to know how to create a single property website in 5 minutes that will help take your real estate marketing to the next level?

Getting a listing to stand out and attract buyers online is difficult. With a single property website, you will not only make your listing stand out, but also boost visibility online.

Thanks to new ground-breaking technology in web development, it’s now easier than ever to create a single listing website without having to be a web developer or techie. 

In this post, we’ll show you how to build a single property website in minutes to add exclusivity to your listing and help sell it faster, for top dollar. We’ll also answer the question why you should create a property website and how it can drive more traffic to your listing.

Alright, let’s get started!

What Is a Single Property Website?

What Is a Single Property Website?

A single property website is a website or landing page with its own unique URL (web address), that has one purpose: to showcase a property that is on the market and help to advance the sale.

With a single property website, you will not only be able to add detailed information about your property and unlimited amounts of images, but will also be able to optimize it for rankings in search engines.

In fact, statistics show that single listing sites can drive 55% more traffic to your listing.

That’s a lot of potential home buyers to tap into!

In addition, these single listing sites come with pre-built-in lead capture forms that will notify you as soon as a potential buyer shows interest in the listing. Or the second they are downloading content about the property such as digital flyers, floor plans, pictures, and more!

Even better, you can continue processing these leads by sending them targeted email marketing campaigns until they see the property they love and want to call their home.

Why Creating a Single Listing Website?

Real estate marketing single property websites

You should create a single listing website to have the ability to take the buyer on a step-by-step journey through a property. 

It allows you to showcase the listing’s best features, give an overview of the neighborhood, and finish with a 3D tour and/or video of the property. 

Serious buyers love to get into the details of the listing and be able to imagine themselves living in the home. 

In other words, a property website allows them to find all of the information they need in one beautifully designed site.

Besides, it also removes the competition from the MLS and the distractions of having multiple listings on one page.

Not to mention that the MLS has a limitation on how many images you can add to your listing.

Main Features

Before we show you how to create a property website, let’s give you a quick overview of some of its main features:

  • Matching Themes: You can choose between 6 professionally designed themes, each with a matching property flyer.
  • Home Photos: It allows you to display your photos in modern photo galleries with enlarged lightbox viewing.
  • Property Details: It lets you add a property description, home price, beds, baths, size, lot size, garage details, and more.
  • Walkthrough Videos: You can add a smartphone or professionally shot property walk through video to impress viewers. As well as floor plans or 3D virtual tours.
  • Custom Colors: You can select the primary and secondary color of the listing agent and our sites instantly update.
  • Google Maps: It comes with Google Maps integration so that you can easily display the location of your listing.
  • Home Amenities: It allows you to list 3 to 6 of your listings top selling points to highlight on your site.
  • Lead Generation: With integrated contact forms, you can capture home buyer leads interested in your listing.
  • Social Media Integration: Prospective home buyers can contact the listing agent directly via social media links.
  • And more.

Capture More Business With

Single Property Websites

6 professionally designed listing websites you can launch in 5 minutes.

single property website
Single Property Website Themes

How to Create a Single Property Website 

With PhotoUp’s easy drag-and-drop builder, you get access to all the tools you need to create stunning single listing websites and get them up running in only 5 minutes.

The website builder is straightforward and user-friendly, not requiring you to be a web developer or a technical expert.

To get started, create a free PhotoUp account, and simply start adding the property information, photographs, price, video tours, contact details, etc. 

You can see exactly how easy it is to build your single property website in this video tutorial:

That’s it!

As you can see, much of the work is actually already done for you.

You can have your single listing property website up running in less than 5 minutes to the low cost of $9!

So, sign-up for a PhotoUp account today, and start building your beautiful single property website!

We hope this post helped you learn how to create a single property website and why you should leverage this excellent marketing tool. 

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