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Do you want to know the #1 edit that can take your real estate photos from dull to eye-catching? 

It’s called Twilight editing! 

Twilight editing helps you to capture the beauty of a property’s exterior shots — so get ready to immerse yourself in dynamic skies and magical golden glows that potential buyers can’t resist.

In this post, we’ll show you how to transform a dull property picture into a stunning and mysteriously glowing Twilight photo.  

What Is Twilight Editing?

Twilight is the process of taking an exterior photo of a home taken during a sunset or sunrise — the golden hour and editing it to enhance or alter its colors and/or light.

Additionally, Twilight photography offers the perfect combination of vivid blue and purple skies and enhanced warm interior lighting. 

With just one shot and some editing, you can create stunning pictures that will showcase the property’s best features, leaving you out-of-this-world results!

What Is the Golden Hour?

When it comes to capturing the beauty of real estate properties, timing is everything! Knowing when and how to use natural light can make all the difference. 

During the golden hour—which occurs just before sunrise or sunset—the sunlight takes on a special quality that reveals vibrant colors, inviting warmth, and beautiful details in your shots. 

But there’s only so much time available during this magical moment… 

That’s where Twilight editing is here to save you. It allows photographers to recreate that warm and mysterious glow throughout any shot at any time.

Why Is Twilight Real Estate Photo Editing so Powerful?

For starters, having a Twilight image as the listing’s main photo averaged 76% more views than listings without the use of Twilight images. That’s a lot of extra eyeballs on your listing!

Second, Twilight photos are a captivating way to romance buyers into falling in love with your property. Instead of a plain, everyday real estate photo that could be easily overlooked, you can elevate it with Twilight editing. 

Third, research shows that when Twilight photos are utilized, Twilight usage overwhelmingly leans towards higher priced homes with 59% towards homes $500k+, 32% for homes $300-$500k, and 8% for homes $100-$300k.

Overall, this technique takes the ordinary to the extraordinary and turns your real estate photos into something buyers truly won’t forget and want to pay premium rates for. 

And you don’t have to worry about getting lost in a sea of similarly-lit photographs because each image will remain unique. 

With the right real estate photo editing, you can create something unique that will stand out from all those daytime shots. 

Not only do they look magical and romantic, but they also bring attention to special features of the house that don’t otherwise get their dues during daylight hours.

Consider this…

  • Firstly, accent lighting doesn’t show up well in direct sunlight. But when it’s coordinated with the interior lighting of a house and the golden rays of the sunset, it may produce seductive and eerie shadows that add a layer of interest to the property
  • Secondly, in the light of the rising or setting sun, many objects such as a deck, pool, or a patio fire pit, can take on a whole new look
  • Lastly, editing a Twilight photo can help correct any minor flaws or mistakes in the image, resulting in a more professional-looking photo

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Real Estate Photo Editing

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How to Do Twilight Editing

Trying to shoot Twilight photography is only half the battle. There are additional steps to remember when editing a Twilight shot.

Everyone knows that you need to transform the sky into an evening scene, but lots of people forget that you also need to work on a house’s interior and exterior lighting to ensure that it remains the star of the show. 

The last thing you want is a sky so pretty that it attracts attention away from the property you’re trying to sell. Instead, you need to make sure to keep a viewer’s attention on the focus of the image, the house itself. 

How to Edit a Day to Dusk Image

If you want to learn how to do Twilight editing in Photoshop, you can watch the video tutorial below or visit our blog post on how to edit a day to dusk image

This video illustrates how to turn a daytime photo into a dusk image, but even though your photo might be photographed during the golden hour, there are similar elements to both editing techniques:

And there you have it!

High-Quality & Consistent

Real Estate Photo Editing

Hire a dedicated editor with performance metrics from $7/hour.

Get Expert Real Estate Photo Editing Help From PhotoUp!

If you don’t have the time or skills to edit your Twilight images yourself, PhotoUp’s team of professional real estate photo editors is eager to take your real estate photo editing off your hands.

PhotoUp has more than 10 years in the business and employs several hundred photo editors around the world, so it’s hard to match PhotoUp’s quality, service, and pricing

No matter what kind of editing you’re looking to outsource, PhotoUp’s editors will make sure your photos are of the highest quality.

For example, our real estate editors can help you with:

  • Image correction and enhancement
  • Color, brightness, and tone adjustments 
  • Window masking and glare reduction
  • Clutter and object removal
  • Line and angle corrections
  • Improper exposure levels
  • HDR editing
  • Harsh shadows, lack of light, etc. 
  • And more.

On top of that, PhotoUp also offers an ecosystem of real estate marketing services such as:

As you can see, we have everything you need for your real estate marketing needs under one roof!

How to Get Started

Getting started using PhotoUp’s real estate photo editing service is super easy.

All you need to do is sign up for a free PhotoUp account, upload your images, choose export setting and turnaround time, get your images returned to download, and that’s it!

PhotoUp Real Estate Photo Editing Uploader

For more information, check out our real estate photo editing uploader tutorial to see how easy it is to get started:

As simple as that!

Sign up for a PhotoUp account today, and let PhotoUp help you create stunning Twilight real estate photography. For a limited time, you even get 10 free edits when you sign up for an account! 

We hope this blog post helped you see why Twilight editing is such a powerful tool for creating stunning real estate photos that’ll capture buyers’ attention.

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