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Real estate photographers and agents rely on professional editing services to turn good photos into exceptional showcases of properties. After all, 99% of buyers use the Internet to look for a home, making top-notch quality real estate photography crucial.

This often leads professionals in the real estate industry to ask, “Which photo editing service should I trust?” 

If you haven’t come across PhotoUp yet or just want to see what other customers say about the company, this blog post is for you!

Today, we’re looking into the PhotoUp reviews and what customers say about this real estate photo editing expert. Let’s begin by taking a look at the company’s background.

What Is PhotoUp?

photoup reviews

PhotoUp—a company that has garnered significant attention for its real estate editing and marketing solutions has been an industry expert for over a decade.

Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with offices in Cebu City, the Philippines, PhotoUp is the leading provider of real estate photo editing and virtual staging services.

Additionally, PhotoUp is a one-stop shop for real estate marketing and also offers additional services such as:

With 12 years in the business and hundreds of editors, it’s hard to beat PhotoUp’s quality, service, and pricing

According to their CEO, Kristian Pettyjohn, this is what makes PhotoUp stand out:

“I would say the three big areas that set PhotoUp apart from our competitors are: USA support, a focus on building software, not just services, and most recently the introduction of staffing, that is, having photographers work directly with their real estate photo editors.”

Kristian Pettyjohn, CEO of PhotoUp

For more information about the company’s leadership and background, check out this Interview With PhotoUp’s CEO – The Leading Real Estate Photo Editing Company in the US.

With this brief introduction, let’s take a look at why professional real estate photo editing is vital to creating high-quality property photos. 

Why Professional Real Estate Photo Editing Matters? 

For real estate photographers, meticulous detailing in photo editing is not just a preference, it’s a necessity. 

It’s their craft on display, and as one customer puts it, “Our photos are what speak for our craft.” Amidst a sea of real estate photo editing services, PhotoUp has emerged as a trusted name, praised for its professional and reliable team.

One particular testimonial from real estate photographer, JRL Artistry, encapsulates the sentiment of many clients:

JRL Artistry


 In my search for a professional and reliable editing partner, there were many choices. However, the team at PhotoUp continues to stand out as a premiere option.

We are coming up on a year in our partnership and cannot express enough delight in the quality of product, service, and attention to detail. Major thanks to Alec and the team. I look forward to continue growing with you!  

Now, let’s move on to what customers say about PhotoUp on Google.

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PhotoUp Reviews on Google

To dig a bit deeper into what is most valued with PhotoUp’s editing and marketing service, here’s a sample of PhotoUp’s over 200+ 5-star reviews on Google:

Daniel M.


 After working with a PhotoUp team for a couple of years, I hired my best editor full-time through the company.

With more than a year of overwhelmingly positive client feedback, it’s safe to say that PhotoUp and my ace editor (Jean) are a vital part of my business.

While it would have been easy to hire someone on my own, the convenience and support offered by PhotoUp is hard to beat.  

Amanda Kluesner Photography


 I am beyond thrilled with PhotoUp! From my first interaction through submitting a handful of orders, they are the best and easiest editing company – let’s just say company – I have ever interacted with.

Not only do their edits make me look SO good, their personalized and incredibly quick customer service is outstanding. If you shoot real estate, I promise, your life will forever be changed.

Thank you, Alec and the entire team at PhotoUp. I wish every business treated their clients like you do.  

Lynn Affleck


 I am so impressed with the team at PhotoUp! Their professionalism and “aim to please” is awesome. The entire team is quick to respond to any questions that I have and they’ve made the editing process a breeze with my photos.

If you are interested in their quality and “workmanship”….give them a try. You will NOT be disappointed!  

Andrew Laidlaw


 I have been using Photoup for a year now…. I have used them for the processing of tens of thousands of real estate photos. Have they been perfected? No, but honestly I’d say about 98% perfect and where are you going to de better than that?!

In fact when you factor in the excellent customer service when I need an edit or have a question I guess they get back to 100%.

Turn around time has always been more than acceptable… my photos and always uploaded by 6pm (Seattle time) and they have always been back in the AM hours with a few exception when the real estate season was at it’s crushing peak!! 

And even then I was happy with the turn around. Just get in the habit of telling your customers they will have their photos within 24 hours of the time YOU upload them and you’ll never have a problem.  

Jesus Hernandez


 I worked with Alec Goorhouse who took my vacant home photos from blah, to WOW! Setting up the account was easy.

I like the fact that I can choose the specific furniture and then like magic, I’m delivered an amazing image that helps people see the true protentional of the home. The images came out amazing, do it! 

Ron Lennen


 Excellent customer service, high quality of work in both color correction and virtual staging. I will use this service again.  

Jannah Sanchez


 I’ve had both photo editing & virtual staging done by them. They do amazing work & their customer service is top notch! Highly recommend them.  

Here we see a spotlight on what truly matters to professionals—product quality, fast turnaround time, customer service, and precision.

For real estate photographers, agents, and Realtors who understand the power of first impressions, PhotoUp seems to strike the right chord.

PhotoUp Reviews on Facebook

What does PhotoUp’s customer say about their services on Facebook? Let’s take a look at a sample of Facebook reviews:

John Glover


 I’ve tried a number of processors for real estate and PhotoUp is hands down the best. Great customer service and lots of options for workflow. I’d highly recommend them.  

Bob Lockwood


 Excellent service I love this company I use it every day.  

Michael Jaroszek


 So far best platform for outsorcing your postproduction. Very slick and easy to use.  

Morgan Miles Powell


 PhotoUp is fast and affordable! Great quality pictures.  

Susannah Ziegler-Weber


 I LOVE love love all of these guys & gals. They are professional, extremely talented, and have amazing customer service. They are also very kind and have a great sense of humor. I can’t say enough about them. We would be in trouble without them. THANK YOU so much!!!!!!  

Just like PhotoUp’s reviews on Google, Facebook reviews praise PhotoUp for their customer service, great workflow, easy-to-use platform, and quality. 

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Summary of Why Real Estate Professionals Choose PhotoUp

Choosing the right real estate photo editing service is about more than just the degree of brightness or saturation of colors, it’s about partnership, growth, and consistency. 

Here are a few reasons why customers love working with PhotoUp:

  • Professionalism – PhotoUp stands out as a real estate photo editing and marketing service that listens and delivers consistent results
  • Top quality editing – The commendable product quality makes it not just an editing service but an integral part of the real estate visualization process
  • Exceptional customer service – A dedicated team, like the support of Alec and team members, is often mentioned in reviews, suggesting top-tier customer support
  • Attention to detail – Real estate photography is all about the details, and PhotoUp’s commitment to detail is frequently acknowledged in customer testimonials
  • Close partnership and dedicated editing – The notion of increased brand awareness and growing together with a service provider transforms a client-vendor relationship into a strategic partnership. PhotoUp’s dedicated editing allows for maximum image consistency, fast turnaround times, and increased brand awareness

To conclude, attributes like these are what make PhotoUp an industry leader in real estate marketing. Their commitment to top-notch quality editing and customer support is highly favored by their clients.

What the Future Holds for PhotoUp and Their Clients

Customer feedback provides insights into a company’s performance, ethos, and potential for future collaboration. 

For real estate photographers, reliable editing services like PhotoUp are not just vendors; they are partners that contribute to business growth and customer satisfaction.

The testimonials point towards a continued positive trajectory for PhotoUp—one where quality and service merge to create compelling real estate visuals. 

In an industry where images are everything, the PhotoUp team has positioned itself as an essential asset to those aiming to clinch the next sale with outstanding property images.

Real estate professionals seeking an editing and marketing service with a proven track record need to look no further than what PhotoUp’s clients have been saying—their reviews light the way toward informed decision-making for your business.

How to Get Started With PhotoUp

To get started with PhotoUp is super easy!

All you need to do is sign up for a free PhotoUp account. This will give you access to our user-friendly photo management system where you can upload photos, provide instructions and feedback, and lastly download your beautifully edited images.

PhotoUp Real Estate Photo Editing Uploader Demo

For more details, have a look at our real estate photo editing uploader demo:

As simple as that! So, don’t wait!

Sign up for a free PhotoUp account today, and let our expert team of editors edit your real estate photos to perfection!

For a limited time, you’ll get 10 free credits when you sign up for an account you can use to try any of our services.

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