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Thinking about using Phixer’s photo editing services to enhance your listing photos? Then take a moment and read this comparison article to help you decide.

The vast majority of buyers start and conduct their home search online, looking through listing photos to help them decide which properties to see in person. 

This means the quality of your listing photos is essential to getting showings and offers. And to get the best photos, you need to work with a professional photo editing service. 

So, in this post, we will look at two photo editing providers, Phixer vs PhotoUp – and compare them to see which is the best service.

Phixer Photo Editing vs PhotoUp

Phixer is a photo editing technology company whose services are aimed primarily, but not exclusively, at real estate photographers and sales professionals. 

Phixer's homepage

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Phixer was launched in 2009 and quickly expanded with editing teams in India, the Philippines, and Singapore by 2010.

Today, their 900 digital photo editors serve real estate sales professionals in over 40 countries with the following photo editing services:

  • Photo editing and image retouching
  • Exposure correction and line alignment
  • Sky replacement, twilight effects, and landscaping augmentation
  • And object removal and decluttering

Reading the Phixer website, you quickly see that they are a large company, processing over 50,000 real estate images and videos a day from international clients.

PhotoUp is also a global real estate marketing service company working with an array of international real estate photographers and sales professionals. 

PhotoUp: The Best Real Estate Photo Editing Service

Launched in 2012, PhotoUp’s sales offices are in the US and their large, highly skilled photo editing teams are in the Philippines.

As a company, PhotoUp strives for exceptional quality in its work, matched with outstanding customer support and experience. Their goal is to make it easy and affordable to order the highest-quality real estate photo editing that is then delivered quickly.

PhotoUp’s size, dedication to excellence, and superior customer support are central reasons why they’re the industry leader.

All right, now with that basic introduction, let’s compare these two companies in terms of the following:

  • Account creation & pricing
  • Production & turnaround time 
  • Customer support 
  • And image quality

1. Account Creation & Pricing

Placing a photo editing order with Phixer was quick and straightforward.

You start by creating an account. Then you can simply place your order. The entire process was easy to understand. 

Phixer Sign Up for an account

And you can easily select additional editing services by using checkboxes. 

In terms of pricing, Phixer unfortunately makes learning its pricing a bit difficult. They don’t feature a pricing list on the website. Instead, I had to Google Phixer’s pricing separately to find their pricing buried in a blog post.

Once I found it, here’s what I learned:

  • Basic photo editing services — such as color enhancement, cropping, and exposure correction — are $2 to $5 per image
  • High-End Photo Editing – such as HDR blending, sky replacement, and object removal — $10 to $25 per image

I should note, they do provide a bit more pricing details once you’ve started your order, but again, they don’t provide specific prices. For example:

  • I couldn’t find any mention of bulk discounts 
  • There aren’t pricing or service FAQs 
  • But they do offer a free, $30 trial, so that’s good

Next, how about creating an account and placing an order with PhotoUp?

Placing a real estate photo editing order with PhotoUp is extremely easy and fast. Opening a PhotoUp account is free and currently comes with a bonus of 10-free edits.

PhotoUp create a new account

In terms of payment, PhotoUp relies on a credit system and they offer discounts for bulk buying of credits. Their standard plans are:

  • $1.15 per credit for subscription clients
  • $1.50 per credit for on-demand, pay-as-you-go clients

Standard photo editing costs are as follows:

  • Single exposure – 1 credit
  • HDR processing – 1.25 credits
  • Flambient editing – 1.5 credits

Next, let’s take a look at production and turnaround times for both companies. 

High-Quality & Consistent

Real Estate Photo Editing

Hire a dedicated editor with performance metrics from $7/hour.

2. Production & Turnaround Time

Phixer allows you to select your turnaround time from the following options:

  • 12 hour
  • 18 hour 
  • 24 hour

However, there are additional “rush fees” if you select the 12 and 18-hour options. 

Phixer does offer one more option — you can download their photo editing app which allows a quicker turnaround time of around 8 hours. However, going through the app might affect the quality of the editing.

PhotoUp provides fast turnaround times and offers several options for image delivery:   

  • 24 hours – PhotoUp promises a standard 24-hour turnaround on every photo editing order
  • Rush options are available on most orders for just a slightly higher cost
  • Also, PhotoUp knows your time is valuable and that timing in real estate sales matters, so they will refund 1 credit for every 5 minutes that an order is delivered past the quoted deadline

To further demonstrate their quick turnaround commitment, if images are very late, (a rare occurrence) they’ll provide up to a 50% discount on the entire batch.

For the next part of our comparison, let’s take a look at the customer support offered by both companies. 

3. Customer Support

Phixer takes customer support seriously and offers the following contact options:

  • US telephone support
  • Email support
  • And live Chat

One additional benefit, Phixer offers 24/7 customer service. 

However, it’s important to call out that Phixer’s service priority is large-scale professional customers who purchase at least 3000 monthly credits ($3,000/month).

That means smaller volume clients might not get top-level service attention.

Phixer customer support

Like Phixer, PhotoUp also offers robust customer service with US phone, email, and live chat, as part of all of their plans. And their chat and email support are available 24 hours a day, Monday through Saturday.

Also, their core sales/support team is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You can contact them easily and directly at (888) 330-7559.

PhotoUp customer support

Well, we’re almost through with our comparison. Our last item is to examine the crucial issue of photo editing image quality.

4. Image Quality

Image quality matters a great deal in real estate marketing. 

In fact, 61.3% of brokers believe high-quality photography is crucial for selling homes. And 83% of buyers said photos are a primary factor in helping them choose which homes they will visit.

Phixer’s photo editing looks decent, but the view through the window was a bit washed out in this example. You can view more samples on their website.

Phixer's real estate photo editing

PhotoUp’s high-resolution photo editing looks fantastic. To see more, have a look at some real estate photo editing examples.

PhotoUp's real estate photo editing

Clearly, both real estate photo editing services do outstanding work and there is little difference in terms of the quality of the images.

So, with our comparison complete, let’s review our results to see which photo editing service is the best option.

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Our Conclusion – Which Is the Best Service?

Phixer makes it easy to place orders and offers high-quality photo editing, so it’d be hard to not consider using them for editing real estate images. 

Still, are there any reasons to hesitate about using their real estate photo editing services? A few concerns do stand out as worthy of consideration.

First, it was difficult to find Phixer’s pricing information before placing an order. Second, Phixer is a large company that prefers working with high-volume clients, so medium and smaller-sized customers might receive less than their best efforts and attention. 

Perhaps even more importantly, Phixer tries to steer its smaller customers toward its smartphone app. 

Phixer app

This means that Phixer seeks to get some clients to do most of the editing themselves, which many real estate sales professionals lack the time or experience to do. 

Further, while quality certainly matters, so does the price. And Phixer’s pricing is slightly high — at least more expensive than PhotoUp:

  • Standard photo editing with Phixer – $2 to $25 per image
  • Standard photo editing with PhotoUp – $1.50 to $15 per image

With that said, it’s time to render a verdict — which real estate photo editing service is best – Phixer or PhotoUp?

Based on all of the above, the answer is PhotoUp. They offer outstanding quality with fast turnaround times at great prices — and they provide smaller clients the same excellent service they provide to their larger clients.

Besides, PhotoUp’s real estate photo editing samples speak for themselves:

One additional advantage to PhotoUp is they are deeply committed to the idea that business should be a force for good, benefiting clients, employees, stakeholders, and the communities in which they operate. 

Because of this commitment the company supports local projects aimed at environmental sustainability, employee education, gender equality, health care services, and community economic development. 

Get the Best Photo Editing Today – Partner With PhotoUp

PhotoUp’s expert real estate photo editing team is ready and eager to help with all your real estate photo editing needs.

All you need to do is sign up for a free PhotoUp account, place your first order and your photographs will be delivered back to you in less than 24 hours.

As an additional benefit, PhotoUp also offers a full range of real estate marketing services such as:

Get started with PhotoUp today and we’ll help you create amazing and appealing real estate photography that will sell your listings quickly and for higher prices. 

Real estate photo editing by PhotoUp
Real Estate Photo Editing by PhotoUp

And did we mention that you get 10 free edits when you sign up?

In summary, this post compared Phixer’s photo editing vs PhotoUp to see which is the best service. And based on our comparison, we conclude that PhotoUp is the better choice.

We hope this post helps you decide where to go for photo editing services. If you found this post valuable, you’ll also want to check out the following, related resources:

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