Are you a real estate photographer or agent struggling to sell a listing stuck on the market? 

You’re not alone – many times houses can stay on the market for months, even years without selling. The longer a property stays on the market, the less attractive it appears to potential buyers and the more difficult it becomes to generate interest. 

But don’t despair – getting that property sold is still within reach! 

In this blog post, we’ll provide real estate marketing strategies you can implement to get those properties out of limbo and onto someone else’s dream list. 

8 Powerful Tips to Help Sell a Listing Stuck on the Market

By leveraging creative and proven marketing tactics, you can get a listing stuck on the market sold in no time. Read on for 8 tips that could totally transform your listings:

how to sell a listing

If you’re looking to buy or sell a home, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the current real estate market trends. This will help you understand what buyers are looking for and how to strategically price your home if you’re selling. 

In today’s market, buyers are often searching for move-in-ready homes with updated features, energy-efficient appliances, and modern design elements. 

It’s also important to pay attention to location, as homes in desirable areas with good schools and amenities tend to be in high demand. 

By doing your research and keeping an eye on the market trends, you’ll be better equipped to make informed decisions when it comes to buying or selling a home.

2. Take Professional Photographs of the Property

83% of buyers said pictures are very important in helping them choose which homes they will visit. And about 32% of homes with high-quality photographs sell faster than those without visuals. 

Real Estate Photo Editing by PhotoUp
Real Estate Photo Editing by PhotoUp

This means that it’s crucial to have high-quality photos that showcase your home in its best possible light to capture potential homebuyers’ attention. 

That’s where a real estate photographer comes in – their expertise will make all the difference in capturing the essence of your property. 

With gorgeous lighting, impeccable angles, and eye-catching details, potential buyers will be drawn to your listing and hopefully request a physical viewing. 

Plus, homes with drone photos sell 68% faster, which a real estate photographer can help you with.

It’ll be worth the extra investment to hire a professional real estate photographer to elevate your property and attract those dream buyers.

3. Refresh the Home With Virtual Staging

American Virtual Staging by PhotoUp
American Virtual Staging by PhotoUp

Sometimes all your listing photos need is some TLC to help buyers take notice and imagine themselves living in the property.

With the help of virtual staging, you can use any interior design style to revamp your home with digital furniture and decor. 

It allows you to experiment with different furniture layouts and decor styles to find the perfect combination. This will help the listing feel new and exciting again. 

For example, PhotoUp virtual staging library offers 10 interior designs and hundreds of accessories to help cater to any market:

In addition, this amazing technology can even help you to repaint, swap out furniture, improve landscaping, or even make repairs to your home for as little as $25 to $30 per image

Comparing virtual staging to traditional staging, it’s about 97% cheaper. Imagine how much money you can save! 

Overall, there are no limitations to what you can do with this powerful marketing tool.

4. Give Buyers an Immersive Experience With a Virtual Tour

Virtual house tours use a compilation of photos taken with a 360-degree camera to create a seamless tour that simulates an in-person walkthrough.

Most real estate photographers and agents know that traditional photos only capture so much when it comes to showcasing a property. 

With a 3D virtual tour or real estate video, however, viewers can get a much more immersive experience as they virtually “walk through” the space from any location. 

This allows potential buyers to get a better feel for what it would be like to live or work in the space, which can make all the difference when it comes to making a sale.

Still confused about how to sell a listing stuck on the market? Let’s move on to the value of floor plans.

5. Include a Floor Plan 

2D and 3D Floor Plan by PhotoUp
2D and 3D Floor Plan by PhotoUp

A floor plan gives potential buyers a clear understanding of the layout of the home and how the space is utilized.

In fact, a recent survey from Zillow showed over 80% of buyers found floor plans helpful in helping them qualify a potential future home. 

Additionally, here are some more statistics showing that buyers like and even expect real estate floor plans:

  • 64% of home buyers want to see floor plans on a listing
  • Floor plans on listings are viewed 7.5 times more frequently than maps
  • Listings with 3D floor plans, on average, spend 50% less time on market
  • 51% of buyers say that floor plans were helpful in their decision-making process
  • 1 in 5 buyers will pass over a listing if it does not include a floor plan
  • 1 in 10 buyers won’t schedule an in-person showing without first seeing a floor plan 

As you can see, buyers find floor plans very useful when trying to decide if their furniture will fit in the space and whether they want to see more.  

While in isolation a floor plan isn’t all that exciting, when leveraged with virtual tours and property websites, a floor plan becomes a powerful marketing tool.

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Capture more leads with virtual tours and single property websites.

6. Increase Your Visibility by Using Free & Paid Online Resources 

If you’re struggling to get your listing noticed, you should leverage all the online resources available like Zillow or Redfin, social media platforms, and more. 

There are so many options out there, from well-established online listing websites to more customizable and exclusive-looking single property websites

how to sell a listing
Single Property Website by PhotoUp

The latter is great for increasing your visibility online since they come with SEO features and a unique URL with the property address to optimize your site for search engines. 

They also come with lead capture forms, clear “Request Viewing” CTA buttons, and so much more to help you showcase your listing.

Furthermore, there’s the option to use Google Adwords paid advertisements to market your listing. 

And don’t forget social media, where you can reach a huge audience with just a few clicks. Did you know that listings with professional photos earn a 1,200% increase in social media shares? Imagine how many potential buyers you can reach when tapping into that!

With the right approach, you can increase your visibility and get your listing in front of the right people. 

7. Offer a Buyer Incentive

If you’re looking for a way to sweeten the deal for potential buyers, you can offer them a buyer incentive. It can make all the difference when it comes to getting those offers rolling in. 

Consider covering the closing costs or throwing in a home warranty – these little extras can make your property stand out from the rest. 

And to really make a statement, you could even offer a custom house portrait as a closing gift for a more personalized touch. 

Custom House Portrait by PhotoUp
Custom House Portrait by PhotoUp

Overall, a little bit of effort can go a long way in making your property more appealing to potential buyers.

8. Analyze Feedback From Prior Showings 

how to sell a listing

So you’ve had a few showings, but still no offers? Don’t sweat it – this is totally normal. 

What’s important now is taking the feedback you’ve received from potential buyers and adjusting accordingly. 

Maybe it’s time to reduce the asking price a bit, or perhaps there are still some improvements you can make to increase the curb appeal

Either way, take a deep breath and remember that selling a home can be a long process. With a little perseverance and a willingness to make changes, you’ll get there eventually. 

To speed up the selling process, finding a good and reliable real estate marketing partner is essential, which we’ll take a look at next.  

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PhotoUp is a complete one-stop-shop for real estate marketing and offers services such as:

Real Estate Flyers by PhotoUp
Real Estate Flyers by PhotoUp

We can help you save time and money through our real estate marketing services and virtual assistants that help you market and grow your business.

More importantly, help sell your listing!

Our pricing is affordable and we offer a quick turnaround of 24 hours for most services. Plus, our USA-based sales and support team is available through phone, chat, and email 24/6 to answer your questions.

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We hope this blog post helped you learn how to sell a listing stuck on the market with the use of virtual staging, virtual house tours, and other effective real estate marketing tools. 

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