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Custom house portraits are an artistic rendering of a home using various techniques such as illustration, watercolor, oils, or sketching.

A custom house portrait is an affordable, attention-getting, real estate marketing tool and a memorable housewarming or closing gift.

Are you looking for the perfect customer appreciation gift but are unsure what to get and are running out of time? Then keep reading because this article is for you!

In this post, we’ll show you how to get a beautiful custom house portrait in 24 hours.

So, let’s dive in and show you how to get this unique gift quickly.

How to Get a Custom House Portrait in 24 Hours

Custom House Portraits by PhotoUp
Custom House Portraits by PhotoUp

Real estate sales professionals often struggle to find the right closing and housewarming gifts. And sometimes they run out of time while trying to decide.

And here is where PhotoUp can help! Working with PhotoUp, you can have a beautiful custom house portrait created and on its way within 24 hours. 

PhotoUp makes it easy to get a custom house portrait in 3 simple steps:

1. Upload – upload any high-resolution exterior or interior photo from your phone, computer, or camera. We can work with almost any image you send. Larger prints may require higher-resolution images.

2. Select – you can choose from our three house portrait styles:

  • Watercolor is a traditional favorite with soft, muted colors and edges
  • Sketch style features sharp line work mixed with vibrant colors 
  • Illustration-style is an eye-catching, fully hand-illustrated house portrait

3. Approve – you’ll receive a hi-res proof within 24 hours. Once approved, we’ll produce the portrait, and you can opt to have it shipped overnight. 

The starting price for an 8 x 10 portrait is $49.95, with free shipping on orders of more than $99 – do note that expedited shipping comes at an additional cost. 

All of PhotoUp’s custom house portraits are printed on high-quality paper:

  • Our watercolor portraits are printed on museum-quality matte paper sourced from Japan
  • Each sketch and illustration is giclée-printed on acid-free, archival paper resulting in vibrant prints that will brighten up any room

You can also choose to have your house portrait framed, printed on an edge-to-edge canvas, or purchase the digital print-ready file only.

PhotoUp’s custom house portrait services also include:

  • Three style options to choose from
  • Multiple size options
  • Titling and other custom additions

For additional information, watch this short video on how PhotoUp creates a custom house portrait:

Next, let’s explore how custom house portraits have more uses than most real estate sales professionals realize. 

Custom House Portraits – A Versatile Marketing Tool

Typically, the portrait is usually of the front exterior of the house, but any favorite space or room can be used. The high-resolution photo is given to an artist who creates an accurate and beautiful portrait of the house. 

Custom house portraits are an affordable and flexible marketing tool that can be used in several ways:

  • An attention-getting tabletop marketing display for showings and open houses
  • As an addition to the listing photos — use it as the cover photo on the MLS to capture buyers’ attention 
  • They make memorable holiday and housewarming gifts
  • Also, many homeowners might want the portrait to add to their art collection

These colorful pieces of art grab people’s attention and prompt them to start asking questions. Such conversations are highly valuable in the real estate sales profession.

Whether you use these vibrant works of art in your listing photos or as a display for showings and open houses, they provoke further interest and help you stand out among your competition.

Therefore, as you can see, custom house portraits are versatile marketing tools. But perhaps the best use for this unique piece of art is as a closing gift for clients.

The Perfect Closing Gift

Custom House Portraits

One-of-a-kind house portraits make the perfect buyer or seller gift.

Custom House Portraits – The Perfect Gift

Many, if not most, real estate agents give their clients closing gifts to say thank you for working with them. After all, customer appreciation is an intelligent marketing technique and good for business and can also lead to returning clients. 

Agent gifts vary; some are awkward at best, while others become cherished keepsakes. Let’s explore the difference.

1. Unwanted Closing Gifts

Custom House Portraits by PhotoUp
Custom House Portraits by PhotoUp

Now, some agents make the mistake of giving branded items as client appreciation gifts. While these gifts are obviously well-intended, the problem is that few people, if any, want:

  • A doormat with a real estate agent’s name or brokerage on it
  • An agent-branded cutting board or salad bowl
  • Or worse, a wall calendar with the agent’s contact information all over it

And agents who avoid the above gift-giving mistakes often need more creative gift ideas. 

A typical closing gift is baskets with wine or champagne and tasty snacks. But these are time-consuming to assemble. And store-bought gift baskets often contain odd-tasting crackers and poor-quality wines. 

Of course, there are always gift cards — these are practical but somewhat dull gifts the client will quickly forget about.

So, how do you stand out as an agent while finding quality, meaningful gifts for your clients at closing? Here is where custom house prints play a valuable role. 

2. A Cherished Gift & Keepsake

Custom House Portraits by PhotoUp
Custom House Portraits by PhotoUp

Custom house portraits are unique gifts that many clients will appreciate as time passes. 

They make a charming housewarming gift that will be displayed with pride. For example, think about the following:

  • An eye-catching piece of art, a your gift will be displayed for many years to come
  • If your client moves, they can take the portrait — and their memories — with them – creating a gallery of former homes
  • Additionally, the portrait will long remind them of you, the real estate professional who helped them sell or purchase their home 
  • Also, friends and family will likely inquire about the portrait and how they acquired it

This beautiful gift can quickly become a cherished keepsake. Your clients will be happy to display this fine piece of art in their homes.

Now, that’s powerful and affordable marketing. House portraits are a gift that keeps on giving!

The Perfect Closing Gift

Custom House Portraits

One-of-a-kind house portraits make the perfect buyer or seller gift.

Trust PhotoUp for High-Quality Custom House Portraits 

PhotoUp’s beautiful custom house portraits reflect their long track record of expertise in real estate and architectural imaging and photography. Therefore, you can be confident of the quality and lasting appeal of PhotoUp’s custom portraits.

And PhotoUp offers a full array of other real estate marketing services, including:

Get your custom house portrait in 24 hours and explore PhotoUp’s other marketing solutions that will impress your clients. 

Sign up for a free PhotoUp account today, and explore all of our real estate marketing services that can help grow your business!

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