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House portraits are artist renderings of a client’s new or recently sold home. With many marketing uses, a house portrait is an affordable attention-getter.

Whether it be a sketch, watercolor, or illustration, a portrait is an ideal marketing aid or a memorable housewarming or closing gift. But you might be wondering, what do they cost?

Therefore, in this post, we’ll explore the uses of house portraits and what they cost. So, let’s jump right in and examine typical price ranges for these types of portraits.

How Much Do Custom House Portraits Cost?

How Much Do Custom House Portraits Cost?
House Portraits by PhotoUp

Maybe you’re considering using a house portrait as a gift or marketing piece, but you’re wondering how much one costs.

The answer will depend on the type of portrait you choose and its size. Here’s a general range of prices for the various types:

House Portraits for $50 to $750

In this range, you are likely purchasing a custom portrait created from a photograph and uploaded to an online vendor who transforms the photo into a portrait using various artistic techniques.

Here are a few more details for house portraits in this price range:

  • Created in a realistic style, these portraits will look almost identical to your photo rendered as a sketch, painting, or illustration 
  • The art may be done digitally or by hand, but in this price range, it is usually created digitally
  • The quality, overall, is generally quite good
  • At this price point, these paintings are typically smaller in size, ranging from 10” x 12” up to around 16” x 24”

The sketch, watercolor, or illustration is then printed onto a canvas or high-quality paper. An affordable option, these types of house portraits are attractive and have many uses. 

$750 to $2,500 

At this higher range of prices, the home portrait is sometimes referred to as “paint my photo,” and many artists advertise such services online. 

  • In this price range, you can expect that an artist will create the portrait by hand using your photo as a guide
  • You can also expect to be offered the opportunity for changes or edits before the final product is sent to you
  • Additionally, you should be offered a satisfaction guarantee
  • For these sorts of portraits, the size will likely be similar to those in the lower price ranges

A higher price, but this type of house portrait is usually a fine piece of art. 

The Perfect Closing Gift

Custom House Portraits

One-of-a-kind house portraits make the perfect buyer or seller gift.

$2,500 or Higher

In this price range, the quality of the work tends to be significantly higher, and the portrait size is likely larger. A few other details include:

  • Firstly, house portraits quoted at this price are most often in acrylic or oil paint
  • Secondly, you are most likely working one on one with an artist with a bit more experience
  • Thirdly, you should expect to be offered unlimited edits and a solid, 100% satisfaction guarantee

In general, at these prices, the portraits tend to be art solely used for personal display.

Which Price Range Is Likely Best for You?

Most real estate photographers and sales agents will likely work with house portraits from the lower price range of $50 to a few hundred dollars. 

And the quality of the portraits in this range is more than sufficient in terms of using the piece of art as a gift or marketing aid. 

Many of the portraits in this range are quite beautiful and appear to be worth more than the actual price. 

Now that you know the cost of a house portrait, let’s take a closer look at their uses. 

The Many Uses of House Portraits in Real Estate

The Many Uses of House Portraits in Real Estate
House Portraits by PhotoUp

An affordable and flexible marketing tool, house portraits can be used in several ways, including the following:

  • Tabletop display at showings and open houses
  • An eye-catching alternative cover photo on the MLS
  • Client closing gift
  • A much-wanted piece of artwork by a homeowner
  • And as a memorable gift for a housewarming, birthday, or holiday

Regardless of its use, any portrait will proudly hang on a wall and be viewed and enjoyed daily throughout the coming years and decades.

And remember, customer appreciation is an intelligent marketing technique – and these portraits are an excellent way to make a lasting impression on a client.  

So, by now, you’re probably wondering how you can easily get a house portrait. We’re glad you asked!

The Perfect Closing Gift

Custom House Portraits

One-of-a-kind house portraits make the perfect buyer or seller gift.

Work With PhotoUp for Quality House Portraits!

PhotoUp’s impressive-looking house portraits reflect their many years of expertise in the areas of real estate and architectural imaging and photography. 

Their attractive and beautiful custom portrait options include:

  • Framed or unframed portraits
  • Three style options to choose from
  • Multiple size options
  • And titling and other custom additions

Production and turnaround time is 1-2 days. However, rush work and other custom options are available. 

The starting price for an 8 x 10 portrait is $49.95, with free shipping on orders of more than $99.

Details on the quality of the paper used include the following:

  • We print watercolor portraits on museum-quality matte paper sourced from Japan
  • Sketches and illustrations are giclée-printed on archival, acid-free paper that yields brilliant portraits that will brighten up any room

You may also select to have your portrait framed, printed on an edge-to-edge canvas, or purchase just the digital print-ready file.

PhotoUp House Portraits

For additional information, watch this short demo on how to order a house portrait from PhotoUp:

As simple as that!

And PhotoUp offers much more than just house portraits. Their marketing services also include:

So sign up for a free PhotoUp account to start using stunning custom house portraits to help sell your listings and please your clients.

We hope you enjoyed this post on how much a house portrait costs. If you found this post valuable, you may also want to explore the following resources:

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