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Today, online real estate photography is an essential part of selling a home. High-quality photos can make a property stand out from the competition and attract more potential buyers. 

However, not everyone has the time or skills to take professional-level real estate photos. And even photos taken by a professional still need to be edited.

That’s where online real estate photo editing services come in. A professional photo editing service can turn average images into stunning photos.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the best online real estate photo editing services and how to choose the right one for your needs. 

Benefits of Online Real Estate Photo Editing

There are numerous benefits to using an online real estate photo editing service.

When compared to unedited photos, professionally edited real estate photos have the following positive characteristics:

  • Accuracy in terms of color and exposure 
  • Free of flaws, wrinkles, stains, and imperfections
  • Correctly aligned in terms of lines and perspective
  • Clean, crisp, and sharp images

In other words, professionally edited real estate photos look stunning and stand out from unedited images. 

An abundance of statistics demonstrates the importance of high-quality photos in real estate sales. For example, consider these recent numbers:

  • 83% of homebuyers found images to be the most important features of a listing when searching for a new home
  • 61.3% of brokers are convinced that high-quality photography is ‘crucial’ for selling homes
  • Homes with better photography sell 32% faster than those without quality visuals
  • Finally, 68% of home buyers say that great images motivated them to want to see the home in person

Now that you understand the benefits of online real estate photo editing let’s focus on the top 7 online services.

7 Best Online Real Estate Photo Editing Services

Here’s a rundown of 7 of the best online real estate photo editing services.

1. PhotoUp Online Real Estate Photo Editing

PhotoUp - The Best online real estate photo editing Service in the Industry

PhotoUp is the leading online real estate photo editing service. 

This global company based in the US provides a full array of photo editing services for professional real estate and architectural photographers and sales agents.

Among PhotoUp’s online real estate photo editing services are the following:

  • HDR – bracketing and blending 
  • Correcting exposure and lighting issues
  • Straightening lines and making perspective fixes
  • Sky replacement and lawn greening
  • Removal of clutter and unnecessary items
  • And much more!

PhotoUp’s highly skilled photo editors deliver the highest quality results. Also, they’re easy to work with. Watch this short video to see how easy it is to get your photos edited with PhotoUp:

In addition, PhotoUp is known for its fast turnaround time and high-quality work.

Further, their user-friendly software allows you to manage your photo editing, editor feedback, photo delivery, archiving, and marketing needs.

Not only is PhotoUp a superb editing service, but it also truly cares for its team —  and its customers.  

Learn more about PhotoUp’s commitments to its team, sustainability, and community investment.

Price: $1.15 to $9.00 per image depending on editing needs.

2. BoxBrownie

BoxBrownie online real estate photo editing

BoxBrownie is a real estate visual marketing company located in Australia. They offer various services, including virtual staging, image enhancement, virtual renovations, and real estate photo editing.

BoxBrownie’s real estate photo editing services include:

  • Exposure correction and vertical line adjustments
  • Removing clutter from rooms
  • Adding furniture and decor
  • Sky, lawn, and landscaping enhancements

Price: BoxBrownie’s costs for real estate photo editing services range from $2 to $176 per image. Their pricing can vary greatly, depending on the level of editing needed.

If you need complex editing tasks, such as virtual staging or virtual renovations, be prepared to pay a premium.

3. Phixer Online Real Estate Photo Editing

Phixer online real estate photo editing

Phixer is a large US company with photo editing teams in India and Cebu, in the Philippines. They offer a variety of standard services, including:

  • Image enhancements
  • Fixing blurred and distorted photos
  • Lighting and exposure corrections
  • Virtually adding or removing items

Phixer is a good option for real estate agents and sellers looking for a reliable and affordable photo editing service with a wide range of standard services.

Price: Pricing varies according to tasks, but most of their real estate photo editing services cost $3 to $18 per image.

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4. FixThePhoto

Fixthephoto homepage

FixThePhoto has been in business since 2003, and they have relied heavily on Photoshop and GIMP software to provide basic image retouching services. 

The company is a good choice for photographers who don’t have the time or skills to do basic photo editing on their own. Here are some examples of simple photo editing tasks that FixThePhoto can help with:

  • Straightening crooked horizons
  • Replacing dull or gray skies with more inviting blue skies
  • Removing debris and objects from lawns
  • Adjusting the brightness, contrast, and color saturation of photos

If you need help with basic photo editing tasks, FixThePhoto is a reliable and affordable option.

Price: Their prices are competitive, with most real estate photos costing between $2 and $12.

5. PadStyler

Padstyler's homepage

PadStyler is an online real estate photo editing service in Austin, Texas, with years of experience. 

They offer a solid range of services, including:

  • Image retouching and corrections
  • Exposure, lighting, and color adjustments
  • Sky enhancements and twilight effects
  • Vertical line and perspective adjustments
  • Virtual staging

Price: PadStyler’s pricing is a bit higher than other services on our list, starting at around $12 per photo. But, they offer discounts for multiple images, same-day editing, and custom services.

However, you may want to consider other options if you are on a tight budget.

6. BeatColor

BeatColor homepage

BeatColor is a Vietnam-based real estate photo editing team founded in 2016. They specialize in a wide variety of essential real estate photo editing services, including:

  • Resolution enhancement
  • Color, lighting, and exposure improvements
  • Object removal
  • Line and perspective corrections

Price: BeatColor’s standard photo editing services cost between $2 to $12 per photo, making them a competitive option for real estate agents and sellers.

7. Smart Photo Editors

Smart Photo Editors homepage

Smart Photo Editors is a global company with most of its photo editing based in India. They provide services for all photography categories, including real estate. 

They’ve been editing real estate photos since 2004, and their services focus on the essential, standard features offered by other companies, including:

  • Retouching and correction
  • Exposure and lighting adjustments
  • Line and angle correction
  • Color changes and saturation leveling

Price: Smart Photo Editors’ pricing generally reflects their basic service offerings. Editing for most photos costs between $1 to $15 per image.

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Choose PhotoUp for the Best Online Real Estate Photo Editing

Since high-quality online real estate photo editing is crucial to successful sales, you’ll naturally want to work with the best — and that is PhotoUp.

PhotoUp’s expert editing team can provide all your real estate photo editing needs. And you’ll be pleased with our excellent service and results. 

Additionally, our services are affordable, with most photo editing costing $1.15 to $9.00 per image, depending on the extent of the editing. 

Better yet, we offer dedicated photo editing services. Working with a dedicated photo editor ensures image style consistency and faster turnaround times.

PhotoUp provides comprehensive customer support, including phone, email, and live chat, as part of their plans. Live chat and email support are available 24 hours/a day, Monday through Saturday.

Their sales support team is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Feel free to reach out to them at (888) 330-7559.

Additional Real Estate Marketing Services

And PhotoUp offers much more than just real estate photo editing. Explore our other real estate marketing services:

So, take the next step to better marketing for your real estate sales business.

Sign up for a free PhotoUp account now to get stunning marketing images for real estate sales.

We hope you benefited from this blog post on the best online real estate photo editing services for stunning results. If you liked this post, please check out other related resources: 

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