Virtual furniture placement is part of virtual staging and can take empty rooms and tastefully decorate them while also updating existing furnishings with more stylish design options.

Virtual staging is a valuable real estate sales tool. However, poorly done virtual furniture placement can lead to odd-looking, unappealing rooms that deter home buyers.

So, in this article, we’ll present the top 8 virtual furniture placement design ideas that will guarantee the best results. 

Top 8 Virtual Furniture Placement Design Ideas

Virtual furniture placement is part of virtual staging, a marketing tool now used by more than 30% of real estate professionals to help sell listings faster and for higher prices. 

However, when virtual furniture placement is done wrong, it can hurt the sale.

To achieve the best results, here are 8 virtual furniture placement ideas that will ensure your images look outstanding and attract buyers. 

1. Keep the Design Simple and Spacious

A central goal of virtual furniture placement is to make every room and space look bigger and more welcoming. A simple and spacious design helps achieve this. 

Therefore, one of the first rules is never to place all the furniture against the walls. Instead, the furniture should be set closer to the center of the room to balance out space and flow. 

However, in smaller rooms, it’s fine to have larger items, such as a sofa, against the wall, to prevent the space from looking cramped. 

Another important design principle is to use appropriately sized furniture for the room size. Typically, low-profile furnishings tend to create a sense of openness and spaciousness. 

Bulky furniture takes up too much space and makes a room look crowded and cramped. So, always opt for simple low-profiled furniture that doesn’t block the view and lets a space breathe.

2. Opt for a Neutral Pallette With Accent Colors

Virtual furnishings in a neutral color palette provide a calming and classic look for any room. Gray, beige, and light earth tones are usually optimal. 

However, if you don’t include a brighter, more vibrant accent color, the space could end up looking bland and uninspiring. An appropriate accent color will make a space come alive and add visual interest. 

Select a dramatic hue, whether it’s a vibrant blue, a lemon yellow, or even a deep lavender. Then find items such as rugs, throws, and pillows in this color and place them around the room.

One more tip, don’t overuse the accent color. Rather use it sparingly but strategically, on furniture, artwork, or accessories, to create a sense of whimsy and individuality.

3. Select the Right Design Style for the Space

When it comes to virtual furniture placement, knowing which design style will best work in a given room can be tricky.

You see, not every style will work in every space. The challenge is to achieve the following:

  • Find the design style that best suits the space and the overall property
  • Opt for furnishings and decor items that complement a home’s best features
  • Feel free to experiment with different styles and designs until you find the one that works best

For example, PhotoUp offers 11 popular furnishing design categories. Chances are that at least a few of the following decor themes would work for almost any property:

Overall, try to select a design style that matches the character of the property. 

4. Make Sure Your Virtual Furniture Placement Has Soul

The concept of soul in interior design is admittedly somewhat nebulous. By soul, most designers mean a certain quality of the decor that gives a room unique character and charm.

Even the most carefully staged property can look dull and flat if it lacks soul. While it may be hard to define, the following items can add soul to a space:

  • Unique accent pillows
  • Eye-catching artwork
  • Unusual items that draw attention
  • Bold design pieces that get remembered

As you can see, virtual furniture placement must be done in such a way as to not just create a furniture arrangement but to make the arrangement look alive and authentic. 

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5. Match Materials & Textures

Furnishings come in all sorts of materials and textures – wood, fabric, metal, and so on. 

One of the principles of effective virtual furniture placement is to select materials that match each other and that go well with the room and property. 

In other words, think about the following:

  • A coffee table with metal legs and a stone top might not work in a wood-paneled room
  • Minimalist seating items could clash with some traditional floral wallpapers
  • A farm-style dining table might not work in an ultra-modern kitchen

Whatever materials and textures you select, make sure they match one another and naturally fit the room or space.

6. Ensure Inviting Virtual Furniture Placement

It’s vital to keep in mind that furnishings should serve the real needs of people. It’s nice that the virtual furniture placement makes for a lovely photo, but can human beings feel comfortable in the space?

Most rooms have functions, and the virtual furniture placement should reflect these functions.

For example, a living room should be designed to promote conversation. Chairs and sofas should be placed to face one another. 

In such cases, virtual furniture placement can create inviting conversation spaces that foster connection and encourage interaction.

Additionally, coffee tables and side tables act as conversation aids, providing a place for drinks and snacks while helping define the space. Further, consider adding inviting elements like throw pillows and blankets. 

How virtual furniture is placed can encourage face-to-face interaction and be used to transform an ordinary space into a vibrant area for connection.

7. Don’t Forget the Art

Even the most breathtaking virtual furniture placement will look incomplete without art on the walls and around the room. 

Art pieces can evoke emotions, tell stories, and set the mood for any room, thus providing the needed finishing touches. Consider the following uses of art:

  • A bold abstract painting in a minimalist room reflects a daring spirit, while serene landscapes in a bedroom evoke tranquility
  • Smaller works arranged strategically can create a sense of rhythm and movement
  • Art adds visual interest to large, open spaces, preventing them from feeling sterile or overwhelming

Works of art are integral elements of design and add personality to the spaces we inhabit, so make sure you include them in your virtual furniture placement work. 

8.  Draw the Eye to the Focal Point

Our last rule for virtual furniture placement is to always design a space to draw the eye toward the focal points of the room or house. 

Such focal points could be a fireplace, a large window, or simply the center of the room. 

An effective placement of virtual furniture would therefore have the seating facing the fireplace, or use low-profile furniture so as not to block the view out a window. 

Another example would be using an attractive area rug to anchor the center of a larger room, placing the furniture around the rug. 

Hopefully, those suggestions help explain how to use virtual furniture placement to draw the eye to focal points in a room or space. Here are some examples of virtual furniture placement done right. 

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