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Are you looking into how outsourcing photo editing can help you grow your real estate photography business and revenue?

Great photography is vital in real estate. In fact, 68% of potential buyers say that great photos made them want to visit the home. Now that demand for properties has cooled down, more and more Realtors and agents are turning to real estate photographers to ensure top-notch photos that will capture buyer interest. 

While this is great if you’re a real estate photographer, you have to find ways to free up more time to be able to take on more clients.

In this post, we’ll share how real estate photographers can save time and money by outsourcing their photo editing. We’ll also cover what a real estate photo editor does and what dedicated photo editing means.

What Does Outsourcing Photo Editing Mean?

What Does Outsourcing Photo Editing Mean?

Outsourcing photo editing means hiring a separate company or individual to handle the editing of your real estate photography. 

This can include tasks such as color and brightness correction, cropping, noise reduction, twilight editing, and advanced object removal. 

The goal of outsourcing is typically to save time that the real estate photographer can use to shoot more properties and/or to improve the quality of the final images.

When Is It Time to Outsource Your Real Estate Photo Editing?

So, you’ve started a real estate photography business, and it is doing well. Fast forward to today, you are starting to get more clients, and referrals and the industry continues to blossom. 

While this is excellent news for a business owner like you, problems will eventually arise when a one-person team can no longer cope with the demand.

But thanks to ever-evolving digital technology and now also the pandemic, it has become more accessible than ever to look for talents anywhere around the world to whom you can outsource tasks.

In other words, outsourcing offers impactful benefits for entrepreneurs like you. That said, let’s look closer at how outsourcing can help photographers save money next.

How Outsourcing Can Help Photographers Save Money

Outsourcing real estate photo editing can help photographers save money and time, among other things. Here are a few examples of how outsourcing can help you as a photographer grow your business:

Save Time 

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing your real estate photo editing is that it can help you save time. And we all know that time is money! Instead of spending hours editing your photos, you can focus on shooting more properties, building solid client relationships, and growing your business.

Ensured Consistency 

It can also help to ensure consistency in the final product. An experienced editor will be able to edit your photos to match a specific style or aesthetic, which can help to create a cohesive look throughout your portfolio.

Improved Quality 

An experienced editor will have the skills and knowledge to enhance your images and make them look impressive. This will result in higher-quality photos that are more likely to attract potential buyers.

Increased Capacity

By outsourcing your real estate photo editing, you can also take on more clients and shoot more properties. This can be especially beneficial for photographers who are busy or have a high volume of work.

More Cost-Effective

Outsourcing your editing is typically a more cost-effective solution. Instead of investing in expensive editing software and spending hours editing your photos, you can outsource the time-consuming work to an experienced editor for a fraction of the cost.

Professional Touch

Lastly, an experienced editor will know the best techniques and tools to create the most captivating real estate photos.

In conclusion, outsourcing real estate photo editing can be a great solution for photographers looking to save time, ensure consistency, improve quality, increase capacity, and save money. 

With the help of a professional real estate editor, photographers can create high-quality images that are more likely to generate more buyer interest and offers.

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What Does a Real Estate Photo Editor Do?

In the last few years specifically, we’ve seen the standard of real estate photography and photo editing move to an incredibly high standard. To sell homes, you’ll have to create stunning images to get people interested and in the door.

A real estate photo editor will work with photographers, sellers, agents, or Realtors to edit photos and create captivating real estate photography to attract buyers’ attention. 

In short, the editor’s job is to convert the images to the highest quality possible before sending them back for approval. That way, you’ll ensure that your clients are provided with the best real estate photography possible to help accelerate the sale.

And the better images you as a real estate photographer can provide, the more returning and new clients you’ll get.

Some common real estate photo editing tasks are:

  • Color correction and enhancement
  • Exposure adjustments
  • Brightness and contrast
  • Straightening verticals
  • Sky replacements
  • Cord and clutter removal
  • Adding fire in the fireplace
  • Object removal
  • HDR window masking
  • Lawn patching and grass greening
  • Twilight or day-to-dusk image editing
  • And much more.

What Does Dedicated Photo Editing Mean?

A dedicated photo editor is a photo editor or a team of photo editors who are dedicated solely to your account. 

With a dedicated photo editor, you can achieve a more consistent and personalized editing style since you develop a closer relationship with the editor.

You’ll also get direct communication via chat, email, or the messaging platform of your choice to make the collaboration seamless. 

For example, your dedicated photo editor can help you with:

  • Photo culling
  • Photo editing in Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Photo management and organization

Why should I hire a dedicated photo editor? That’s a good question!

With dedicated photo editing, you can ensure that:

  • You get the results that you want
  • Get a consistent style and image quality
  • Get a faster turnaround time
  • Save time you can use to shoot more properties
  • Get fresh suggestions on improvements
  • And grow your real estate photography business

As you can see, there are many benefits to hiring a dedicated photo editor that will learn your shooting style and can ensure maximum quality and consistency. This helps you free up more time you can spend on other high-impact tasks to grow your business.

Have You Ever Thought To

Outsource Photo Editing?

Try it today with 10 free edits from three professional photo editors.

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We hope this blog post helped you understand the value of outsourcing your photo editing and how it can help you grow your photography business.

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