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Did you know that using twilight photography as the main photo for your listing can increase views by an average of 76%? It’s a great way to grab potential buyers’ attention and make a property stand out.

Twilight photos are taken at the perfect time of day—the golden hour—just after sunset or at sunrise, and they can make all the difference in the final presentation of a property. 

In this guide, we’ll be discussing the top 9 proven reasons why you should use real estate twilight photos to help you market and sell your property.

We’ll also show you how you can edit twilight images in post-processing or outsource the editing to a professional service.

Let’s get started!

9 Reasons Why You Should Use Real Estate Twilight Photos

Twilight photography showcases a unique charm that provides real estate professionals with a range of advantages.

Some of these advantages may not be widely known, but they can have an equally significant impact on property marketing.

Here are 9 proven reasons to use real estate twilight photos when marketing a home for sale or rent.

1. Stand Out from the Competition 

Twilight Real Estate Photo Editing by PhotoUp
Twilight Real Estate Photo Editing by PhotoUp

Real estate is a competitive industry, and to stand out from the crowd, you need to have something different from everyone else. 

Twilight photos are a great way to do that. They are unique and visually stunning, making your property look more appealing than others on the market.

2. Create a Memorable Impression 

Twilight photos are known for their breathtaking colors, and they create an emotional response in viewers. 

They evoke feelings of warmth, comfort, romance, and relaxation, which is precisely what buyers are looking for when they’re searching for a new home. 

By using these photos in your listings, you are making a lasting impression on potential buyers.

3. Adds a Sense of Luxury and Exclusivity

Twilight photography has always been linked to luxury and high-end properties, giving off an air of sophistication and exclusivity. 

Twilight Real Estate Photo Editing by PhotoUp
Twilight Real Estate Photo Editing by PhotoUp

By incorporating twilight images into your listings, you create an impression of exceptional quality that appeals to a more discerning clientele.

For instance, twilight usage overwhelmingly leans towards higher priced homes with 59% towards homes $500k+, 32% for homes $300-$500k, and 8% for homes $100-$300k.

This association can also enhance the perceived value of your property, resulting in more attractive offers.

4. Highlight Exterior & Indoor Lighting 

With real estate twilight photos, you can highlight exterior and indoor lighting and make your property look more inviting and cozy. 

A well-lit exterior and warm and welcoming indoor lighting can make all the difference in how a buyer perceives the home. 

Twilight photos showcase the lighting in the most flattering way and add an element of luxury and elegance to the property.

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5. Offer a Better View of the Property 

During the day, the sun can create harsh shadows, making it difficult to get a good view of the property. 

But with twilight photos, shadows are minimized, and the property is presented in a better light. 

Exterior features such as patios, decks, and pools are showcased in the most beautiful way, making the property appear more tempting to prospective buyers.

6. Enhance Online Presence 

Statistics show that about 97% of house hunters start their search online, and that’s why having high-quality photos is essential. 

Real estate twilight photos are a great way to enhance your online presence and attract more buyers to your property. 

Why? Because they are simply eye-catching!

With these photos, you can showcase your property in an entirely different light, differentiating it from the others and making it stand out on online platforms.

7. Use the Best Possible Lighting 

Twilight is a time of day when the lighting is perfect for photography.

The natural light is dim but not completely dark, and it offers a range of warm colors that look great in photographs. 

Using real estate twilight photos means that you can make the most of this incredible lighting and create stunning images of your properties.

8. Highlight Distinctive Architectural Elements

During the twilight hour, the play of light and shadow works wonders in highlighting the unique architectural features of a property. 

With illuminated windows, outdoor lighting, and captivating landscape elements, the property turns into a visual masterpiece, catching the eyes of potential buyers. 

This impressive effect can set apart even an ordinary property from the competition, generating more interest and attracting potential buyers.

9. Help Sell the Property Faster 

With the help of real estate twilight photos, you can increase the likelihood of selling the property faster. 

These photos make your property look more attractive to buyers, which means that you’ll have more inquiries about the property. And the more inquiries you receive, the higher the chance of selling the property quickly.

Overall, real estate twilight photos are a powerful marketing tool that can help you sell a home faster.

By using these photos, you can make your property stand out from the rest, create a lasting impression on potential buyers, and attract more inquiries about the property. 

Twilight images don’t just make your property look more attractive, but they also create an emotional response, which can motivate buyers to take action more quickly. 

However, if you can’t fit your shooting schedule into the short window of the golden hour, you can always edit your images in post-processing, which we’ll take a look at next.

How to Edit Twilight Real Estate Photos in Photoshop

Now, let’s show you how to edit a twilight or day to dusk image in Photoshop. You can either watch the video or follow the steps outlined below:

Start With the Windows

Step 1. Import your image into Lightroom and do basic adjustments. Make it a little darker as it’s a dusk image.

Step 2. Next, create a Virtual Copy.

Step 3. On that copy, adjust the glow of the windows to make it look like the light is on. Boost the Exposure and Temperature to create a glowing effect. 

Step 4. Now, move your images into Photoshop.

Step 5. In Photoshop, make the Window Layer on top and add an Inverted Mask (press and hold the ALT key while clicking the Masking button).

Step 6. Select the windows using the Pen Tool (P), then press the Delete button.

Step 7. Next, add an Outer Glow using the Layer style.

Step 8. Within the Layer Style, use the Sliders to adjust to an appropriate level.

Then, Edit the Sky 

Once you’re happy with the windows of the house, it’s time to work on the sky:

Step 1. Duplicate the base photo and go to the Channel panel and duplicate the Blue channel.

Step 2. Adjust the Levels in the Sky by pressing CTRL – L on your keyboard.

Step 3. Select the Non-Sky area, make it black, and use the Dodge Brush (O) to lighten the sky.

Step 4. Now, you want to Load the Channel as a Selection, and then click the Masking button.

Step 5. Next, Import the dusk sky photo that you want to use behind the building.

Step 6. Adjust its position and make sure to Blend it properly with the house. E.g you may want to use the Burn Tool to darken the house overall. Then, Save the new image. 

Step 7. Back in Lightroom, you can make one or two adjustments to the white balance until you’re happy with the final product. 

Use the Dusk Scene to Showcase the Property

How to Edit A Day to Dusk Image for Real Estate Photo Editing
Day to Dusk Real Estate Photo Editing by PhotoUp

Keep in mind that you’re showcasing a home for a potential buyer and not trying to create an award-winning nature photograph.

The dusk scene is there to show off the best features of the property and put the viewers in a calm, welcoming state of mind, so they look favorably on the listing.

The goal is to make home buyers think of themselves as living in this incredible home and taking in the beautiful evening sunset.  

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Let PhotoUp Do the Twilight Work for You!

If you’re pressed for time when it comes to editing twilight real estate photos, let PhotoUp’s team of professional editors do the heavy lifting for you.

With over 10 years of experience in the industry and a diverse team of editors spanning the globe, PhotoUp is unmatched in terms of quality, service, and pricing.

Regardless of the type of editing you need to outsource, rest assured that PhotoUp’s editors will deliver top-notch results, ensuring your photos are always of the highest quality.

For example, our real estate editors can help you with:

  • Image correction and enhancement
  • Color and tone adjustments 
  • Window masking and glare reduction
  • Clutter and object removal
  • Line and angle corrections
  • Improper exposure levels
  • HDR editing
  • Harsh shadows, lack of light, etc. 
  • And more.

On top of that, PhotoUp also offers additional real estate marketing services such as: 

We have everything you need to enhance and market real estate listings under one roof!

Easy & Quick Ordering Process

Getting started using PhotoUp’s real estate photo editing service is super easy.

All you need to do is sign up for a free PhotoUp account, upload your images, choose export setting and turnaround time, and that’s it!

PhotoUp Real Estate Photo Editing Uploader

Check out our real estate photo editing uploader tutorial to see how easy it is to get started:

And that’s it!

Sign up for a free PhotoUp account today, and ensure the highest quality twilight real estate photography! For a limited time, we even offer you 10 free edits when signing up for an account.

We hope this blog post helped you understand why twilight real estate photos are so powerful when marketing a property for sale and how to edit twilight images. 

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