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Virtual staging is now a mainstream marketing tool that most real estate sales professionals outsource for the best results. 

Smart homeowners and their agents know that virtual staging will get them the best offers, quickly. 

And yes, there are DIY virtual staging apps, but most agents don’t have time to use them and the quality of the photos is much better when outsourced. 

Therefore, in this article, we’ll explore how to outsource virtual staging services as well as the costs. 

Why Use Virtual Staging for Real Estate Sales?

Virtual staging allows you to show buyers the potential of any home. Each virtually staged photo presents a strong and appealing image of a room or space’s best use and decor options. 

By using virtual staging you can get any room to look exactly as you (or the buyer) want it to look. 

Even more importantly, virtual staging helps sell homes faster and for higher prices, by making every room and space look like a gorgeous home you’d find in a design magazine. 

Virtual staging is extremely flexible with many options and uses:

  • Quickly fill a vacant room with attractive furniture and decor
  • Make easy decorating and style changes by removing old and outdated furnishings and replacing them with more popular choices that freshen up the room
  • Stimulate buyers’ imaginations by showing them what the home could look like after renovating
  • Help buyers envision themselves living in the home by depersonalizing rooms and spaces

Just like the varied uses, the benefits of virtual staging are also many:

  • 97% of buyers start looking online — virtual staging makes every photo amazing and highly appealing
  • Homes that are staged sell 75% faster than those that are not
  • 83% of virtually staged properties sell at the asking price or above
  • You can virtually furnish an entire room for much less the cost of traditional staging

In a world where home sales start online, you need to do everything to get your listing noticed and people excited about it. Virtual staging helps you showcase a home online with stunning visuals that get attention. 

Want to see some samples of virtual staging? Take a look at our blog post on what is virtual staging in real estate? (examples included).

How to Outsource Virtual Staging Services

Outsourcing virtual staging services

Do It Yourself (DIY) virtual staging can be time-consuming and when done by an inexperienced editor, the results can be disappointing at best.

Consider the following:

  • You want your listing photos to look their absolute best to encourage buyers to go visit the home
  • Online first impressions matter greatly — the images must be stunning to attract buyers

Therefore, outsourcing your virtual staging is a practical — and affordable — solution.

To outsource your virtual staging services, you can simply contact any of these virtual staging providers that we have reviewed and rated and sign up to start using their online services.

All these companies make the virtual staging process easy. But not of as high quality, and as quick, and affordable as PhotoUp, which we’ll show you next.  

Fast & Affordable

Virtual Staging Service

Interiors. Landscapes. Commercial. Virtually transform any space.

PhotoUp Makes Outsourcing Virtual Staging Easy

Do you want the best virtual staging quickly and for great prices?

Then, let PhotoUp help with all your outsourced virtual staging needs. We have over 10 years of experience with real estate virtual staging and photo editing.

PhotoUp’s expert team can handle any virtual staging job — big or small. Our skilled virtual staggers can make any property look stunning by:

  • Staging vacant rooms with your selection from among hundreds of design-styled furnishings
  • Decor updates and replacements
  • Object removal, decluttering, and depersonalizing rooms
  • Repairs and remodeling
  • Sky replacements and lawn greening
  • And much more!

Quick & Easy Order Process

Best of all, the virtual staging order process is quick and easy:

  1. Create a free PhotoUp account
  2. Upload the photos you want virtually staged
  3. Select from various furniture and design styles
  4. Approve your photos and request any last-minute revisions
  5. Download your virtually staged photos

PhotoUp Virtual Staging Demo

For more details, you can check out our virtual staging image uploader demo:

Many Design Styles to Choose From

PhotoUp offers a professional design library featuring 11 decor style options and 18 room types.  Additionally, there are 21 design accessories to choose from. 

PhotoUp virtual staging library

PhotoUp’s 11 design styles include:

The above design styles are extremely popular with today’s buyers. 

What Does Virtual Staging Outsourcing Cost?

In terms of cost, PhotoUp uses a credit system to make payments and offers discounts for bulk buying of credits. 

Our standard plans are:

  • $1.15 per credit for subscription clients
  • $1.50 per credit for on-demand, pay-as-you-go clients

Here are virtual staging prices with PhotoUp:

  • Single set – 20 credits per photo
  • Double set – 30 credits per photo

Sets are determined by the number of design pieces and furniture as well as how many frames a single room or space requires. 

Also, we offer bulk discount pricing and are happy to work on ongoing and custom editing projects.

With PhotoUp you can expect low-resolution proofs back for your approval within 24 hours. Once approved, we provide high-resolution images within just a few hours.

As you can see, outsourcing your virtual staging needs has never been easier. We also offer:

Sign up for a free PhotoUp account, and start using virtually staged images that’ll prompt higher offers and make you stand out among the competition!

We hope you enjoyed reading this article on how to effectively outsource virtual staging services with costs included. 

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