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In the competitive world of real estate, presentation is everything. The first impression that potential buyers get usually comes from the listing photos, and nothing quite says “dream home” like a property showcased under a brilliant, blue sky. 

Unfortunately, you can’t control the weather on the day of your photo shoot. Thankfully, with advancements in AI technology, enhancing your real estate images with perfect skies is not only possible but can be done for free.

In this post, we’ll show you how to do AI sky replacements for free to create blue, sunny, and bright skies in your property photos.

Let’s start by discussing the power of AI real estate photo editing for real estate photographers and agents.

The Power of AI Real Estate Photo Editing

AI technology has revolutionized the field of photo editing, streamlining processes that once consumed hours into mere moments. 

This innovation allows photographers, real estate agents, and Realtors to concentrate on capturing stunning visuals, while AI handles the intricate editing work.

With its advanced intelligent editing capabilities, AI can discern the context within a photograph, executing detailed edits that would traditionally require manual intervention.

Furthermore, AI’s impact extends beyond merely redefining aesthetic standards; it’s adept at navigating the intricacies of lighting and venturing into the realm of 3D innovations.

As AI continues to advance, it is set to drastically alter the real estate industry. It simplifies yet enriches the presentation and promotion of properties, delivering an engaging experience that resonates with agents and potential buyers alike.

Now, let’s look at why sky replacements can enhance real estate photography and help accelerate home sales.

Why Sky Replacement?

Replacing a dull, overcast sky with a vibrant, sunny backdrop can transform the appearance of a property, making it look more inviting and appealing. 

For instance, a sky replacement in real estate photos:

  • Makes Your Property Look More Appealing: With a sky replacement, you can tweak your property photograph to look more appealing to prospective home buyers. Not only will they be much more receptive to what you are selling, but they’re also likely to spend longer looking at the image if the sky is clear, bright, and welcoming. 
  • Provides Real Estate Photographers More Freedom: You don’t have to worry about the weather or choosing the best time of the day. Instead, you can set up a shoot and take your photos at a time that suits you the best.
  • Mood Booster: Nothing affects a person’s mood more than the weather. Blue skies lift our spirits, while grey heavy skies drag us down. So, if you want to lift the mood and the feel of a real estate photograph, you should turn your attention to the sky.

Overall, this visual enhancement can capture the interest of more potential buyers, increase engagement with your listings, and potentially even contribute to a quicker sale.

How to Do AI Sky Replacements for Free

All right, now to the exciting part – how to do AI sky replacements for free in a matter of seconds.

With the help of some groundbreaking AI tools, you can swap out a dull, overcast sky with a bright, sunny, and inviting one with the click of a button. 

Let’s take a look at 4 tools offering free sky replacement features, making it super quick and easy for you to make sky replacements.

1. AgentUp AI Editing

AgentUp provides a range of AI-powered editing tools specially designed for real estate photos. 

AgentUp ai sky replacement free

With its user-friendly interface, AgentUp AI Editing allows you to quickly and effectively replace the sky in your property images. 

The tool automatically detects the sky in any given photo, replacing it with a more desirable image of your choice from its library. 

The best part? It’s free to use, making it an excellent option for real estate agents looking to enhance their listings without incurring additional costs.

Simply, scan the QR code and download the app to get started!

AgentUp IOS App Download

AgentUp’s real estate photo editing AI is best-in-class. It’s super simple to use and delivers beautifully edited images in as little as 5-10 minutes. You can also order advanced add-ons such as:

  • Fire in fireplaces
  • Object removal
  • Day-to-dusk editing
  • Lawn enhancements
  • TV screen on the TV
  • And much more!

With AgentUp’s iOS app, all you need to do is point, shoot, and say hello to instant AI editing.

2. LightX’s AI

LightX offers an advanced AI sky replacement feature that can drastically improve the look of your real estate photos. 

ai sky replacement free

Its smart AI technology distinguishes between different elements of the photo, ensuring that the sky replacement looks natural and seamlessly integrated. 

LightX’s easy-to-use platform makes it simple for anyone, regardless of their editing skills, to achieve professional-looking results.

Their free plan gives you access to 10 daily free AI credits.

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3. Fotor

Fotor is a popular photo editing tool that features an easy-to-use sky replacement function. 


By analyzing the photo, Fotor’s AI determines the best way to blend a new sky into the scene, matching perspectives and lighting for a realistic finish. 

Fotor also offers a variety of pre-set skies, from sunset hues to clear blue days, allowing you to find the perfect backdrop for your property images. It’s free to use.

Overall, this AI tool combines simplicity with powerful editing capabilities, making it the perfect choice for real estate photographers like you.

4. Skylum Luminar

While not completely free, Skylum Luminar offers a trial period during which you can experience its powerful AI sky replacement tool. 

Skylum Luminar

Luminar’s technology goes beyond basic replacement, offering adjustments for scene relighting, sky reflections, and atmospheric effects to make the new sky as convincing as possible. 

For real estate professionals looking for top-notch visuals, Luminar might be worth the investment after the trial period.

Luminar AI has a free trial period and then it’s a part of Luminar Neo, which starts at the cost of $11.95 per month. 

With AI Sky Replacement Circumstances Don’t Matter

Sky replacement is a powerful technique that can significantly enhance the appeal of your real estate listings. 

With the use of free AI editing tools, there’s no need to wait for the perfect weather to capture the perfect shot. You can schedule your shot when it fits your schedule, no matter the weather.

By paying attention to the sky and using the right tools, you can present properties in their best light, attracting more potential buyers and making a stronger impact in the market.

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Despite AI technology being transformative and extremely beneficial in optimizing your editing workflow, it needs to catch up in certain dimensions, particularly regarding the finesse of editing outcomes.

AI excels in efficiency but cannot emulate the nuanced craftsmanship and meticulous attention a seasoned editor brings to the table.

At PhotoUp, we pride ourselves on our team of highly professional editing experts stationed around the globe, all keen and ready to elevate your imagery and take your real estate photography to the next level.

Our real estate photo editing team has the most sophisticated AI tools and software. This fusion approach ensures that you enjoy the efficiency and cost-saving benefits of cutting-edge AI tools while also achieving consistently superior, professional-quality results.

We offer all typical editing services like:

  • Image brightness and exposure correction 
  • Color and tone adjustments 
  • Window masking and glare reduction
  • Clutter and advanced object removal
  • Line and angle corrections
  • HDR editing and manual blending
  • Harsh shadows and lack of light 
  • Sky replacements
  • Twilight and day-to-dusk editing, etc.

As well as more advanced services like virtual staging, virtual house toursvideo editing, and an array of other real estate marketing tools.

The result is stunning photography that’ll give you the edge over your competition!

Quick & Easy Ordering Process

It’s super easy to get started with PhotoUp. 

All you need to do is sign up for a free PhotoUp account, upload your images, provide instructions, choose export setting and turnaround time, and that’s it!

PhotoUp Real Estate Photo Editing Uploader Demo

To see how easy it is to get started with PhotoUp, check out our real estate photo editing uploader demo:

It’s really that easy to get beautifully edited images returned to you in 24 hours or less!

So, sign up for a free PhotoUp account today and enjoy unbeatable pricing combined with high-quality editing, support, and features.

Plus, as a bonus, you get 10 free credits when you sign up for an account!

We hope this blog post helped you learn how to do AI sky replacements for free. If you found this content useful, you may also want to check out the following related resources: 

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