With new AI tools being released almost daily, real estate photographers wonder which ones are best.

AI tools can enhance background removal and correct color and exposure issues. Using artificial intelligence to automate and refine the photo editing process saves time and effort.

In this article, we’ll share the 6 best AI tools for real estate photographers. So, let’s dive in and explore what we think are the best AI tools available.

Best AI Tools for Real Estate Photographers (Top 6)

Let’s look at the 6 best AI tools popular with real estate photographers at the moment.

1. AgentUp

AgentUp AI Real Estate Photo Editing

Introducing AgentUp, the game-changing app that’s a total must-have for real estate pros aiming to create flawless property listings that pop.

Ever wished you could wave a magic wand and get those listing photos looking magazine-worthy? Well, now you can with a tap of your finger.

AgentUp’s intuitive interface allows you to capture photos and then lets AI work its magic to tweak and perfect them with unbelievable accuracy.

You can even do sky replacements for free, and order advanced add-ons such as:

  • Fire in fireplaces
  • Object removal
  • Day-to-dusk editing
  • Lawn enhancements
  • TV screen on the TV
  • And much more!

With AgentUp’s iOS app, all you need to do is point, shoot, and say hello to instant AI editing. It can’t be much easier than that! Simply, scan the QR code and download the app to get started!

AgentUp IOS App Download

Their real estate photo editing AI is best-in-class. It’s super simple to use and delivers beautifully edited images in as little as 5-10 minutes.

Additionally, the company also offers additional services for real estate professionals like:

AgentUp has everything you need to market real estate and make the editing process fast and efficient under one roof!

2. Fotor AI Tool for Real Estate Photographers

best ai tools for real estate

Fotor is one of the most popular AI tools for real estate photographers, with several million users. It has advanced AI-powered features that simplify and speed up the editing process. 

Even better, you don’t need any prior experience in real estate photo editing to put Fotor to work for you quickly. 

Fotor’s AI photo editing components help you achieve professional-grade results without much trouble or hours of training.

Additionally, Fotor’s AI-powered features include:

  • Background remover that accurately removes backgrounds from images in one click
  • Easy object removal
  • Accurate color enhancements and exposure corrections
  • Also, one-click line straightening

One of Fotor’s better features is its general AI photo enhancer that automatically analyzes and enhances your photos, fixing common issues like lighting and color errors and unblurring images for a sharper look.

Additionally, Fotor offers a wide range of preset backgrounds that can be easily applied to your photos, including the following:

  • Solid color backgrounds
  • Gradient backgrounds
  • Blurred backgrounds
  • There’s also a variety of custom image backgrounds

If you’re a real estate photographer looking for one of the best AI tools that’s simple to use and can help you with complex editing, then Fotor is the one for you.

3. Luminar Neo 

best ai tools for real estate

Luminar Neo is another AI tool for real estate photographers based on software developed by Skylum. 

It offers a variety of easy-to-use AI-powered tools and filters to help you make fast and impressive edits.

One of the better features of Luminar Neo is that it automatically analyzes and fixes issues such as noise, haze, blurring, and lens distortion. 

In addition to its automatic correction tools, some of the AI-powered features that Lunimar Neo includes are the following:

  • Sky AI – automatically replaces a dull sky with a new one in a very realistic way
  • Composition AI – analyzes and adjusts the lines, crop, and perspective of the image
  • Enhance AI – a tool that optimizes exposure, contrast, and color balance to make the photo as realistic as possible
  • Also included is Background Removal AI – artificial intelligence detects your photo background and removes it effortlessly

The software is template-based. And you can save adjustments from one image and then apply them to the rest of the photos. Other features and tools include:

  • Atmosphere & Augmented Sky – allows you can create impressive landscapes and exterior photos
  • HDR Merge & Blending
  • Focus Stacking
  • And much more

Further, you don’t have to subscribe to Adobe Lightroom. But if you already use Adobe products, Luminar NEO works as a plugin.

Next, we look at our third of the best AI tools for real estate photographers, Studio 2 from Topaz. 

4. Topaz Studio 2

best ai tools for real estate

Another well-known AI tool for real estate photographers is the editing software from Topaz called Studio 2.  

Like Photoshop, Topaz Studio 2 is a layer-based editing program. A quick look at the features of Studio 2 reveals the following:

  • Automatic image enhancement and correction
  • Color, lighting, temperature, and saturation adjustments
  • Line straightening and perspective fixes
  • As well as many built-in creative AI artistic effects 
  • And Topaz Studio 2 will work as a plugin for Lightroom and Photoshop

Additionally, they offer many tutorials on each of their features to help you achieve results like the best professional photographers.

Studio 2 software is excellent for new photographers learning layer-based adjustments. However, if you’re used to Photoshop, you may find the interface somewhat limiting.

High-Quality & Consistent

Real Estate Photo Editing

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5. Pixlr AI Real Estate Photography Tool

Pixlr Homepage

Pixlr is a powerful AI editing tool that can help you create beautiful photos for real estate marketing.

This program has one tool in particular that stands out – its Auto Adjust feature. Using deep learning algorithms, it analyzes your photos and instantly makes any or all of the following adjustments:

  • Improve color and brightness
  • Enhance saturation and temperature
  • Correct contrast, shadows, and sharpness
  • Also, it straightens lines and corrects perspective flaws 

It’s impressive, and it’s 100% automatic. Further, you’ll be amazed at how fast you can edit and enhance your photos with Pixlr.

Additionally, Pixlr recently added a few other innovative AI features, such as:

  • AI Cutout – effortlessly removes backgrounds and isolates subjects in your images
  • Smart Resize – resizes images while preserving the original quality, so you can easily integrate differently sized photos across different platforms
  • AI Image Generation – simply type in words, and the AI tool will generate a custom image accordingly

Pixlr is one of the best AI tools for real estate photographers, so check it out.

6. Let’s Enhance – AI-Powered Tool for Real Estate Photographers

Let’s Enhance Homepage

Let’s Enhance is a powerful AI photo editor for more complex image enhancement tasks. 

Using advanced AI technology, it analyzes and converts low-quality images into high-resolution photos with just a click, and the results are impressive.

Also, some of the other AI-powered features that Let’s Enhance includes, are the following:

  • AI Image Enhance – automatically improves the overall quality of an image, restoring lost details and bringing out the true colors
  • Image Upscaling – AI increases resolution up to 16x without compromising quality, making images ready for high-resolution screens in seconds
  • Noise Reduction – automatically removes noise and grain from images, making them look cleaner and crisper

While Let’s Enhance is a slightly more complex program that takes a while to learn, it is still among the best AI tools for real estate photographers. 

Now that we’ve reviewed 6 of the best AI tools for real estate photographers, we have a secret we’d like to share with you. 

You can work with a dedicated photo editor who will put the best AI real estate photo editing tools to use for you – saving you precious time and money. 

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Real Estate Photo Editing

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Let a Dedicated Editor Put AI Tools to Use for You

Partnering with a dedicated photo editor means using the same photo editor or a team of editors for all your images and accounts. 

Additionally, all of PhotoUp’s dedicated photo editors use the latest and most advanced AI tools and software. 

So, you can have the best of both worlds, leveraging the best AI tools available while also saving time and money while getting consistent, high-quality results and style of photography every time.

Read more on how you can save even more money and time by finding a dedicated photo editor to use these tools for you.

Let PhotoUp help connect you with the perfect dedicated editor just for you.

How to Find the Right Dedicated Photo Editor

It’s easy to start working with a dedicated photo editor. Just follow these 2 quick steps: 

  1. Reach out to us at support@photoup.net and tell us you’re interested in testing a dedicated editor!
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Dedicated Editor Trial Batch

For more details on how to get started, take a look at our dedicated editor trial batch demo: 

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And once you’re comfortable with your dedicated photo editor, you can move into a one-month trial to kick the tires a little more.

Trust us, you’ll be thrilled once you see how affordable a dedicated editor is and how much valuable time you’ll save. 

Trust PhotoUp for the Best AI Real Estate Marketing Tools

As you already know, successful real estate marketing involves much more than photo editing. 

And you can trust PhotoUp’s full range of AI-powered tools and services for all your real estate marketing needs, including:

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