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Most regions of the country are experiencing one of the strongest real estate seller’s markets in decades. Homes are selling extremely quickly — usually in a few days, and sometimes even hours.

A seller’s market is characterized by high demand, caused by a growing number of buyers in the area, low inventory, or low-interest rates.

In such market conditions, real estate agents often question the importance of quality marketing for a home. Why spend money on marketing when the house will practically sell itself?

In this post, we’re going to explain why high-quality marketing is still crucial in a sellers market. 

Alright, let’s dive in!

Why High-Quality Marketing Is Vital in Real Estate Sales

Home sellers and their real estate agents market a home for sale for two primary reasons:

  • To inform the public that the house is available for sale
  • And to highlight the home’s features and show it in the best possible light in order to get buyers to visit the property in person and make offers

Therefore, the goal of marketing a home is to make sure buyers see and visit yours.  Marketing expands exposure, and greater exposure to market usually results in more and higher priced offers. 

The Power of Online Marketing in Real Estate

Online marketing now dominates real estate sales – MLS listings, Zillow and all the similar sites, social media, single property websites, and much more. 

And the key to effective online marketing is high-quality photography and video. Captivating images of the home are absolutely essential for home sales. 

Therefore, a full online marketing campaign would require some or all of the following:

But is all this necessary in our current strong sellers market?

Glad you asked!

It's Never Been Easier To

Promote Your Listings

Photos. Floor Plans. Virtual Staging. Home Tours. Listing Websites.

Why Real Estate Marketing Is Still Crucial in a Seller’s Market

Today’s strong sellers market translates into rising home prices, multiple offer situations, and homes selling extremely quickly — even homes that in normal market conditions might sell more slowly and for below asking price.

With homes selling so quickly and easily, many agents think all they need to do is post the listing on the MLS, stick a sign in the yard and let the market take care of the rest. 

Many agents therefore think there’s no need to pay a little more for high-quality photos, virtual staging, and other marketing tools. 

2 Main Reasons Why Marketing Still Matters in a Seller’s Market

Tempting as this strategy might be, it’s still a mistake and definitely not a good idea.

Why? Let me offer 2 reasons why high-quality marketing is still crucial in a strong sellers market:

1. Increased Property Value

Real estate photo editing by PhotoUp
Real Estate Photo Editing by PhotoUp

Successful real estate marketing helps buyers set expectations. Superb images of a home convey the value of the home and inform a buyer that this home will sell quickly and likely for over asking price. 

So, even in a strong sellers market, reaching more people with the marketing directly equates to more in-person showings of the home and higher offers.

2. Helps Sell You As an Agent

The second reason is that high-quality marketing just doesn’t help sell houses — it also helps sell you as an agent. Your marketing is a direct reflection of your skills and efforts as an agent.

Potential buyers and sellers can tell the difference between a high-powered, successful agent and a mediocre real estate salesperson. And the way they do this is by comparing the quality of agents’ marketing efforts.  

Smart agents think long term. Your marketing is not simply about the house, it’s also a statement of you and level of service you offer. 

For this reason, do not just post the home on the MLS and hope for the best. Invest in yourself and in your business and always use professional, quality marketing images and materials. 

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We hope this post helped you understand the importance of real estate marketing in a seller’s market.  Also, you may want to explore the following resources:

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