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Did you know that 78% of all expired listings are vacant? Virtual staging for real estate listings is becoming increasingly popular as a marketing tool to make empty rooms warm and inviting.

Virtual staging helps sell homes by providing every room with the look and style you’d find in a magazine which, in turn, will help sell a property for more money.

In this post, we’ll share why you should use virtual staging for real estate listings and how it can help you sell more homes for top dollar.

Why Use Virtual Staging for Real Estate Listings?

Virtual staging transforms a space into an inviting home, fully digitally furnished according to the design preferences of today’s buyers. 

“Empty houses are hard to see. Furniture provides scale, shows use, and adds light to spaces. Without it, the space is just walls, windows, floors, and ceilings. It is important to show how the space is used and how big the space is. Once you have taken care of these items, then stop decorating.”

Designer Justin M. Riordan

With different interior design styles like Scandinavian or Coastal design, you can showcase an empty space and make it look like taken directly from an interior magazine. This helps you cater to any market, from residential to high-end luxury listings.

Additionally, it also helps potential buyers visualize how the home would look when it’s fully staged and furnished and see its full potential.   

Best yet, virtual staging can also reduce the cost of staging by up to 97% compared to traditional staging. While regular home staging can cost anywhere from $300 to $10,000, the digital version of staging only costs about $20 per image.

According to real estate professional Crystal Leigh Hemphill,

“…staging a 2,000-square-foot home costs around $2,000 to $2,400 a month,” if using regular home staging. On top of that, most professional home stagers also require a 3-month minimum staging contract, even if you sell the home in 24 hours.”

Fast & Affordable

Virtual Staging Service

Interiors. Landscapes. Commercial. Virtually transform any space.

Virtually Stage Vacant Rooms to Boost Sales

Vacant homes sell for an average of $11,306 less and spend 6 more days on market compared to staged and virtually staged homes. 

So if you plan to be partially or fully moved out of your home by the time you list your home for sale, ensure you don’t post photos of a vacant home. 

While removing personal items before marketing is important, a vacant home can make it hard for a buyer to visualize the space. 

If you worry about costs adding up, you don’t have to virtually stage every room. The most important rooms to stage are your living room, master bedroom, and dining room.

It’s important to note that not all virtual staging companies are equal. You can rest assured that PhotoUp’s expert designers will ensure your digital furniture sets are modern and entirely photo-realistic.

Overall, the virtual staging process can take an empty, cluttered, or drab interior and show buyers how fantastic it could look after decorating or renovating. 

And presenting a home in its best possible light may help you sell it for top dollar.

Make the Staging Process Fast and Affordable

Not only can virtual staging reduce costs by up to 97%, but it’s also much faster than traditional home staging. 

In contrast to the days or weeks it may take to source a staging company, physically transport and set up furniture and decor, the digital counterpart only takes 24-48 hours to complete. 

When traditionally staging a home, you may also have to pay rent on physical furniture until you make the sale. And these costs can add up quickly.

Compare that to the $20 to $30 per image it costs to digitally stage a home.

As mentioned earlier, you don’t even have to stage all rooms. Only those that are the most essential for buyers to visualize fully furnished like the living room, master bedroom, and dining room.

There’s no question that virtual staging will save you a lot of money over the long term. 

Fast & Affordable

Virtual Staging Service

Interiors. Landscapes. Commercial. Virtually transform any space.

Sell Your Listing Without a Physical Showing

According to a LendingTree survey, 47% of buyers bought a home sight unseen in the past two years. This is foremost a result of the pandemic and people wanting to move out of the big cities but also because real estate marketing is improving. 

The housing market in, for example, Florida exploded after the pandemic hit because many New Yorkers bought properties directly from the listing, without even visiting the home.  

Regular drive-bys are not as common anymore since people are either buying places that are too far away to visit in person or they are too busy to see the listing for themselves. 

Virtually staged real estate photos are a great tool to showcase a home’s full potential, which is especially important if the buyer can’t attend a physical showing. Buyers can get a feel for how the space would look when fully furnished or renovated.  

Besides, you can even showcase spaces decorated in different interior design styles to ensure that the listing will appeal to more buyers, like this:

Luxury Virtual Staging Style
Luxury Style Virtual Staging by PhotoUp
Luxury Virtual Staging Style by PhotoUp
Modern Virtual Staging Style
Modern Virtual Staging Style by PhotoUp
Modern Virtual Staging Style by PhotoUp

PhotoUp’s can stage and redecorate your space using 11 different design styles, including:

Get Started With PhotoUp’s Virtual Staging Service Today!

To recap, virtual staging can make buyers feel more comfortable with the property because they can visualize what it might be like to live there. 

Buyers will have an idea of what each room can look like, which can help them make a quicker buying decision. They may even be tempted to offer a higher price on the property. 

PhotoUp’s virtual staging services include:

  • Virtually staging for vacant or furnished rooms
  • Digital decluttering, repairs, and redecoration
  • Color changes for walls, furnishings, and flooring
  • Also, virtual landscaping in form of sky replacements and green grass enhancements, staging of patio and pool areas, balconies, and more.

Unlike some other services, our virtual staging service is extremely easy to use.

PhotoUp’s user-friendly software allows you to upload your images, choose furniture sets, add instructions, and then access your high-resolution images in just a day or two. 

PhotoUp Virtual Staging Demo

Check out our brief virtual staging demo to see how easy it is to get started:

It’s really that easy!

Your virtually staged images may be the thing that separates your listing from your competition.

So sign up for a free PhotoUp account today, and let our professional real estate photo editors take your real estate listing images to the next level! 

We hope this blog post helped you realize how virtual staging for real estate listings can improve your marketing efforts and boost sales. 

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