Are you interested in traditional American interiors and want to know what a home staged in this design style could look like?

American style in interior design is composed of furnishing, wall hangings, and accessories found in homes around the nation. It’s comfortable, approachable, and instantly feels like home.

In this post, we’ll take a look at what traditional American interiors look like in a home. We’ll also cover why you should use this design style to stage your home before selling it and the best option to do this.

What Characterizes Traditional American Interiors?

American Virtual Staging Design Style by PhotoUp
American Virtual Staging Design Style by PhotoUp

For starters, traditional American interiors are characterized by warm and natural colors such as:

  • Brown
  • Beige 
  • Terracotta
  • Green
  • Soft blue and pink
  • Also, bold colors like burgundy and white are also common 

Second, the American style often uses metals for decorative components in gold, silver, bronze, and forged parts.

And other common features of traditional American interiors include:

  • Making a space look bigger by dividing it into zones
  • Lots of oversized furniture but a smaller number of accessories and decor 
  • Earthy natural colors from light beige to dark brown and green
  • Often, light wallpaper is covering the walls
  • Framed photos are hung together in large groups
  • In most cases, you will experience wood flooring painted in a light gray or brown color, laminate floor, or parquet board of light natural wood 
  • Big woolen rugs on the floor add coziness to the space
  • Also, furniture is mainly of redwood, with sparse decoration and decor
  • Not to forget, the American-style staircase is an integral part of traditional American interiors as well

Smart Use of Space 

American Virtual Staging Design Style by PhotoUp
American Virtual Staging Design Style by PhotoUp

Traditional American interiors usually include features such as a large open kitchen, dining- and living room space, plenty of furniture, and smart zoning of space. Often, any of the open areas is combined with a lounge. 

American interiors ideally reflect the hospitable character of Manhattan dwellers. In such spacious and free spaces, you can make breakfast and invite guests for dinner. Or sit comfortably next to a big, cozy fireplace.

The style is a kind of colonial and is closely connected to the English style. It was originally formed by the refined English classics and became independent with time.

Furniture in Traditional American Interiors

American Virtual Staging Design Style by PhotoUp
American Virtual Staging Design Style by PhotoUp

The furniture in American interiors is based on functional, massive, and stable furniture. And artificially aged accents or antiques are also popular pieces to include.

Typically, the furniture are made of natural, solid wood. And more often than not, there’s a colorful overlaid fireplace portal to sit and relax. 

Also, cornices, window frames, arches, ceilings, and niches are often decorated with fake decor. 

Lastly, this design style wouldn’t be complete without photos in the framework of various patriotic symbols, family relics, diplomas, and other awards.

Now, that we know the characteristics of traditional American interiors, let’s talk about why you should use this style to virtually stage your home before selling it.

Fast & Affordable

Virtual Staging Service

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American Style Virtual Staging

American Virtual Staging Design Style by PhotoUp
American Virtual Staging Design Style by PhotoUp

If you’re looking to sell your home and get top-dollar for it, staging it using the American style or other popular styles can help you do it.

But why use virtual staging, you may ask?

That’s because buyers scroll through dozens, even hundreds, of online listings in search of one that speaks to them and may not notice your listing if it doesn’t have top-notch images. 

Besides, your images have to convey a feeling to get buyers interested. Plus, help them visualize themselves living in the home.

For example, a recent 2021 study revealed that 97% of home buyers used the internet to search for homes and expect to see quality photos.

And that’s where virtual staging comes into the picture to help you create stunning property photos!

Utilize the Power of Visualization

Virtual staging is a powerful visualization tool that help showcase how a space would look when:

  • Staged
  • Redecorated
  • Decluttered and depersonalized
  • Or, even renovated.

There are no limitations to what virtual staging can do, and using the American style will appeal to many potential homebuyers in the US. 

Virtual Staging Is Cheaper Than Traditional Home Staging

Virtual staging is also cheaper than traditional home staging. 

In fact, it is generally 60-90% less expensive, and costs between $20 to $79 per image, depending on your virtual staging provider. 

Best of all, it only takes a few hours, instead of days.

So, why pay for costly and labor-intensive traditional home staging when you can use the digital counterpart without having to lift a finger?! 

For more details on how to easily get started, check out our virtual staging uploader tutorial:

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Sign up for a free PhotoUp account today, and our professional designers will add captivating American interiors to your real estate photography. 

We hope this blog post helped you realize the enormous potential of using traditional American interiors to stage your home.

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