Do you want to learn how to remove color cast in Photoshop?

Color cast in a photo can be considered an eyesore, especially in the real estate photography industry, where images need to look extra captivating. Fortunately, there are easy ways to remove color cast and boost the look of your images. 

In this post, we’ll show you 2 techniques to easily remove or neutralize a color cast in Photoshop. We’ll also explain what a color cast is.

Let’s get started!

What Is Color Cast in a Photo?

How to remove color casts in Photoshop

Color cast is a tint of a specific color in a photograph that is often unwanted and distracting. 

Certain lighting can cause film and digital cameras to render a certain color cast. 

For example, in the real estate industry, clients would consider color cast as an eyesore and rather distracting.

And we don’t want your clients to blame you for not providing them with satisfying images.

Luckily, there’s an easy fix to this problem!

That said, let’s show you how to remove color cast in Photoshop next.

2 Simple Techniques of Removing Color Cast in Photoshop

If a color cast makes your photo look unnatural, try correcting it with any of these 2 simple techniques. 

You can either watch the video tutorial or continue reading the text below:

Removing Color Cast in Photoshop: Technique 1

As you can see, a blue cast is prominent on the right-hand side of this photo, which we’ll show you how to remove:

Step 1. To get started, right click and Open Your Image in Photoshop, and Duplicate the Layer for safety.
Step 2. Then, use the Pen Tool to make a selection of the cabinet.
Step 3. Next, change the Blend Mode to Color.
Step 4. Select a Soft Round Brush. And while clicking the Alt-tab on your keyboard, you’ll see that the cursor changes, and is temporarily changing the brush to an Eye Dropper.
Step 5. Now, pick a color that is close to the real one and adjust the Opacity as needed.
Step 6. Then, do the same process for the white appliances. If you happen to brush over some areas that shouldn’t be included, we can fix that using a Layer Mask.
Step 7. Lastly, Mask Out the areas that shouldn’t have been included and needed to be restored.

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Removing Color Cast in Photoshop: Technique 2 

For this example, it would be rather tedious to paint over the wall and ceiling, so we’ll start by making a virtual copy.

Step 1. Make a Virtual Copy.
Step 2. Next, using the White Balance Selector try and Color Correct the bluish area.
Step 3. Then, select both copies and Open Them as Layers in Photoshop. 
Step 4. Now, we’ll Manually Blend Out the two exposures. First, add a Layer Mask, and then by using a Soft Round Mask, gently paint over the blue areas.
Step 5. Make sure the areas are blended properly.

And that’s it!

Final Thoughts

These 2 techniques are both effective ways of removing color cast in images. And with a bit of practice, you’ll get faster and faster at editing your photos.

However, practice takes time!

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