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Do you want to know how you can create a free apartment 3D virtual tour? As a real estate photographer or agent, you understand the importance of showcasing properties in their best possible light.

While traditional photos and videos are still popular, 3D virtual tours represent an interactive 3D model of an apartment that can help you show off its features without having to attend a physical showing.

In this post, we’ll show you how to create a free apartment 3D virtual tour in minutes to help sell your listing. We’ll also cover what a virtual tour is and the advantages of using 3D tours to market your property.

Let’s dive in! 

What Is an Apartment 3D Virtual Tour for Real Estate?

Apartment 3D Virtual Tour by PhotoUp
Apartment 3D Virtual Tour by PhotoUp – Click on the Image to View the Demo Tour

An apartment 3D virtual tour represents an interactive 3D model of an apartment.

3D tours are widely used in real estate and hospitality as a way of providing potential customers with an online “walk-through” of the space from any location.

These tours can be accessed online and allow users to navigate through the property as if they were physically present, using either their computer or a virtual reality headset.

Here are some recent stats explaining how effective 3D virtual tours are:

  • 61% of buyers said they wished more listings included 3D tours 
  • 46% of millennial buyers said they would be confident making an offer on a home they toured virtually
  • Also, recent studies found that real estate listings featuring virtual tours are clicked on 40% more often than those using still photos alone

Best yet, agents and sellers can easily share the apartment 3D virtual tour on their listings, social media, the MLS, and single property websites for ultimate exposure. 

Advantages of Apartment 3D Virtual Tours

3D Virtual Tour by PhotoUp – Click on the Image to View the Demo Tour
3D Virtual Tour by PhotoUp – Click on the Image to View the Demo Tour

Let’s now explore some benefits of using 3D virtual tours for your apartment listings. 

1. Offers a More Immersive Experience 

Most real estate photographers know that traditional photos only capture so much when it comes to showcasing a property. 

With an apartment 3D virtual tour, however, viewers can get a much more immersive experience as they virtually “walk-through” the space from any location. 

This allows potential buyers to get a better feel for what it would be like to live or work in the space, which can make all the difference when it comes to making a sale or rental. 

2. Increased Visibility 

3D virtual tours also offer other benefits such as increased visibility with prospective buyers. 

By providing this type of immersive tour online, you are able to reach more people than ever before—even those who may not be able to physically visit the property due to distance or other issues. 

This gives you access to a larger pool of interested parties and increases your chances of making a sale or rental agreement quickly and efficiently. 

3. Saves Time and Money 

Finally, utilizing 3D tours helps you save time and money by allowing you to showcase properties without having to physically visit them each time there is an interested buyer or renter. 

As an agent or Realtor, you no longer need to spend time driving out to take pictures or videos. Instead, you can use existing scans in your listings whenever necessary, allowing you more time for other tasks and building fruitful relationships with clients.  

All in all, using 3D virtual tours, virtual staging, or real estate walk through videos for your listings are excellent ways to provide potential buyers with an immersive experience without having to physically visit the property.

Not only does this increase visibility with more potential buyers, but it also saves valuable time and money that can be put toward other aspects of running your business successfully. 

It's Time To Level-Up Your

Real Estate Marketing

Capture more leads with virtual tours and single property websites.

How to Create a Free Apartment 3D Virtual Tour in 5 Minutes

With PhotoUp’s virtual tour service, you can create a free 3D tour to try our services out. Our software is super easy to use and it’ll only take you 5 minutes to create your first demo tour.

PhotoUp’s virtual home tours allow you to:

  • Use any 360 camera that shoots JPEGs
  • Take advantage of AI enhancement to boost image quality
  • Get white-labeled images and links
  • Take full control over your tours with simple image pinning for each scene
  • Show off home upgrades and amenities by pinning home notes to images
  • Get unlimited hosting for your virtual tours
  • And more.

In minutes, you can create beautiful, simple virtual tours to help your clients market properties and attract leads.

All you need to do is: 

  1. Take photos of the space using a 360 camera
  2. Upload your images to our software
  3. Create your virtual tour from walkthrough to exit
  4. Publish and share it on all your networks

PhotoUp Virtual Tour Demo

Have a look at our virtual tour demo to see how you can start creating your first tour:

As simple as that!

PhotoUp Is Your Real Estate Marketing Partner

Additionally, PhotoUp is a complete one-stop-shop and also offers other real estate marketing services such as:

Floor Plan by PhotoUp
Floor Plan by PhotoUp

We have everything you need to market your real estate listings under one roof!

Sign up for a free PhotoUp account today, and learn how our virtual tours can give your listing the wow factor it deserves!

We hope this blog post helped you understand how to create a free apartment 3D virtual tour that will attract homebuyers and help you sell your apartment at rocket speed.

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