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Do you want to know how individual property websites can boost sales and help you sell a listing faster for top dollar?

Using an individual property website to market your listing will help you deliver a wow factor by tailoring a mini-website with a custom domain to promote the sale of a property.

More specifically, it allows you to provide homebuyers access to detailed information about a property and highlight all its special features, which can accelerate the sale.

In this post, we’ll share 4 ways individual property websites can boost sales. We’ll also explain what individual property sites are and their main advantages.

Alright, let’s get started!

What Are Individual Property Websites?

Single property website by PhotoUp

Individual property websites, also called single property websites or single property listing sites are mini-websites or landing pages with their own unique URL. 

They have one purpose: to showcase properties that are on the market and help to advance sales.

Thanks to new ground-breaking technology in web development, it’s now easier than ever to create a single listing website without having to be a web developer or techie. (We’ll show you exactly how easy it is to build one in the section: Increase Sales With PhotoUp’s Single Property Websites).

With a single listing site, you can create a landing page specifically for your listing. On this page, you can then focus on highlighting what you feel are the best selling points for the property. As well as provide homebuyers with all the necessary details to make a purchase decision. 

4 Ways to Boost Sales With an Individual Property Website 

Individual property websites

As mentioned, you can boost a home’s value and accelerate sales by using an individual property website to market your listing.

Here are 4 ways these sites can help you sell a listing faster and for top dollar:

1. Leverage the Power of Visualization

With the ability to add detailed information, images, video tours, floor plans, and disclosure documents, homebuyers can get a feel for the property and imagine themselves living in the home.

Besides, promoting a listing on a unique URL and landing page also creates a sense of exclusivity and luxury that can help you sell it at a higher price. 

Overall, an individual property site is a powerful marketing tool that gives buyers a vision of the home. It can also yield more traffic and leads than traditional marketing tactics. This is particularly useful for historic or luxury homes.

It will help you put your listing in front of more people and provide them with a step-by-step walkthrough of the property before visiting it. Sometimes, help sell it without even having a physical showing. 

2. Beat Any MLS or Zillow Listing

When using websites like the MLS or Zillow, some vital information about the home may be ignored. These listings generally only show photos, a few details, and a brief description. 

While MLS listings are good for keeping track of a number of properties, they don’t provide the same level of attention to detail that homebuyers need to be able to make a purchase decision.

Additionally, individual property websites come with a unique URL and other SEO features, offering your listing better exposure online. In fact, statistics show that single listing sites can drive 55% more traffic to your listing.

Capture More Business With

Single Property Websites

6 professionally designed listing websites you can launch in 5 minutes.

3. Provide Easy Access to Disclosure Documents

More importantly, you can also provide direct access to your disclosure documents.

This provides prospective homebuyers with immediate access to the critical information needed before deciding to submit an offer. 

And with that, you can discover your hot leads that are most likely to buy the property and target them! 

Also, these single listing sites come with pre-built-in lead capture forms that will notify you as soon as a potential buyer shows interest in the listing. Or the second they are downloading content about the property such as digital flyers, floor plans, pictures, and more.

4. Take Advantage of Shareability to Generate More Leads

Shareability can generate more leads

Next, shareability is another big factor that can generate more leads and boost sales.

When building a single property website, you don’t just leave it up to automated feeds and aggregators to share your listing.

Instead, you can make a big impact by taking more control of how you share your listing with your network. Whether that is other agents and brokers, or investors. 

Other Advantages of Individual Property Websites

Other Advantages of Individual Property Websites

With individual property websites, you have the opportunity to walk a buyer through every part of a home without having to attend a single meeting. 

The buyer can discover all of the elements of a property from the comfort of their home, which is a huge advantage in pandemic times.

With that being said, here are some other advantages of individual property websites:

  • For one, the ability to showcase one listing at a time in detail rather than to display multiple listings in general terms adds exclusivity and a sense of luxury to a listing.
  • It also allows you to leverage pre-built-in lead capture forms to collect email addresses. With that, you also have the ability to keep sending relevant offers to your leads.
  • Having a unique URL allows for fewer distractions and less of a chance that a viewer clicks away from your property and onto someone else’s.
  • Single listing sites can be beneficial from an SEO perspective since Google tends to rank them higher in the search results due to their specific nature.
  • Lastly, they’re more affordable (starting at the low cost of $9), and offer higher conversion rates.

Capture More Business With

Single Property Websites

6 professionally designed listing websites you can launch in 5 minutes.

Increase Sales With PhotoUp’s Single Property Websites

Single property website themes by PhotoUp
Single Property Website Themes by PhotoUP

With PhotoUp’s single property websites, you can build a professional and luxurious landing page to market your listing and publish it to go live in minutes.

Our easy drag-and-drop builder provides access to all the tools you’ll need to create your website and optimize it for search engines.

For example, PhotoUp’s single property websites come with features and tools such as:

  • Professional Themes: Choose between 6 professionally designed themes, each with a matching property flyer.
  • Property Details: Add a detailed property description, home price, beds, baths, size, lot size, garage details, and more.
  • Image Galleries: Display your real estate photos in modern photo galleries with enlarged lightbox viewing.
  • Walk-Through Videos: Add a smartphone or professionally shot property walk-through video to impress potential buyers. Also, include floor plans, 3D virtual tours, and more.
  • Show the Property’s Location: Our Google Maps integration displays the location of the listing and allows buyers to quickly get directions.
  • Custom Colors and Branding: Select the primary and secondary color of the listing agent and our sites instantly update. Plus, add a profile picture and contact information to build brand awareness.
  • Top Amenities: List 3 to 6 of your listing’s top-selling points to highlight on your site.
  • Lead Generation: Our integrated contact forms let you capture home buyer leads interested in your listing and continue sending them relevant offers.
  • Social Media Integration: Prospective homebuyers can contact the listing agent directly via social media links and easily share the listing with a single click of a button. 
  • Call-to-Action: More importantly, the clear “Request Viewing” CTA button will improve conversions. 

Getting Started Is As Easy As 1-2-3!

The good news is that our website builder is straightforward and user-friendly, not requiring you to have any web developer experience.

To get started, create a free PhotoUp account, and simply start adding your property information, images, price, video tours, contact details, etc. 

PhotoUp Property Website Builder

You can see exactly how easy it is to build your single property website in this video tutorial:

As simple as that!

As you can see, much of the work is already done for you. And you, more or less, only have to add the property’s information and images.

Best of all, you can have your single property website up running in minutes at the low cost of $9.

So, sign-up for a PhotoUp account, and start building your luxurious single property website today!

We hope this post helped you understand how individual property websites can boost sales and help you sell a listing for top dollar. 

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