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Are you a real estate professional looking to elevate your listings with the power of great photography? 

Remember to invest in professional property photos to truly capture and showcase the beauty and value of your listings.

In this post, we’ll shed some light on the benefits of professional real estate photography for selling homes fast and at a higher price. 

Let’s dive in!

5 Benefits of Professional Property Photography

Real estate is an incredibly visual industry—the first impression can be the pivotal moment that swings a potential buyer into a committed customer. 

Amid the bustling online platforms where real estate listings multiply by the hour, professional property photos stand as a crucial differentiating factor in catching the attention of clientele. 

This holds immense significance for both real estate photographers and agents who work tirelessly to display properties in their best light.

Here are 5 benefits of professional real estate photography worth considering.

1. The Impact of Visual Appeal

In today’s digital age, where 99% of home searchers use the Internet to search for a home, a listing’s visual appeal is non-negotiable. 

Statistics reveal that listings featuring professional photos garner more online attention, receive more views, and have a higher chance of selling quickly compared to those with amateur images. 

For instance, listings with professional photos earn a 1,200% increase in social media shares. And 68% of potential buyers say that great photos made them want to visit the home.

From an agent perspective, 52.02% of Realtors who use professional photography believe that professional photos increase sales prices.

Overall, professional property photos capture the essence of the property, highlighting its best features and allowing prospects to imagine their future lives within those walls.

2. Increased Perceived Value

Professional property photos not only illustrate what a home looks like but also establish a perceived value. 

They send a message that the property is worth the investment of both time and money. 

This perception can translate to real financial metrics, as listings with professional photos often list at higher prices and can potentially result in better selling prices.

In fact, homes featuring professionally edited photos receive 47% higher asking prices per square foot.

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3. Standing Out in a Competitive Market

In a crowded market, individual listings can easily get lost in a sea of thumbnails on real estate websites. 

Professional photography ensures that your listings grab the necessary eyeballs. For example, property listings featuring high dynamic range (HDR) photos sell 50% faster and increase online views by 118%.

Additionally, homes with drone photos or aerial photos sell 68% faster.

Using the right angles, lighting techniques, and post-processing, real estate photographers can produce images that make your property pop out from the screen.

4. Engaging More Effectively With Potential Home Buyers

As mentioned, 99% of the real estate buying process often begins with online research. 

Listings with high-quality photos are more likely to engage and retain the attention of potential buyers. 

By presenting a property in the best possible way, you’re effectively enhancing the engagement on the listing, potentially increasing the likelihood of physical walkthroughs.

5. A Reflection on the Agent’s Brand

61.3% of brokers believe high-quality photography is ‘crucial’ for selling homes. Still, only 35% of agents employ professional photographers.

Remember that the quality of your listings reflects directly on your brand as a real estate agent. 

By insisting on professional photography, you’re showing current and prospective clients that you’re committed to providing top-notch service. 

The attention to detail in your listings broadcasts your dedication to excellence in every aspect of your job.

High-Quality Photography Is Crucial for Real Estate Sales

For real estate photographers, understanding the immense impact your work has on real estate listings is paramount. 

You’re not just taking pictures; you’re crafting a narrative, telling a story, and helping build someone’s dream. Your skill turns spaces into places where memories will be created and futures will unfold.

In conclusion, professional property photos are more than just a pretty portfolio. 

They’re a critical tool in the competitive real estate industry, directly influencing engagement, perceived value, and ultimately, the successful selling of properties. 

Real estate agents and photographers alike must recognize the integral role high-quality visuals play in the property selling process.

Remember, when it comes to real estate listings, a picture isn’t just worth a thousand words—it’s potentially worth thousands of dollars.

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Work With a Professional Real Estate Photo Editing Service

Professional real estate photo editing is essential to any successful real estate photography business.

You want to always focus on the following two facts:

  • The quality of your property photos can make or break a real estate deal
  • This is why smart property photographers hire skilled photo editors to post-process their real estate images

Professional photo editors employ the latest software and technology to make photos look stunning, realistic, and captivating. 

But don’t rely on random editors. There are many compelling reasons why property photographers should hire a dedicated real estate photo editor.

PhotoUp Dedicated Real Estate Photo Editor
PhotoUp Dedicated Real Estate Photo Editors

Dedicated photo editing means hiring the same photo editor or a team of photo editors to work on all your photos and accounts. 

For less than $10 per hour, working with the same editor or team of editors helps maintain a consistent style that helps differentiate your brand and services. 

How to Get Started With a Dedicated Editor

Getting started with a dedicated editor is easy. Sign up for a free PhotoUp account, and we will help you with the following:

  • We’ll set up a test order from three potential editors
  • Then, conduct a trial period with your favorite editor 
  • If you’re satisfied with the results and service, we assign them as your dedicated photo editor

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It’s really that easy to get started with a dedicated editor and boost image quality and consistency!

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We hope this blog post helped you realize the importance of professional property photos when selling real estate. Before you go, you may also want to check out some related resources: 

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