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Are you considering using eSoft for real estate photo editing services? If so, you should read this extensive review first!

In our review, we are going to take a comprehensive look at the real estate photo editing services provided by eSoft.

Our review will include a deep look at their ordering process, pricing options, image quality with examples, their revision process, customer support, as well as their other marketing services.

Overall Rating Table

Let’s start with an overall comparison of eSoft’s and PhotoUp’s real estate photo editing services:

Overall Rating
3.1 4.8
Provider esoft PhotoUp
Current Ranking 9th of 25 1st of 25
Best For n/a overall
Cost per Image $0.55-$1.40 $1.00-$1.50 per image
Turnaround Time 4-12 hours 12-24 hours
Overall Quality quite good excellent
Consistency most notes followed all notes followed
Cost of Single Shot/HDR $0.55-$1.40 $1.00-$1.50 per image
Rush Delivery no yes, 12 hours rush= 50% extra
Cost per Revision 1-2 free revisions free revisions
Volume Discount yes varies
Order Form Interface hard to learn/navigate good & easy to learn
Turnaround Time 4-12 hours 12-24 hours
Weekend Service limited yes
Upload Speed fast & smooth fast & smooth
Payment Accepted debit/credit, PayPal, ACH debit/credit, ACH
Photo Editing yes yes
Video Editing yes yes
Virtual Staging yes yes
Floor Plans yes yes
Virtual Assistants no yes
Systems and Extras
White labeled sub-Photographer Accounts no yes
Photo Delivery no yes
Property Websites yes yes
Home Flyers no yes
Photo Backup no yes
Online Scheduling no yes
Virtual Tours yes yes
Support FAQ no yes
Email yes yes
Chat yes yes
USA Phone no yes
Response Time 24hours + or no reply 5 min
Other Services
  • photo editing
  • video editing and video tours
  • virtual staging
  • property specific websites
  • floor plan
  • photo editing
  • virtual staging
  • video editing
  • single property websites
  • house portraits
  • virtual assistants
  • custom websites
  • virtual tours


  • Ranked 9th of 25
  • best for: n/a
  • $0.55-$1.40 per Image
  • 4-12 hours turnaround time


  • overall quality: quite good
  • consistency: most notes followed


  • $0.55-$1.40 per Image
  • rush delivery: no
  • 1-2 free revisions
  • volume discount: yes


  • 4-12 hours turnaround time
  • Weekend Service
  • upload speed: fast & smooth
  • payment accepted: debit/credit, PayPal, ACH


  • Photo Editing
  • Video Editing
  • Virtual Staging
  • Floor Plans
  • Virtual Assistants

System and Extras

  • White Labeled Sub-photographer Accounts
  • Photo Delivery
  • Property Websites
  • Home Flyers
  • Photo Backup
  • Online Scheduling
  • Virtual Tours


  • FAQ
  • Email
  • Chat
  • Chat
  • USA Phone
  • response time: 24hours + or no reply


  • Ranked 1st of 25
  • best for: overall
  • $1.00-$1.50 per image
  • 12-24 hours turnaround time


  • overall quality: excellent
  • consistency: all notes followed


  • $1.00-$1.50 per image
  • rush delivery: yes, 12 hours rush= 50% extra
  • free revisions
  • volume discount: varies


  • 12-24 hours turnaround time
  • Weekend Service
  • upload speed: fast & smooth
  • payment accepted: debit/credit, ACH


  • Photo Editing
  • Video Editing
  • Virtual Staging
  • Floor Plans
  • Virtual Assistants

System and Extras

  • White Labeled Sub-photographer Accounts
  • Photo Delivery
  • Property Websites
  • Home Flyers
  • Photo Backup
  • Online Scheduling
  • Virtual Tours


  • FAQ
  • Email
  • Chat
  • Chat
  • USA Phone
  • response time: 5 min

OK, now that our side-by-side comparison is done, let’s dive in and examine eSoft’s real estate photo editing services. 

eSoft Overview

eSoft is a global real estate marketing company with offices in Denmark, United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam. They specialize in photo editing, virtual staging, video tours, and other visual real estate marketing support.

Founded in 2000, today they employ over 850 digital photo editors, serving real estate sales professionals in over 30 countries. 

Now with that basic introduction, let’s get our review of eSoft’s real estate photo editing services underway.


First, let’s start by taking a look at eSoft’s pricing for their real estate photo editing services. 

The website repeatedly states the company’s commitment to transparent pricing. 

Unfortunately, by transparent, I think they mean invisible because I couldn’t immediately find a pricing list or any pricing information. 

When a company won’t give you pricing information upfront, it raises an eyebrow at best and leads me to think that their pricing might not be competitive.

More importantly, who wants to go down the path of creating an account and placing an order before knowing what it will all cost?

As I will detail below, it took over four days to finally be able to place an order with eSoft. And only at that point, I was able to learn the following about their pricing:

Ordering From eSoft

Next, let’s talk about how the real estate photo editing ordering experience with eSoft went.

1. Placing an Order

One of the first things I noticed about eSoft’s website was that there was no Place an Order button. Nor was there anything about Creating an Account.

Why companies who want you to work with them, make it so hard to do so, is something I’ll never understand. 

After a few clicks and scrolling down quite a bit I finally found the Tell Us About You form, asking for my basic information. 

One of their key questions was how many photos a month I usually need to be edited. 

Right away, this tipped me off that eSoft likely caters to larger, high-volume clients and that they may not be interested in working with me, a smaller, lower-volume client.

In my real estate sales business, I typically average a listing a month, so I’d need 30-40 photos edited at any one time.  

Anyway, I completed the short intake form and received a pop-up message that someone from eSoft would get back to me shortly.

2. Training Chatbots

After completing the form, I waited … and waited.  

Having not heard back from eSoft for almost 10 hours, I reached out again, this time using their live-customer support chat function.

I started to explain that I wanted to place an order for real estate photo editing, and had earlier filled out the intake form, but hadn’t heard back.

However, I quickly realized that I wasn’t talking to a real person, but a chatbot.

And to add to my growing frustration, the bot couldn’t understand what I was asking. 

After 2 more attempts at rewording my question, the bot apologized and told me that it was a new bot and still learning.

I don’t know about you, but I have better things to do with my time than helping train a customer service chatbot.

I then tried calling their customer support phone line but got a recorded message telling me to please fill out the online intake form. 

So, I filled out the form again, hoping I’d soon hear back.

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3. Four and a Half Days Later

After a full day of not hearing back from eSoft, I assumed that I must be too small a client for them to want to work with and I moved on, planning on using another real estate photo editing service.

Then, four and half days later, I received an email from eSoft, thanking me for my inquiry and referring me to a different company called Image Life.

Image Life is a spin-off of eSoft that works with smaller, lower-volume clients. 

The fact that it took them over 4 days to refer me to someone else was highly annoying, to say the least. 

Still, I decided to give Image Life a try.

4. Uploading the Photos

Thankfully, it was easy to create an account and upload photos with Image Life. Here’s how it went:

  • The image uploading function is built-in to the ordering process — you don’t have to use a different function or third-party site
  • My photos – 24 in total, and fairly large — were uploaded in a little over 30 minutes
  • Fortunately, there were no uploading failures

5. Turnaround Time

eSoft (Image Life) tells you that they usually deliver your finished photos in 12 hours. You can also opt for a 4-hour rush delivery time, which costs a bit more. 

eSoft  (Image Life) delivered my photos rather quickly, within 12  hours. That’s a fairly decent turnaround time. 

Unfortunately, I would have been more impressed if they hadn’t taken over 4 full days to let me place an order in the first place. 

Well, now having detailed the disaster with customer support and the long delay in the ordering process, let’s turn our attention to the overall results. 

Photo Editing Examples

My real estate photo editing order with eSoft … ah, I mean Image Life … was for 24 HDR photos to be blended into 8 finished images. 

Also, I had a few additional editing instructions, including: 

  • Sky replacement on all the exterior shots
  • Remove the cars on all exterior images
  • Grass greening on one exterior photo 
  • Window masking on all interior photos
  • For the bathroom photo, remove a small towel

And as you will see, the quality of the work was nothing outstanding, but good.

The HDR blending looked fine.

The sky replacement on my exterior photos was satisfactory, but they replaced my original bland sky, with an equally bland one. 

The interior image editing was fine, although they did crop out part of the shelf on the left of the image, which I was not pleased with.

They seemed to have no trouble removing the hand towel from the bathroom, which I was pleased with.


One of the exterior photos had some uneven brown and green grass surrounding the property. So I asked for a revision of greening the grass to make the lawns look more even. 

I went back to my order, selected the photo to revise, explained my revision, and clicked Submit

Again, rather quickly, I received my revised photo. Except, there appeared to be no changes or revisions.

Knowing that everyone is human and makes mistakes, I resubmitted my revision a second time, explaining the issue with my first attempt.

It took them a bit longer to get back to me the second time. However, again, there were no changes to the original photo. 

After all the waiting, and after receiving average results — at this point, I simply gave up trying to work with them. 

Can you notice any difference between the original and the revised photo? Me neither. 

Image Quality

In summary, the quality of eSoft’s (Image Life’s) real estate photo editing was average. 

They followed my initial editing requests but botched (twice) the simple revision I asked for. 

Needless to say, waiting over four days for averagely edited photos is not my idea of a quality customer experience. 

As we approach the end of this review, let’s turn our attention to eSoft’s customer support.

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eSoft’s Support

As noted earlier, my experience with eSoft’s customer support was painfully slow and frustrating. 

Granted, they do offer multiple contact options, including:

  • Telephone support (Non-US)
  • Email support
  • And Chat

I must note, they do provide telephone and email contact information for some of their executive team. 

But to be honest, I wasn’t inclined to contact a C-level corporate officer to ask about my photo editing order. 

Also, I should note, that eSoft does not offer 24/7 customer service. Instead, they offer 24/6 service hours. 

Additional Services

eSoft offers a full, robust range of real estate marketing services:

  • Photo editing
  • Virtual staging
  • Video editing and tours
  • Property specific websites
  • And even floor plans

They also provide custom marketing solutions — including digital marketing campaigns, SEO, and other creative services. Reading about these services, I had to admit they sounded impressive. 

But they only want to work with larger clients, meaning that most real estate photographers, even those with relatively high volume — don’t qualify.

Image Life, their portal for smaller real estate photography clients, currently only offers photo editing services, but is planning on offering virtual staging soon.

If I were to use Image Life for my photo editing, I’d have to turn to other service providers for my other real estate marketing needs — such as single property websites or floor plans

Having to split work among different vendors is very inconvenient and often not cost-efficient. 

So, having noted the issue of limited service options, let’s now conclude our review of eSoft’s real estate photo editing services.

Pros and Cons of eSoft

But first, as a quick overview, here are some pros and cons of working with eSoft (Image Life):

Fast turnaround timePoor customer support
Average photo editing resultsUnreliable service and long wait times
Affordable photo editing Limited range of services

Verdict: Can I Recommend eSoft’s Photo Editing?

So, was my experience with eSoft (Image Life) positive enough to recommend their services to others? To answer in a word — no

First, unless you’re a large client in need of high volume real estate photo editing, they appear not to be interested in working with you and direct you to their site for smaller clients that don’t offer many services.

And, yes, they are affordable and offer fast turnaround times — but only after extremely long delays getting set up to work with them. 

Further, they failed to provide the simple photo editing revisions I had requested. 

So, here’s a piece of advice — if you want even better quality photo editing, world-class customer support, and a wider range of real estate marketing services, PhotoUp is a better choice. 

PhotoUp offers outstanding real estate photo editing and can handle any editing job — big or small — and they won’t turn down or ignore smaller clients. 

Also, they provide a full range of real estate marketing services, including:

So, why wait?

Sign up for a free PhotoUp account today, and explore how they can help with all your photo editing needs and more!

We hope you enjoyed this review of eSoft’s (Image Life’s) real estate photo editing and that you found it useful for your future decision-making.  

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