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Are you a photographer looking for the best camera equipment for real estate photography?

Finding the best camera equipment can mean the difference between delivering high-quality images to your clients and spending a lot of extra time on post-processing.

So, which cameras, equipment, and accessories are best for real estate photography?

In this article, we’ll list our choices of the best camera equipment for real estate photography in terms of performance and popularity.

Let’s get started!

Real Estate Photography Equipment – Best Cameras

best camera equipment for real estate photography

The good news is that you don’t need an expensive camera or a lot of high-end gear for real estate photography.

Since real estate photography isn’t a fast-action sport or another highly demanding genre, the equipment is relatively straightforward. 

Granted, higher-end, professional cameras provide more resolution, greater dynamic range, and more advanced bracketing functions. Still, in this case, you only need a camera that offers excellent image quality from its raw files, good bracketing features, and a flash-hot shoe.

With that in mind, here are 3 of the more popular and proven cameras widely used in the real estate sales industry.

1. The Nikon Z7 II

First on our list of the best cameras for real estate photography is the Nikon Z7II

best camera equipment for real estate photography

Real estate photographers love this camera for its robust bracketing features:

  • It’s capable of up to nine frames, with incremental options 
  • The base ISO of 64 is perfect for over-lit interiors or exteriors

Take a look at these additional, attractive features:

  • Sensor: 45.7 Megapixel full-frame
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds (body only)
  • Consistent image results
  • Up to 4K video
  • Solid-body quality

Another benefit of this camera is that it allows you to carry over settings from stills to video, saving considerable time.

2. Canon 5D Mark IV

The Canon 5D Mark IV is another top choice for real estate photographers. 

best camera equipment for real estate photography

It’s easy to see why, given this camera offers the following benefits:

  • Superb performance in a wide variety of lighting conditions
  • The ability to shoot in Dual Pixel Raw format
  • Includes Wi-Fi control capacity
  • It can shoot up to 30.6 megapixels and 4K video

Basically, this camera is extremely well-suited for real estate photography.

3. Nikon D850

Third on our list is Nikon’s answer to the Canon 5D Mark IV is the Nikon D850

best camera equipment for real estate photography

This is another camera that is overwhelmingly popular with real estate photographers who report its outstanding performance. 

A few of the important features of the D850 include the following: 

  • Capable of shooting at 45.6 megapixels with a high-res sensor
  • Excellent results, even in low light
  • Bluetooth Wi-Fi capabilities
  • Can shoot in 4K video 

All in all, this camera is another go-to option for real estate photography equipment.

Having discussed some of the best cameras, let’s look at some of the better lenses for real estate photography.

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Best Camera Equipment for Real Estate Photography 

Selecting the right camera is half the battle to find the best real estate photography equipment. Other gear matters, too.

Let’s turn our attention to lenses, tripods, and lighting. 

1. Top Lenses for Real Estate Photography

Since real estate photography involves shooting a range of spaces, from wide-open exteriors to small detailed interiors, one photo shoot might require several lens types.

best camera equipment for real estate photography

The following list highlights the more popular lenses for real estate photography:

Depending on your camera, any of the above lenses would be ideal for your real estate photography needs. 

2. Tripods for Real Estate Photography

For real estate photography, a wide range of tripods will work. Still, it’s worth considering a few issues specific to the genre:

  • Make sure the tripod feet are safe for use on wood floors and other scratch-prone surfaces
  • A lightweight tripod will be easier to carry while walking around the property
  • However, a solid, heavier tripod will do a better job of keeping your images perfectly framed
Tripods for Real Estate Photography

The following are our suggestions for some of the best tripods for real estate photography:

  • With carbon fiber legs, the MT190CXPRO4 is one of the more popular choices
  • The versatility and light weight make the GEEKOTO 75” Tripod an excellent option
  • If you’re looking for a tripod that offers durability and stability for a great price, consider Manfrotto’s MT190XPRO4 

Generally speaking, many tripod models would work well in most real estate situations. Experiment with a few until you find the one right for you. 

3. Lighting Options for Real Estate Photography

Depending on your style of real estate photography, lighting equipment may be completely unimportant or essential. 

Lighting Options for Real Estate Photography

Whatever your style, it’s best to bring at least one lighting source in case you encounter poorly lit rooms or spaces. With that in mind, a simple bounce flash can easily add light to the scene naturally.

In terms of the best camera equipment for real estate photography, here are our lighting suggestions:

Remember that there will be many moments when the built-in camera flash will suffice for a particular shot.

Recap – Best Camera Equipment for Real Estate Photography

best camera equipment for real estate photography

Reviewing the best camera equipment for real estate photography, it becomes clear that you can deliver professional results even on a modest budget.

Here’s a recap of our equipment review. 

  • Almost any camera will do – the body is only part of the equation; the right lens is just as important
  • A moderately wide-angled lens capable of 14-24mm should suffice
  • Look for a stable, but lightweight tripod – there are many options out there
  • While special lighting is usually not necessary for real estate photography, having a quality flash is a good idea

That summarizes our thoughts on the best camera equipment for real estate photography. 

Lastly, one more consideration is the importance of using the best photo editing service for all your real estate photos. 

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