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In recent years, real estate photo editing has increased in importance when selling homes. Today, over 97% of home buyers begin their search online, looking through hundreds of real estate pictures to find the right home. 

As a result, having high-quality listing photos is an absolute must. Beautiful, compelling photography is crucial in today’s real estate industry.

To capture — and keep — buyers’ attention, the photos must be impressive, therefore you’ll want your real estate photos professionally edited. 

So, in this post, we’re going to discuss the benefits of hiring a professional real estate photo editing service.

Why Is Real Estate Photo Editing Important to Market Listings?

Appealing listing photos lead buyers to look more closely at a property, increasing the chances they’ll schedule a showing. 

And today, buyers are simply expecting every listing to have abundant and amazing photography. Poor-quality listing photos can easily harm a real estate sale.

Also, real estate marketing has moved beyond the days when an agent’s cell phone camera sufficed and the unedited images simply could be uploaded to the MLS. 

The goal of photo editing is crisp, rich, realistic real estate images that are precise in representing the range of lighting and color intensity levels, giving the photos a polished look.

When done right, professional photo editing can boost the quality of real estate photo posts, attract more visitors, and thus increase the chances of a solid sale.

So, how do you ensure that you’ll get the absolute best real estate photography results? In two, simple ways:

Yes, there are some do-it-yourself photo editing programs and apps.  Unfortunately, when applied by an inexperienced photo editor, they easily produce unrealistic and off-the-mark results. 

Remember, first impressions matter, and stunning photos help sell homes more quickly and for higher prices. 

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5 Benefits of Professional Real Estate Photo Editing

As we’ve explained, the highest-quality photography is vital for attracting buyers to schedule showings and make offers on your listing.  

Therefore, let’s dive a bit deeper and look at some particular benefits of professional photo editing. 

1. Accurate Color and Exposure 

Color matters greatly when trying to get a feel for a room or space. The color of walls, carpeting, and flooring, even the cabinets matter when a buyer is considering whether they like the decor scheme or not. 

Also, dark areas and poor lighting make a room seem drab and unappealing. Therefore, professional photo editing will ensure that:

  • Exposure levels are correct
  • Lighting isn’t skewing any of the rooms or spaces
  • The colors exactly match in the photos and real life

You can’t overstate the importance of accurate color and exposure in online real estate photos.

2. Eliminating Flaws, Wrinkles, and Imperfections

Professional photo editing and retouching can eliminate any flaws, such as:

  • Fingerprints on appliances or windows
  • Dust and/or lint on furniture
  • Excess glare from lighting or flash
  • Wrinkles on a bedspread
  • Or any other imperfection 

In other words, professional photo editing ensures that every photo looks its best and that there are no mistakes or distortions in any of the images.

Here’s an example of the magic PhotoUp’s expert photo editors can perform:

3. Making Sky Replacements

Sometimes the sky in exterior photos looks drab or excessively gray. Or maybe it’s an interior shot with too much glare coming in from one of the windows. 

Skilled editors can address these situations by using, for example, sky replacement and window masking.

And these same techniques can be used to green a brown lawn or touch up and enhance landscaping. 

4. Correcting Perspective and Lines

Many interior real estate photos suffer from distorted linear lines. Examples of where line distortions tend to happen include:

  • Ceiling and corners
  • Cabinet edges
  • Windows and their framing and treatments
  • Larger furniture or decorative objects

However, careful, professional photo editing can straighten things after the shoot using cropping overlays and vertical/horizontal transform tools.

5. Declutter & Depersonalize Rooms and Spaces

When it comes to interior real estate photo editing — often less is more.

No one likes a cluttered room filled with too many items. Clean and open space makes rooms look larger, sophisticated, and more inviting.  

Photo editing can be used to clear out unwanted items from rooms and spaces, including:

  • Decluttering surfaces, tables and countertops help make a home look clean and inviting
  • Removing unneeded furnishings and accessories from rooms
  • Furnishing dining tables with simple place settings
  • Taking away unwanted items on shelves and inside closets

Additionally, you want the home to look somewhat generic so that potential buyers can easily imagine themselves living in the space. 

Therefore, using photo editing or virtual staging to remove personal items from rooms is one solution: 

  • Eliminating family photos, vacation items, and anything with your client’s name on it 
  • Removing children’s schoolwork, art, and other papers on the refrigerator or walls
  • Or, why not virtually redecorate or renovate outdated spaces?

The above considerations are only some of the many benefits of using a professional real estate photo editing service — so much can be done with today’s photo editing technology. 

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How to Hire a Professional Real Estate Photo Editing Service

Now you understand how professional real estate photo editing results in polished, professional images that allow you to stand out from your competitors and shine in front of your clients.

So, hire only the best professional photo editing service and work with PhotoUp.  

With more than 10 years in the business and several hundred skilled photo editors around the world, you can’t beat PhotoUp’s quality, service, and pricing. 

PhotoUp offers affordable photo editing, delivered with fast turnaround times of 24 hours or less. Except for the regular editing mentioned in this post, our real estate photo editing services also include:

Best yet, our pricing is affordable, with most photo editing services, starting at $1.50 per image. 

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In today’s post, you learned about the benefits of hiring a professional real estate photo editing service. If you enjoyed reading this post, you may also want to check out the following resources:

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