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Are you trying to find the best virtual staging service? This post covers an in-depth Roomhance virtual staging review, where I’ve looked into their sign-up and ordering process, furniture library, virtual staging quality, and customer support.

Roomhance is a boutique design-focused virtual staging agency that works with top real estate professionals. That’s pretty much all I know about them. They seem to play their cards close to their chest, but there’s no doubt that it looks like a high-quality service.

Anyway, I’m excited to get started and see what they have to offer. 

But first, here’s a comparison table of Roomhance virtual staging review and PhotoUp’s virtual staging services:

Overall Rating
2.4 4.8
Provider Roomhance PhotoUp
Current Ranking 14th of 25 1st of 25
Best For furniture style best overall
Cost per Image $49.00 per image $20.00 per image
Turnaround Time 48-72 hours 12-48 hours
Online Library no yes
Design Styles 6 design styles 6 design styles
Room Types 12 or more room types 12 or more room types
Cost per Image $49.00 per image $20.00 per image
Cost of Revision free within 24 hours from delivery free revisions
Volume Discount no yes
Turnaround Time 48-72 hours 12-48 hours
Weekend Service yes yes
Interface hard to learn/navigate good & easy to learn
Realism quite good very realistic
Placement okay natural
Set Design okay amazing
Email yes yes
Chat no yes
USA Phone no yes
Response Time n/a 5 minutes
Other Services
  • virtual staging
  • photo editing
  • virtual staging
  • video editing
  • single property websites
  • house portraits
  • virtual assistants
  • custom websites
  • virtual tours


  • Ranked 14th of 25
  • best for: furniture style
  • $49.00 per image per Image
  • 48-72 hours turnaround time


  • Online Library
  • 6 design styles
  • 12 or more room types


  • $49.00 per image
  • free within 24 hours from delivery
  • volume discount: no


  • 48-72 hours turnaround time
  • Weekend Service
  • interface: hard to learn/navigate


  • realism: quite good
  • placement: okay
  • set design: okay


Other Services

  • virtual staging


  • Ranked 1st of 25
  • best for: best overall
  • $20.00 per image per Image
  • 12-48 hours turnaround time


  • Online Library
  • 9 design styles
  • 12 or more room types


  • $20.00 per image
  • free revisions
  • volume discount: yes


  • 12-48 hours turnaround time
  • Weekend Service
  • interface: good & easy to learn


  • realism: very realistic
  • placement: natural
  • set design: amazing


  • FAQ
  • Email
  • Chat
  • Chat
  • USA Phone
  • response time: 5 minutes

Other Services

  • photo editing
  • virtual staging
  • video editing
  • single property websites
  • house portraits
  • virtual assistants
  • custom websites
  • virtual tours

Fast & Affordable

Virtual Staging Service

Interiors. Landscapes. Commercial. Virtually transform any space.

Roomhance Virtual Staging Overview

Roomhance is a focused virtual staging service with a high-end offering.

Their testimonials are very good from clients in California and Texas and even one from Sotheby’s.

At $49 per VS, their pricing is literally double that of PhotoUp, and it reflects the kind of image and bespoke service they are going for.  

The website is elegant, and there are lots of examples of beautiful work that they have done. The slider in the Before & After section works well, and it gives a great sense of what they can do. 

On the other hand, Roomhance has very little interactive content on its site. There is no sign of any sign-up or bulk deals or a community, and their Instagram is quite sparse, too.

To be honest, it feels like visiting a smart, focused online art gallery. 

Nevertheless, there is a prominent Order Now button in the top right corner that sets the ordering process in motion.

Virtual Staging Examples

For the Roomhance test run, I selected three images; a master bedroom, living room, and dining/kitchen area, and asked them to use Loft / Industrial styling for the finish. 

Let’s take a look at the results before and after. 

What did you think of how the images turned out?

Personally, I was a little disappointed. Not because there was anything wrong, but because I was really expecting something special.

Instead, the results were fairly mediocre, in my opinion. 

I thought the bedroom was rather plain and the rug was too small in the living room. I would have liked to see some drapes as well, and definitely a few potplants.

All in all, quite an average result, especially considering the cost. 

Ordering From Roomhance

The ordering process begins almost immediately away with Roomhance. There is no filling in of name, address, etc., or setting up an account – it’s just straight down to business.

I must admit that it was a little disconcerting to pay over the rather substantial cost of three images before having signed up or uploaded the photos.

However, they assured me that once that’s done, I’ll get an email to get the process underway. 

The message says: ‘Once you place an order, you will receive a link in your email order confirmation with instructions to submit the photos and add instructions for staging.’ Screenshots of major flows:

1. Account Sign-Up

Roomhance virtual staging review order page

The offer to begin your transaction comes up on the site and via email as well, giving you two options to get started. 

Roomhance image order page

The first menu item that tripped me up was the Estimated Property Value, which you have to fill in to move through the process.

It was an odd question, and I found myself wondering if they would prioritize more ‘expensive’ properties.

Their justification is that it helps them choose the appropriate furniture for your images, but I wasn’t convinced about that.

It feels a little bit odd if you ask me. 

Roomhance choosing room type

Moving on, it also took me a bit of time to figure out how to upload all three of my images. The instruction wasn’t clear on how to add a second and third image, but after a while, I got used to the layout.

Roomhance asks for any other inspiration you may have for the room and other angles of the room as well, which I did appreciate. And I think it bodes well for the quality of their output.

There is also a text box where you can add any furniture options you would like to see or Additional Information.

Overall, the signup process is more time-consuming than other sites, but there is an attempt to get as much information as possible upfront.  

Roomhance virtual staging review order checkout page

2. Payment

Roomhance pricing page
Roomhance order summary

The payment was straightforward, and there were no hiccups.

Although, the price is substantially higher than all the other sites I’ve tested. There’s also far more reliance on email than the other services.

But overall, the payment process proceeded smoothly. 

3. Reviewing Order/Proofs

The finished photos were announced via an email approximately 36 hours after I had sent my order.

It was quicker than expected, and images were presented in a Dropbox folder where you can leave comments or download them to your computer easily. 

So technically, the process went smoothly. 

Doing Revisions

I was a little disappointed with the bedroom image, so I left a comment on the Dropbox page asking for a plant and a rug to brighten the room up a little.

It feels a little disconcerting as there’s no acknowledgment that your comment has been received, and it had me thinking if I should send an email instead.

But I decided to leave it to see what would happen and was pleased to see that a revision was delivered to my inbox only 12 hours later. 

I think that the results turned out nicely. Great rug choice and an OK potplant too. 

The notification came via email, and the new image was placed in the same dropbox folder, at no extra cost.  

Customer Support

During the initial image uploading process, I accidentally sent an image of the master bedroom twice instead of the living room.

I hadn’t noticed but was pleasantly surprised to receive an email within 5 minutes informing me of my mistake and asking me to send them the right image. 

I thought that was impressive customer support.

On the downside, I couldn’t find a way to get back into my account on the site, so I ended up just emailing the image as an attachment and hoping that would work out well.

Furniture Library 

There is no furniture library to choose from, but Roomhance does ask you for reference images of furniture that you may like. And you can easily provide this information using the text box field.

Virtual Staging Quality

The furniture chosen by the Roomhance team was very realistic.

I particularly liked the wood textures on the bed, and the stools in the kitchen area were very aesthetically pleasing as well.

The lamps in the bedroom could have benefited from a pop of color, especially as the art on the wall was black and white.

But overall, it came out pretty good. 

What didn’t feel exactly right to me was the placement. Particularly in the living room, where everything felt a little too bunched together. And the single chair on the rug wasn’t a great match with the sofa, in my opinion. 


The support was very responsive and proactive in the case of the wrong image being uploaded, which I appreciated.

All communication happens via email and dropbox. In fact, there seems to be no way to get back into the backend of the site once you have completed your purchase. (i.e., I couldn’t see any login on Roomhance’s website).

On the other hand, they were very efficient in communicating via email. 

Pros and Cons of Roomhance

To summarize, here are some pros and cons of Roomhance’s virtual staging:

Relatively quick deliveryHigh pricing
Good customer supportAverage virtual staging results
Realistic furnitureTime-consuming sign-up process
Pay before image upload
Unclear image upload instructions
No furniture library

Verdict: Is Roomhance Virtual Staging Worth It?

This is a tough question to answer.

The system is simple but works well. The results are not bad, but not amazing either.

Overall, there are no extra bells and whistles to Roomhance’s virtual staging.

I think the problem lies in the expectations that they set up in the beginning. With a glamorous marketing website and price double everyone else, you really believe you’re going to get something fabulous in return.

But as you can see…it’s not really that fantastic! 

If Roomhance matched their results to what they are offering, it would be a more satisfying customer experience. But at $49 per image, I probably won’t be coming back for more. 

And that’s all for today!

This has been my in-depth Roomhance virtual staging review.

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