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Are you looking for the best single property website to market your listing? To make your decision easier, check out our comparison of Single Property Websites vs PhotoUp: Which is better?

Single property websites showcase a home for sale by featuring images, videos, tours, and floor plans — all without distractions from other agents, properties, or vendors. 

There are dozens of companies offering real estate photographers or agents the ability to create single property websites for their listings. But how should you choose from among the many options?

Let’s help you make your decision easier by comparing two popular single property listing websites.

My Single Property Websites vs PhotoUp

My Single Property Websites (MSPW) promotes itself as a one-stop shop for real estate marketing materials. 

My Single Property Websites homepage

PhotoUp is a global real estate marketing company offering a full range of services, including photo editing, virtual staging, and single property websites

PhotoUp single property websites

We’ve reviewed these sites and examined their product. Now, we’re going to compare both companies’ offerings, with the following in mind:

  • Account creation & pricing
  • Custom URLs & site sharing
  • Flyers
  • Site templates & photo presentation

So let’s dive in!

1. Account Creation & Pricing

My Single Property Websites has two, basic sign-up options – Pro and Unlimited.

  • The Pro account is $14 a month and gets you 3 sites
  • The Unlimited account is $24 a month and gets you unlimited sites at any time
My Single Property Websites: pricing

However, if you don’t want to maintain a monthly subscription, you can purchase single sites at a time for $19 and $29 for a site with a customized domain.

PhotoUp uses a credit system to make payments as easy as possible and features discounts for bulk buying of credits. Their standard plans is:

PhotoUp single property websites: pricing

So far, so good. Next, let’s look at both sites’ sharing capabilities.

2. Custom URLs & Site Sharing

MSPW feature syndication to Zillow, Trulia, and most other real estate sites. However, if you want a customized domain/URL, it will be an additional cost of $12 per site.

PhotoUp’s sites are also fully syndicated. However, PhotoUp’s sites include white labeled URLs, which function much like a custom domain – at no additional cost.

Now, next, let’s review the flyers.

Capture More Business With

Single Property Websites

6 professionally designed listing websites you can launch in 5 minutes.

3. Property Flyers

In terms of flyers, My Single Property Websites offers a variety of free flyer templates, including:

  • Craigslist Formatted Flyers – making posting to Craigslist as simple as copying and pasting
  • Emailable Flyers – to easily send to contacts, or copy the code and paste it into popular email marketing programs like constant contact
  • Print Flyers – automatically generated print flyer with QR code, photos, details, and contact info
Property flyers

PhotoUp offers a beautifully designed digital flyer that you can add for each site for only $1.00. These digital flyers allow for:

  • Custom branding, including logo, colors, and contact information
  • Cross-platform sharing on all forms of social media, email, and placement on other websites
  • Further, each flyer easily prints
PhotoUp matching property flyer

So, MSPW offers 3 flyer options while PhotoUp’s one digital flyer does it all.

4. Site Templates & Photo Presentation

In terms of the overall templates, both companies’ sites allow an agent to present the same basic listing information.

Here’s an overview of what these sites allow an agent to include:

  • High-res photo slideshow
  • Property description and amenities
  • School district info and neighborhood description and demographics
  • Also, the ability to add open house schedules
  • And the option to add floor plans and video tours

Also, both companies sites automatically scale for display on iPhone, iPad and other mobile platforms.

However, there’s quite a difference between how these two sites display the photos of the property.

MSPW places the photos in a smaller, framed display area that features a slide show of all the photos. Also, the look of these listing sites feels outdated and a bit plain.

My Single Property Websites

In comparison, PhotoUp’s presentation of the property’s photos is much larger and more dramatic, allowing for full screen viewing and using the photos as a full screen background for other pages and features.

The result is a more professional, up-to-date, and inviting feeling about PhotoUp’s single property website themes as a whole.

PhotoUp website themes

The Results – Which Is Better?

Now that we’ve given an overview of both services, let’s tally our comparisons of these two platforms to see which one is the better option.

Both My Single Property Websites and PhotoUp offer many of the same features and services. 

However, PhotoUp’s sites simply look more polished and professional and are extremely easy and quick to use. 

PhotoUp single property websites: lux theme

Additionally, it’s clear that they leverage their wealth of experience in website building for real estate and architectural photographers. 

Going further, we found MSPW’ multiple flyer options a bit confusing and unnecessary — PhotoUp’s simple digital flyer can easily be used across platforms and in various marketing situations. 

Finally, PhotoUp has created an incredibly user-friendly and powerful property website builder that is both easy to use and robust in its options. This allows an agent to create a powerful marketing website in around 5 minutes. 

PhotoUp Property Website Builder

To see how easy it is to get started building your first listing site, have a look at our website builder video tutorial:

As simple as that!

For all these reasons, we think PhotoUp is the better option.

Experience the PhotoUp Advantage Today

PhotoUp EAST website theme

To recap, PhotoUp’s single property websites offer a robust selection of features:

  • Several well-designed template options that can be custom branded with an agent’s logo, business colors, and other matching information
  • Beautiful presentation and integration of hi-res photos and videos to make the property look its best
  • Ample space to highlight a property’s amenities and special features, as well as including information on the neighborhood and local schools
  • Customized URLs to boost SEO rankings and share it with others
  • Also, the ability to add great-looking floor plans, 3D tours, real estate walk through videos, and easy-to-use flyers
  • Effective lead capture technology, platform syndication, and social media linking
  • And full web hosting services for six months

So, why wait? 

Get started with PhotoUp today, and build a professional online presence that’ll help you sell your listings faster and for higher prices. 

In summary, this post compared My Single Property Websites vs PhotoUp: Which is better? — and we found PhotoUp to be superior.

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