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When virtually staging a home for real estate sales, owners and their agents often overlook the smaller living areas and spaces. Rooms like bathrooms often get passed over and aren’t staged. 

In real estate sales, buyers look at every space in a home and every room should make a lasting impression. You want every room of the home to be part of the selling proposal, including the bathroom.

So, in this article, we’re going to show you how to virtually stage a bathroom to increase a home’s real estate online appeal and explain why the bathroom plays a critical role. 

Two Reasons Why Bathroom Virtual Staging Is Critical in Real Estate

Understanding why something matters can help guide our efforts and lead to outstanding results. 

So, before we explore the “how-to” virtually stage a bathroom, let’s first explain “why virtually stage a bathroom” for real estate sales.

There are 2 main reasons to stage a bathroom for real estate sales.

1. People Make a Purchase Decision Based on Their Feelings About a Home

Yes, price matters, but there is also a very real, emotional component to the decision and it is often motivated by more than what some may call the ‘hard facts’ about a property.

Who hasn’t experienced touring a high-end home, but being left cold and unmoved?

The same can be said about finding a less than perfect home captivating and appealing.

So, there is an undeniable and strong emotional component to buying a new home. 

1. People’s Emotional Reactions to the Very Personal Spaces of a Stranger’s Home Are Extremely Important

The buyers who go through photos of your home do not know you. And they will be looking at your bathroom — a highly personal space. 

Therefore, you want to ensure that it’s a clean, bright, and comfortable experience for them.

Small things can be detected in real estate photos — a smudged mirror, a dirty sink, and less than sparkling grout. 

A buyer’s negative reaction to a bathroom can sink a real estate sale quickly. 

Remember, a buyer’s comfort in a stranger’s home is fragile. If the bathroom looks used or dirty buyers will be turned off and will likely move on to the next listing, fast. 

So, when you understand the emotional aspect of home buying, you understand why virtually staging the bathroom in real estate matters so much.

There are other, good reasons to use this technology when selling a house — read more about the 6 advantages of virtual staging

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Virtual Staging of Bathroom (7 Actionable Tips)

Below are 7 tips to successfully virtually stage any bathroom in real estate.

1. Depersonalize the Space

Virtual staging of bathroom by PhotoUp
Virtual Staging by PhotoUp

Remove personal items like toothbrushes and razors from the sink and place them out of sight. All personal items should be removed. 

You want buyers to focus on the features of the bathroom, not the type of shampoo you use.  

2. Clean Is Essential

Virtually staging the bathroom will guarantee that every surface and item is as clean as possible. Mirrors, tubs, showers, and toilets should (and will) shine and look pristine. 

In virtual staging for real estate, no detail, no matter how small, is overlooked. 

3. Bathrooms Make People Think About Being Pampered

Many buyers associate the bathroom with pampering — there’s often a spa-like connection to the bathroom.

This being the case, you should make the bath look inviting by placing fluffy towels, natural bath brushes, and other pampering items in your staging. 

In real estate, bathrooms appeal to buyers’ physical senses, so virtually stage the room appropriately, with soft, pleasurable items. 

4) A Virtually Staged Bathroom Should Look Inviting, but Generic

How to virtually stage a bathroom with PhotoUp
Virtual Staging by PhotoUp

The bathroom should have a clean and serene look to it.

When virtually staging for real estate sales, everything should match and be soothing, nothing too eccentric or unusual. 

While the bathroom should feel inviting and spa-like, it should also look somewhat generic, allowing the buyer to envision themselves using the space and making it their own. 

5)  Update the Hardware

If necessary, replace all the hardware in the bathroom through virtual staging. Silver and brushed metals are still popular, while gold and brass fixtures tend to look dated. 

Don’t forget towel racks, the door handles, the faucet, and even the light switches. Make sure these all match and reflect contemporary styles and tastes. 

After all, much of virtual staging in real estate is about showing the buyer the room’s potential to entice them further. 

6) Rely on “Hotel White” Bathroom Decor

Color matters in real estate sales. White, cream or light grays tend to look clean and crisp in virtually staged photos. Bright paint colors and busy wallpaper can be distracting. 

Of all the color schemes that tend to work best in bathrooms — white is the one color that says fresh and clean most powerfully. 

White towels, a white shower curtain, even a white shower curtain rod can all make a bathroom look clean and sophisticated. 

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7) Add Color Back With Simple Decor

If the bathroom looks a bit bland all white, add color back into the room, but do so sparingly and simply.

A colored bar or container of liquid soap can provide just the right hint of color to keep the space interesting. Bathroom artwork can be used to achieve similar results.  

Even a single flower in a small vase can add all the color you need to make the bathroom look spectacular, without going overboard.  

How to Virtually Stage a Bathroom With PhotoUp

Virtual staging of bathroom by PhotoUp
Virtual Staging by PhotoUp

Now that you understand the value of virtually staging a bathroom for real estate sales, let PhotoUp help make it easy. 

PhotoUp’s virtual staging is simple and takes just a few quick steps.

First, have a real estate photographer take high-resolution photos of the bathroom from various angles and perspectives. 

Next, upload the photos you want virtually staged to our easy-to-use website. 

Now comes the fun part. Select your preferred design theme and fixtures from our professionally designed digital style library.

You can carefully customize your photos with different bathroom items, towels, tile, and other decor options. 

In 24-48 hours we’ll send you proofs of your virtually staged bathroom for you to review, approve, and download.

Have a look at how to upload your first images and choose your furniture and design style:

It’s really that easy!

Sign up for a free PhotoUp account today, and let us help you create an inviting, luxurious bathroom. 

We hope this blog post helped you learn how to virtually stage a bathroom to enhance your real estate photography and accelerate sales.

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