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Single property websites focus on one property rather than showcasing an entire portfolio of multiple listings like other property websites.

Single property websites can drive 55% more traffic to your listing!

An ideal marketing tool, single property websites allow an agent to showcase a property without distractions while capturing new client leads.

So, in this article, you’ll learn how to use single property websites to skyrocket sales and grow your business.

Property Websites – Why Use Them?

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When it comes to real estate marketing, often, less really is more. Many agents throw every marketing tool they have to sell every listing.

So, a single listing may have a postcard campaign, video tours, drone videos, Matterport tours, and much more.

Yet simple focused, and clean are often the hallmarks of a better marketing strategy. 

Single property websites allow potential buyers to see everything they need to make an informed decision — all in one place.

Therefore, these flexible, focused websites can include:

  • A high number of impressive photos
  • Floor plans and video tours
  • Virtually staged photos
  • Agent custom branding with photo, logo, and brand colors
  • Also, complete contact information, including social media direct links
  • And best yet — lead capture technology     

Advantages of Single Property Websites

Still, despite all the features of single property websites, why use them?

The advantages are clear, and include:

  • The ability to showcase one listing at a time in detail and without distraction
  • They’re more affordable and easier to maintain
  • Single property websites are beneficial for SEO since Google ranks them higher due to their specific nature and unique URL
  • They increase conversion rates
  • And offers a sense of luxury since they are exclusive to one property
  • Lastly, they help with growing your client list through pre-installed lead capture forms

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Single Property Websites

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Of these advantages, the most two significant are lead capture functionality and fewer distractions with no competition for clicks or attention.

On Zillow, social media, and even the MLS,  the distractions are endless, which partly explains why click-through rates are so low on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. 

On these sites, your property is one of many, even dozens. Readers get easily distracted and find it hard to focus with so many options. 

There will be other listings, blogs, and many flashy objects demanding the reader click on them, rather than the all-important “schedule a showing” button.

A well-designed single property website eliminates distractions, and the “schedule a showing ” button is the clear and only option. 

Now, that’s a definite advantage. 

How to Use Property Websites to Increase Sales

How to use single property websites to skyrocket sales

So, let’s now discuss how to use single property websites to boost sales and capture leads.

1. Make the Most of the Custom Domain

This is often overlooked, but an important selling point of your property site. Use the property address in the URL. Why?

  • When people search the property online you’ll show up in the search results
  • It makes it extremely clear that the site is about the property only
  • Also, you’re making it easy for potential buyers to find the site again

2. Fill the Site With Tons of Visuals

Load your site with beautiful, alluring photography of the property. You’ll want a full gallery of interior and exterior shots.

Remember, it’s this flashy content that gets buyers interested!

  • The more images, the better. Buyers want to see and get a feel for the entire property
  • Ensure that you use only high-quality, edited images
  • Also, weave the images into a narrative – group them by room and space

Now, this is important!

Also include videos, floor plans, and 360 tours as additions to your listing. The more visuals to impress and inform your buyer, the more you’ll get them in the door.

3. Maintain Exclusive Content

A great way to get people to go to your single listing property website is to offer them content that isn’t available anywhere else.

This can include:

  • Extra photos not available elsewhere
  • Videos tours
  • Floor plans
  • Home information, such as average utility costs 
  • And, detailed neighborhood information

Obviously, this special content will be items or images you’re willing to leave off the MLS or Zillow. 

The content doesn’t necessarily have to be amazing, but it has to sound good enough to get someone to click through to the site.

4. Feature a Strong Call to Action

A strong, clear, and obvious call to action is a necessity. You want potential buyers to be asking questions and scheduling showings. 

Here are a few ideas to consider: 

  • Make sure the schedule showing button is large and visible
  • Provide all your contact information — email, phone, and all social media
  • Also, offer a detailed property brochure for those who provide their email
PhotoUp's property flyers

5. Make the Most of Personal Branding

Take advantage of any opportunity to promote your skills, talents, and services.

You’ll want to make sure your branding is fully featured on the site:

  • Fully integrate your brokerage colors and/or logo in the site design
  • Provide your contact info (name, email, phone, website, etc.) on every page
  • Also, talk up your skills and services — showcase your credentials and demonstrate yourself as a trusted agent in your area!

Capture More Business With

Single Property Websites

6 professionally designed listing websites you can launch in 5 minutes.

6. Promote It on Your Networks

No one will know that your site exists without you promoting it.

So, link your site in everything you do:

  • Twitter, Facebook, and all social media
  • In every email you send
  • Also, link the property site on all other websites you own
  • And don’t forget print — include the link on flyers, brochures, and info sheets

Here’s the important takeaway — a single property website is an extension of your branding and marketing efforts.

Therefore, the site can sell your listing but also serve as a marketing tool well beyond the date of the sale.

PhotoUp’s Property Websites – Affordable Quality and Easy to Use

Single Property Website by PhotoUp

PhotoUp’s single property websites allow you to launch a professional, detailed site in 5 minutes. 

Choose a professionally designed theme, enter your property details and publish — it’s that easy!

And best of all, PhotoUp is extremely affordable and you can get started for as little as $9 per month

So, why wait? 

Get started with PhotoUp today, and build a sophisticated online presence that’ll help you sell your listings faster and for more money. 

We hope this post showed you how to make the most of single property websites to boost sales. If you liked reading this post, you’ll also want to check out the following resources:

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