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Real estate floor plans provide an attractive and valuable visual, showing any property’s room sizes, space flow, and unique features.

Buyers love floor plans because they contextualize the listing photos and help them know if the property will work for them. 

And real estate floor plans also help buyers narrow their search. A recent survey showed that buyers are more likely to go see a property in person if it has a floor plan. 

Therefore, this post will review and rate the 5 best real estate floor plan providers in 2024.

5 Best Real Estate Floor Plan Providers of 2024

We’ve reviewed and rated the best real estate floor plan services, and here are our top 5 providers in preferred order.

#1 PhotoUp

real estate floor plans

PhotoUp is a global leader in real estate marketing services.

Their outstanding 2D and 3D real estate floor plans are affordable and easy to use. They’re attractive and provide potential buyers with tons of helpful information. 

Even better, they can be created quickly in 3 simple steps:

  1. Create a rough sketch of the property noting the rooms, their names, dimensions, and the direction the property is facing
  2. Sign-up for a free PhotoUp account and quickly upload your sketch and any supporting materials
  3. Within 24 hours, you’ll be sent proof to approve and download

It’s that simple!

And PhotoUp uses an easy credit system to pay for services. Credits cost $1.15 for subscribers and $1.50 for pay-as-you-go clients.

Price: Depending on features, real estate floor plans start at 20 credits ($23) and up. 

In addition to floor plans, PhotoUp also offers the following real estate marketing services:

#2 – BoxBrownie

BoxBrownie Floor Plan Service

BoxBrownie is a well-known real estate marketing services company based in Australia.

They offer several options for real estate floor plans, including 2D and 3D renderings for residential and commercial properties. 

BoxBrownie makes it easy to add various features to their floor plans as well as to integrate a floor plan with virtual property tours. 

Price: With a promised 24-hour turnaround time, BoxBrownie’s color 3D floor plan starts at $32.

#3 – Styldod’s Floor Plans

Styldod’s Floor Plans

Based in Delaware, Styldod is a virtual staging and technology service provider for real estate photographers, agents, builders, architects, and homeowners. 

Styldod offers 3D floor plans at affordable prices while guaranteeing a quick turnaround time.

They offer two 3D floor plan rendering options:

  • 3D basic, black and white floor plan
  • 3D color floor plan

Price: 3D black and white floor plan – $19. 3D color floor plan – $24.

#4 – The 2D 3D Floor Plan Company

The 2D 3D Floor Plan Company

The 2D 3D Floor Plan Company operates in India and provides high-quality, photo-realistic real estate floor plans. 

As you can tell from their name, the company offers both 2D and 3D real estate floor plans. 

They pride themselves on using the latest software and having a turnaround time of 24 to 48 hours.

Price: The cost for their standard real estate 3D floor plan is $89.

#5 – Virtual Staging & Rendering Group

 Virtual Staging & Rendering Group

Virtual Staging & Rendering Group offers 3D floor plan services for commercial and residential real estate sales professionals. 

Their turnaround time is one to two business days. However, they also offer rush service for an additional fee.

VSRG’s real estate floor plans offer standard features and easy integration with other marketing services. 

Price: Their real estate 3D floor plan is a bit expensive, starting at $140.

Incredible 2D & 3D

Real Estate Floor Plan Service

Record a video of your listing from your smartphone. We do the rest.

The Advantages of Floor Plans for Real Estate Marketing

2D and 3D Real Estate Floor Plans by PhotoUp
2D and 3D Real Estate Floor Plans by PhotoUp

While real estate floor plans look nice, do they help sell listings?

The answer is yes. Statistics show that buyers like and even expect real estate floor plans:

  • 64% of home buyers want to see floor plans on a listing
  • Floor plans on listings are viewed 7.5 times more frequently than maps
  • Listings with 3D floor plans, on average, spend 50% less time on market
  • 51% of buyers say that floor plans were helpful in their decision-making process
  • 1 in 5 buyers will pass over a listing if it does not include a floor plan
  • 1 in 10 buyers won’t schedule an in-person showing without first seeing a floor plan 

Now, let’s dive deeper and look at 4 distinct advantages of using real estate floor plans in your marketing efforts.

1. Floor Plans Tell a Full Story

While professionally edited photos are essential to selling real estate, photos alone don’t tell the whole story about a property.

Buyers can quickly learn important information from a floor plan, including the following:

  • Floor plans show the home’s layout in a single glance
  • Floor Plans help buyers understand the flow of a home to envision themselves living there
  • A floor plan can show important interior features, such as closet and storage space, as well as exterior features of the property, such as decks, balconies, garden areas, or a pool
  • A good floor plan contains measurements of a room or space

Floor plans provide helpful information and enhance the imagination and visualization process for potential buyers.

2. Floor Plans Help Buyers Emotionally Connect With a House

Experienced real estate sales professionals know buyers need to emotionally connect with a house before deciding to make it their home

With a floor plan, potential buyers can envision the following:

  • Where will their furniture go
  • Where to hang and place works of art
  • How certain rooms and spaces can be best used

They can also answer important questions about the property, such as: 

  • Will the dining area fit their table?
  • Is the kitchen big enough for our family? 
  • And will their bedroom furniture fit in one of the bedrooms? 

So, by providing the spatial context of a property, floor plans help buyers see themselves in the home, thus increasing the chances that they’ll fall in love with it. 

3. Listings With Floor Plans Stand Out

Floor plans highlight a property, but they also highlight your marketing skills. Featuring floor plans on your listings shows that you are:

  • Committed to giving every listing your best effort
  • Skilled when it comes to using today’s online real estate marketing tools
  • Savvy with today’s sales technology

Using floor plans for real estate marketing will not only motivate buyers to consider the property, but it will also please your sellers.  

4. Floor Plans Connect You With Serious Buyers

Floor plans can help you reach serious buyers in your target audience. How? By doing the following:

  • Giving buyers the information they need to decide about viewing the home in person
  • Helping buyers save time by knowing right away if the house will meet their spatial needs

Real estate floor plans connect you with serious buyers — thus making the sale happen more quickly and for better terms. 

Incredible 2D & 3D

Real Estate Floor Plan Service

Record a video of your listing from your smartphone. We do the rest.

PhotoUp Makes Real Estate Floor Plans Easy!

Let PhotoUp help make using floor plans easy! Send us photos, a sketch, and measurements of each room, and we will do the rest.

PhotoUp’s advanced technology creates professional and affordable floor plans that will make every one of your listings stand out. 

And PhotoUp offers many more real estate marketing services than just virtual staging. Their services also include:

PhotoUp can also help you hire full-time or part-time virtual real estate assistants.

PhotoUp Virtual Assistant Services
PhotoUp Virtual Assistant Services

So, take the first step toward improving your real estate marketing today.

Sign up for a free PhotoUp account and let us help you start using real estate floor plans in all your marketing efforts.

We hope you enjoyed this post on the best real estate floor plans of 2024, reviewed and rated. And if you liked this post, you may want to check out the following related resources:

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