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When virtually staging real estate, sellers and their agents usually think of kitchens and living rooms — but rooms like bedrooms often aren’t staged. 

Bedrooms play a larger role in buyers’ decision making than often realized — inviting bedrooms leave a positive impression of the home. 

However, buyers look at every space in a home and every room should be as appealing as possible. Every room of the home is part of the overall selling proposal.

So, in this article, we’re going to show you how to virtually stage a bedroom for real estate sales to increase a home’s online appeal. 

Why Bedroom Virtual Staging Is Important in Real Estate

Before we explore the “how-to” stage a bedroom, let’s first explain why stage a bedroom. 

The decision making process of buying a home is an emotional one — buyers make a purchase decision based on their feelings about a home. Of course, price is important, but there is also a very real, emotional aspect to the home buying decision. 

Therefore, keep in mind the following:

  • The buyers who go through photos of your home have never met you
  • And they will be looking at your bedroom — a highly personal space 
  • A buyer’s negative reaction to a bedroom can make the sale harder than it should be 

Understanding the emotional aspect of home buying makes it clear why virtually staging the bedroom is so crucial. 

You want the bedroom to look inviting and peaceful, and its absolute best. And virtual staging and photo editing can help you achieve these results — easily and affordably.

Also, there are many other reasons to use this technology when selling a house — read more about the 6 advantages of virtual staging

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Virtual Staging Service

Interiors. Landscapes. Commercial. Virtually transform any space.

5 Powerful Tips When Virtually Staging a Bedroom

The following 5 tips will help successfully virtually stage any bedroom.

1. Depersonalize the Room

American Virtual Staging Design Style Bedroom by PhotoUp
Virtual Staging Style Bedroom by PhotoUp

A bedroom is an intimate space and the buyer needs to find it welcoming and appealing — and be able to see it as theirs.

Make sure the following is out of sight:

  • Personal items such as family photos 
  • All clothing and shoes
  • Any items on the nightstand such as books or reading glasses

Any and all personal items should be removed.  You want buyers to focus on the peaceful, restful nature of the bedroom, not your vacation photos.  

2. Simple Is Soothing

Mid-Century Modern Style Virtual Staging Bedroom by PhotoUp
Virtual Staging Style Bedroom by PhotoUp

In real estate, virtually staging the bedroom allows you to simplify the room, making it look as soothing as possible. Lush bed linens, comfy pillows, and a minimal, but warm atmosphere will appear relaxing. 

After all, bedrooms are escapes and places to rest and get away from the hectic world. 

Virtual staging makes this easy to achieve. Remember, in virtual staging, no detail, no matter how small, is overlooked. 

3. Bedrooms Also Make People Think About Being Pampered

Virtual Staging Style Bedroom by PhotoUp
Virtual Staging Style Bedroom by PhotoUp

Many buyers associate the bedroom with pampering — there’s often a spa-like connection to the bedroom.

So, make it look like a place of retreat and solitude by adding items such as:

  • An easy chair for reading 
  • Warm, soft throws
  • A relaxing window seat
  • And other pampering items in your staging

Bedrooms need to connect with buyers’ physical senses, so stage the room appropriately, with soft, warm, comfortable items. 

4. Upgrade the Bedding

Virtual Staging Style Bedroom by PhotoUp
Virtual Staging Style Bedroom by PhotoUp

The bed is the centerpiece of any bedroom, so make sure it looks its best.

Think through the following:

  • Solid or simple patterned bed coverings are recommended, anything too busy will be loud and distracting
  • Allow for sleeping pillows and decorative pillows, but don’t overdo it and clutter up the bed
  • A small throw blanket folded over the foot of the bed is also inviting and lends towards a pleasing look 
  • And headboards and bed frames matter, too 

Simple tends to be better and more effective than dramatically ornate.  Also, make sure all your staging efforts reflect contemporary styles and tastes. 

And one of the advantages of virtually staging a bedroom for real estate sales is you’re guaranteed that all the bedding will look crips and wrinkle free. 

5. Color Is an Essential Aspect of Bedroom Decor

Virtual Staging Style Bedroom by PhotoUp
Virtual Staging Style Bedroom by PhotoUp

Color is an essential element in conveying a bedroom’s mood and feeling. 

Two color schemes recommend themselves — warm, calm and welcoming colors or cool, soothing tones:

  • Beige, tan, grays, and creams can make a bedroom appear sophisticated while still being relaxing
  • An appealing alternative — cool, soothing, gentle blues and greens immediately lower the temperature of a bedroom and make it look tranquil

Keep in mind, bright wall colors, busy wallpaper, and bold bedding hues can be off putting. 

However, if the bedroom looks a bit bland, add color back into the room, but do so sparingly and simply with items such as:

  • Bedroom artwork  
  • A single flower in a small vase 
  • Don’t forget about window treatments — they can add color, too!

Remember, in real estate, virtual staging is about making each room look as perfect as possible, allowing the buyer to see each room’s potential and thus entice them further — and color is definitely part of this!

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How to Virtually Stage a Bedroom With PhotoUp

Now that you understand the value of virtually staging a bedroom, let PhotoUp help make it easy. 

Why choose PhotoUp?

For one, PhotoUp has an extensive bedroom furniture library to choose from. Second, with more than 10 years in the business and several hundred skilled virtual stagers and photo editors, it’s hard to beat PhotoUp’s quality, service, and pricing. 

Third, PhotoUp’s virtual staging is simple and easy to use, taking just a few quick steps.

Quick & Easy Virtual Staging Process

To get started, take high-resolution photos of the bedroom from various angles and perspectives. 

Next, upload the photos you want virtually staged to our user-friendly website

Now comes the fun part. Select your preferred design and fixtures from our professionally designed digital library. You can carefully customize your photos with different bedroom items, bed covers, dressers, throw pillows, and other decor options. 

In 48 hours or less, we’ll send you proofs of your virtually staged bedroom for you to review, approve, and download.

To see how easy it is to get started, check out our virtual staging uploader video tutorial:

It’s really that easy!

So, sign up for a free PhotoUp account today and get started now!

We hope this blog post helped you learn the benefits of virtual staging a bedroom for real estate sales with PhotoUp.

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