Do you want to know the latest real estate photography trends in 2022?

Exceptional real estate photography is essential for real estate marketing. Find out what real estate photographers need to be doing to take their business to the next level this year.

In this post, we’ll cover the latest and hottest real estate photography trends in 2022 to help you stay up to date and grow your business at rocket speed.

The latest real estate photography trends

With digital photography and editing tools, the visual representation of a property is a constantly evolving element of the industry.

Buyers expect a certain quality of photos when they search for homes, so you need to make sure your photography measures up.

With that beings said, here’s how you can leverage the hottest trends in real estate photography in 2022:

1. Digital Marketing Is Key

Digital Marketing Is Key

All across America, industries still need to adapt to new ways as the pandemic doesn’t seem to go away any time soon. People are forced to make dramatic changes in the ways they work and live. 

As a result, realtors are relying more and more on digital tools for their marketing. And they are realizing how valuable great photographs are in showcasing their properties.

Luckily, real estate photographers are one of the fortunate industries that can take advantage of this historic worldwide shift. 

It is more important than ever to not only deliver great photos but expand your services to make marketing even easier for your real estate clients.

For example, you can offer your clients beautiful single property websites to help them sell a listing faster or virtual staging to add photorealistic furniture to empty spaces.

You also need to be active on social media or use email marketing to boost engagement and stay up-to-date with the digital trends that continue in 2022. This will help you get more leads and grow your real estate photography business faster.

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2. The Mobile-First World Remains

single property websites lux theme

Statistics show that the first point of contact for most consumers is via a mobile device.

In most cases, that’s their primary device for accessing the internet. This means that their first impression of your property will most likely be on a mobile screen. 

That being the case, photographers need to shoot, edit, and deliver content with that fact in mind.

It’s also vital that any images you deliver are optimized for mobile devices.

That means making sure your images load quickly on mobile devices. And that they are able to adjust to fit all different screen sizes and operating systems.

In other words, you need to strike the perfect balance where images are able to load and display quickly without sacrificing quality.

But the biggest danger with mobile is that it’s so easy for consumers to get distracted and quickly move on to the next listing, photo, or app. 

So, if your images aren’t eye-catching, chances are you’re losing the interest of a potential buyer without even knowing it.

3. Leverage an Aerial View

Leverage aerial shots for real estate photography

Photographers no longer need the kind of budget that would allow you to rent a helicopter to get aerial shots of a property. 

Nowadays, sophisticated drones can be equipped with hi-def cameras and sent over a property to gather both beautiful videos and stills of the property from above.

It’s not hit-and-miss either… 

…the drone operator is able to view what the drone is seeing in real-time and position it precisely in order to get the perfect shot.

Considering how easy it is to do, it’s surprising that not more photographers are offering aerial or drone photography as part of their package. 

In order to really stand out, you should either invest in a drone or strike up a deal with a drone operator. Just make sure that the partnership will be beneficial to all parties.

4. Offer 3D Virtual Tours

Chances are that buying a home is probably the biggest purchase most people will make in their lives. 

Sometimes, looking at photos online isn’t enough and prospective buyers want to get a feel of the space.

For this reason, virtual tours are growing increasingly popular as the world of online real estate grows.

Using a laptop or a mobile device, interested buyers can take a 3D tour of the property that lets them navigate from room to room in a realistic simulation.

That way, they can ”walk through” each room to better understand the flow and layout of the house.

Photographers that can capture 3D images and video are going to be in demand as buyers get used to this new reality.

5. Transform Empty Rooms With Virtual Staging

Staging a room with just the right furniture and lighting for viewing is one of the most time-consuming and expensive parts of a realtor’s job. 

Virtual staging is one of the hottest trends in real estate right now (partly as a result of the pandemic), as it offers realtors the chance to furnish and showcase a room online.

Best of all, they can skip all the hassle and save money on expensive furniture and decor.

Smart photographers are using virtual staging companies where real interior designers transform shots of empty rooms into glamorous, stylish living spaces that pique the interest of buyers. 

Besides, the service is quick and affordable.

It’s a no-brainer for realtors operating in a digital-first environment who need to make their properties stand out from the crowd.

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The visual representation of a home sets the tone for the potential buyer. 

With that, high-quality real estate photography is crucial and will often decide whether someone takes the next step or passes on a property.

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And at the same time, you’ll help your real estate clients not lose out on business.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, real estate photography is changing fast.

Realtors are looking for new and unusual ways to highlight their properties online. 

This provides a great opportunity for you to learn new skills, find new revenue streams, and generate more income than ever before.

Even better, sign up with PhotoUp today, and find out how we can help evolve your business and make you even more valuable to your clients.

We hope this blog post helped you discover the latest real estate photography trends in 2022.

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