As a real estate photographer or agent, you understand the importance of high-quality photos in attracting potential clients and buyers. However, the process of editing those photos to perfection can be time-consuming and expensive. 

That’s where PhotoUp comes in! 

Their real estate photo editing service promises to be fast and affordable without sacrificing quality. Let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer and how to get started for free.

What Is PhotoUp?

PhotoUp - The Best Real Estate Photo Editing Service in the Industry

PhotoUp, the leading provider of real estate photo editing and virtual staging services, is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with additional offices in Cebu City, the Philippines. 

With over a decade in the industry, the company has achieved remarkable growth. PhotoUp offers professional quality real estate photo editing services to ensure that your property photos, walk-through videos, and 360 tours look their absolute best. 

With an experienced team of editors, each project is meticulously reviewed to ensure that it meets the highest standards possible. 

Each client can rate their editing results and give feedback directly to their editors using the software. With PhotoUp, 99% of all dedicated editing orders are client-rated as either “Good” or “Amazing.”

Let’s take a closer look at why customers are so happy working with PhotoUp.

7 Compelling Reasons to Partner With PhotoUp

Here are 7 compelling reasons why PhotoUp is the ultimate solution for your real estate photo editing and visual marketing needs.

1. 12-24 Hours Turnaround Time

When it comes to real estate photo editing, speed is key. PhotoUp promises a turnaround time of 12-24 hours for their basic editing services and 48 hours for virtual staging, which is faster than many other providers in the industry. 

This means you can quickly get your photos back and put them to work in your marketing efforts. 

If you need to deliver on a tight deadline, PhotoUp also offers rush delivery options, which allow you to offer premium service options to your clients. They offer 18, 15, and 12-hour premium rush options for most editing orders.

Plus, their user-friendly online platform makes it easy to submit and receive your images without the need for back-and-forth emails or phone calls.

2. Highest-Quality Editing 

Of course, speed isn’t the only important factor in real estate photo editing. Quality is equally important, and PhotoUp delivers on that front as well. 

Their team of highly skilled and experienced real estate photo editors uses advanced editing techniques to enhance the lighting, colors, and sharpness of your photos. 

They can also remove blemishes, correct distortion, perform day-to-dusk conversions and sky replacements, or even add virtual staging if needed. 

Here’s an overview of PhotoUp’s services:

As you can see, PhotoUp is a complete partner for real estate marketing. The end result is stunning, professional-looking property photos that will set your listings apart from the competition.

3. Dedicated Photo Editing

PhotoUp goes above and beyond their competitors by offering dedicated photo editing services

PhotoUp Dedicated Photo Editors
PhotoUp Dedicated Photo Editors

With a dedicated photo editor or a team of editors, you can expect maximum image quality and consistency tailored to your business needs. 

But that’s not all. Working with a dedicated editor also makes the editing process smoother and faster, resulting in a shorter turnaround time.

Here are some key advantages of working with a dedicated editor:

  • Photo culling and organization assistance: Get expert help sorting through your photos and keeping them organized
  • Consistent style and quality: Ensure that your images maintain a cohesive look and meet the highest standards of quality
  • Custom branding and labeling support: Let your editor assist you with adding your own branding and labels to your photos
  • Account management and time-saving: Your editor can take care of managing your account, photo delivery, and placement, saving you precious time

In other words, if you want help to scale and grow your real estate photography business, you should definitely consider PhotoUp’s dedicated editing service. 

It’ll help you to save valuable time that you can spend on other high-impact tasks and build long-lasting relationships with clients. 

High-Quality & Consistent

Real Estate Photo Editing

Hire a dedicated editor with performance metrics from $7/hour.

4. Affordable Pricing

real estate photo editing service

One of the best things about PhotoUp’s real estate photo editing service is its affordability.

They offer packages that cater to real estate photographers, agents, and even large brokerages with multiple offices. 

Prices start as low as $1.10 per image (depending on the subscription). Additionally, their on-demand editing starts at $1.60 per image. 

The company also offers discounts for bulk orders. This makes it easy to provide high-quality photos to your clients without breaking the bank.

Best of all, when signing up for a free PhotoUp account, you get 10 free credits you can use to try any of their services.

5. Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

real estate photo editing service

Another benefit of using PhotoUp is their commitment to customer satisfaction.

They offer a satisfaction guarantee, meaning they will work with you until you’re completely happy with the final product. 

They also have a user-friendly interface allowing you to communicate directly with your assigned editor, ensuring your specific needs are met.

6. Local, US-Based 24/6 Support

PhotoUp is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, placing you at the center of their commitment. Their team of account managers is there to support you every step of the way.

To ensure your needs are met, PhotoUp offers phone, email, and live chat support 24/6, Monday to Saturday. Whether you have questions about their services or need editing tips, their support team is ready to assist you.

It’s worth noting that PhotoUp’s core sales and support team is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. If you need direct assistance, you can contact them at (888) 330-7559 or send an email to

Rest assured, PhotoUp is here to help make your real estate photography experience exceptional.

High-Quality & Consistent

Real Estate Photo Editing

Hire a dedicated editor with performance metrics from $7/hour.

7. Not Just for Photographers

PhotoUp’s editing service is not just for photographers. Real estate agents can also benefit from their services, as they offer a range of options that can help properties stand out online. 

Virtual staging, for example, can showcase a property’s potential by displaying it fully furnished without the added expense of actually staging it.

Other popular tools are interactive virtual house tours and real estate walk through videos, which allow potential buyers to virtually walk around the home from the comfort of their sofa.

Buyers can get a detailed view of the place, allowing them to decide whether to visit the home in person or even place an offer.

PhotoUp Single Property Websites
PhotoUp Single Property Websites

Not to forget single property websites that help Realtors and agents showcase their listings at their best and add an extra SEO boost to help them rank on Google. These sites also come with matching digital property flyers to maximize visual marketing.

Final Thoughts

Overall, PhotoUp’s real estate photo editing service is a fantastic option for anyone in the industry who wants fast, affordable, and high-quality editing for their photos. 

With their advanced editing techniques, quick turnaround times, affordable pricing, and commitment to customer satisfaction and support, you can trust that your photos will look their best. 

So why not give them a try and see the difference for yourself?

Sign up for a free PhotoUp account today and start outsourcing your real estate photo editing needs to the professionals at PhotoUp!

For a limited time, you even get 10 free credits when signing up for an account!

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